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returntothepit >> discuss >> Horrendous announce new CD and stream new track by the_reverend on Jul 11,2018 12:17pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 11,2018 12:17pm
Philadelphia's/Washington, DC's forward-thinking death metal entity HORRENDOUS will release their long-awaited new album 'Idol' worldwide on September 28. Pre-orders for 'Idol' are available now at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

The band (Damian Herring - Guitar, Vocals, Matt Knox - Guitar, Vocals, Jamie Knox - Drums, Alex Kulick - Bass) are streaming the first new track off 'Idol'. The track, a sprawling progressive death metal piece titled "Soothsayer" is streaming now at Decibel Magazine.

Regarding the new track, HORRENDOUS comments, "Before starting the writing process for Soothsayer, we had been listening to a lot of King Crimson and I remember wanting to try writing something in the grandiose and rhythmic, multilayered style of their mid to late 70s output. I wanted to capture that same sprawling, menacing atmosphere they so frequently achieve. Some experimentation with this idea led to the opening riffs/section of the song. The rhythmic foundation of the intro is slightly off kilter, giving it a bit of an unsettling/jarring sound, and the multiple layers built on top of it add additional rhythmic and melodic ideas which provide some nice counterpoint to the main riff and help flesh out this section of the song. From there, the song constantly evolves, with spiraling, jagged riffing that shifts from angular tremolo passages into a melodic crescendo, only to return to the initial theme of the song and end. Soothsayer's lyrics mirror this chaos, describing the intangible yet all too present and influential effects of ideology-how it can become both a sword and shield used to protect antiquated thinking, and how it can in some cases seemingly possess one's thoughts and actions, leading to violence as a balm to ameliorate one's fear of social, political, or cultural erasure. In Soothsayer, ideology is at once a spirit, a great influencer, a God, a harbinger of destruction, and an epidemic of sorts, the roots of which are lying dormant in all of us. It's a song about avoiding the teachings, biases, false information and other destructive thinking with which we have been inculcated."

'Idol' was recorded at guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring's Subterranean Watchtower Studios (BLOOD INCANTATION, SENTIENT HORROR, and more,), and follows the release of their critically-acclaimed 'Anareta', hailed by Decibel Magazine as "the best metal album of 2015".

The cover art and track list for 'Idol' can be found below.

Art by: Brian Smith

Track list
1. ...Prescience
2. Soothsayer
3. The Idolater
4. Golgothan Tongues
5. Divine Anhedonia
6. Devotion (Blood for Ink)
7. Threnody...
8. Obulus

Regarding the cover art and album, the band comments,: The cover art for 'Idol' is a physical representation/manifestation of many of the themes found in the lyrics of the record. It represents the great "idols" to which we fall prey-whether they be personal demons and doubts to which we willingly relinquish power, or external, antagonistic political and social forces that seem to be growing each day around us. The creature on the cover represents both aspects of this loss of agency and the general feeling of malaise I think so many people (some far more than others) feel; it is an enormous, horrifying and imposing monstrosity replete with jagged teeth (a nice physical manifestation of the often spiraling, angular and jarring compositions on the record) and alien features. Additionally, the head of the monster seems to be transforming into an alien landscape of misshapen skyscrapers and chaotic, abstract streets. This further highlights the sense of alienation that permeates the lyrics and establishes a great visual metaphor representing the monstrous fortresses we build in our minds whenever we submit to toxic, destructive patterns of thinking.

Photo Credit - Scott Kinkade

HORRENDOUS formed in 2009. The band's three founding members (Damian Herring - guitar, vocals, Matt Knox - guitar, vocals, Jamie Knox - drums), driven by a desire to capture and rekindle the mystique of a bygone era in the history of metal, fused elements from progressive metal, old school death metal, and more, into a cohesive sonic landscape. These initial compositions resulted in the of release their debut full-length 'The Chills' in 2012. The album received critically acclaim upon release, and was cited as "a preposterously flawless debut album. The old school just got schooled." (Metal Injection).

Following the release of 'The Chills', HORRENDOUS began to expand upon their traditional death metal leanings, conjuring a bolder, more sophisticated musical approach from a wide-cast net of elements beyond the limitations of any genre. This lead to the back-to-back releases of 'Ecdysis' (2014) and (after relocating to Philadelphia,) 'Anareta' (2015). Both albums were incredibly well-received by both the heavy metal underground and critics alike. Each successive record marked a new step in the sonic evolution of the band and carried them further on their adventurous journey of musical awakenings.

Upon the release of 'Anareta', HORRENDOUS saw significant acclaim from mainstream music journalism, as the record was championed as "stunning" by Pitchfork, "A momentous and unconventionally poignant achievement... Anareta is death metal painted not with just reds and grays, but with the palette of human experience." (SPIN), and saw the band "fearlessly reaching skyward, peeling off guitar leads that climb like clock towers or church steeples: intricate constructions resulting in monuments that are breathtaking to behold from afar, and almost impossible to believe when examined up close." (Stereogum)

'Anareta' went on to top many best-of lists in 2015, making appearances in Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, SPIN, Decibel Magazine, Apple Music, Yahoo Music, and countless other publications, blogs, and websites.
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