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returntothepit >> discuss >> Fallen Friends Benefit BLOOD FOR BLOOD, ALL OUT WAR by the_reverend on May 23,2004 11:04am
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May 23, 2004 The Palladium (Worcester, MA)
100_demons - 2004-05-23
100 Demons(81)
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blacklisted - 2004-05-23
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black_my_heart - 2004-05-23
Black My Heart(43)
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blood_for_blood - 2004-05-23
Blood For Blood(117)
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cannae - 2004-05-23
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cheech - 2004-05-23
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colin_of_arabia - 2004-05-23
Colin Of Arabia(49)
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death_before_dishonor - 2004-05-23
Death Before Dishonor(54)
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death_threat - 2004-05-23
Death Threat(72)
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diecast - 2004-05-23
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lost_city_angels - 2004-05-23
Lost City Angels(34)
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punishment - 2004-05-23
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randomshots - 2004-05-23
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righteous_jams - 2004-05-23
Righteous Jams(48)
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these_lies - 2004-05-23
These Lies(31)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 23,2004 11:04am

anyone else going?
I'm off to it now.

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at May 23,2004 12:53pm
i got work, let me know how diecast was though

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at May 23,2004 1:03pm
All Out War is the most ridiculously terrible band ever

toggletoggle post by attendmyrequiem at May 23,2004 1:07pm
All Out War broke up... so WAS.

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at May 23,2004 1:10pm
thank god

toggletoggle post by succubus  at May 23,2004 1:17pm
it's a benefit show..good cause..i'm still too sick and if i were better i would have gone to see Magnetic Fields (love this band!!!)...due to a misunderstanding between aaron and i ... i thought they were adding a NH show..but they are not...anyhow...their last night's show sold out a while ago...soon after it was announced and i'm sure tonight will sell out too.

but in any case...i'm too sick to go out =( but i love this band and maybe aaron and i can go in November when they play carnegie hall!!!

toggletoggle post by theundergroundscene   at May 23,2004 2:09pm
Shit!! Someone told me this didn't start until 7 and I just got home from my softball game. Oh well, would have been a decent show for a great cause...

toggletoggle post by succubus  at May 23,2004 2:14pm
yeah i figured you were going

toggletoggle post by succubus  at May 23,2004 4:21pm
show is half way over..and 1 band dropped off..i forgot to ask him which one but judging by what attendmyrequiem said maybe it's all out war

toggletoggle post by joostin at May 23,2004 7:36pm
100 demons, sworn enemy, and all out war didn't play(the latter 2 broke up). the bands i did stay to see played great, but too many hits to the noggin' after 5 hours wasn't helping me feel to swell so i left.
the music was great, the new FSU inductees were trying a bit too hard tonight though.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 23,2004 11:31pm
100 demons did play...
you left before they played I guess.
I'm finally back.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at May 24,2004 1:16am
showed up just in time for the end of Punishment. Awesome show. I had alot of fun even after taking a few shots to the face.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 24,2004 1:24am
this was a benifit show for the fallen friends. FSU from all over the country was there so there were a lot of familar faces (boston/maine) and tons of faces I've never seen (seatle, chicago, philly, and more). it was a well organized show and seemed like a crowd full of bouncers, any fights ended quickly. the benifit went down awesomely and the show was so much fun. it seemed short even though it was a all day event.
all out war: broke up
sworn enemy: lost guitar player and then cancelled

these lies: they were a punk band. the music was ok, but then they ended with a my michelle cover which was awesome. I guess they have a CD that just came out.

black my heart: having just signed to eulogy recorndings and all, what would you expect? though it was a short set, they still played great. Ending with their "end" song that they play. this is the one on the into to their sign. they will be touring a lot!

lost city angels: just a rock band. sort of reminded me of danzig era misfits (crica london dongeon). not bad stuff at all.

cheech: tough guy hardcore that's unmistakably boston based. they played a murphy's law cover which made all the kids go crazy. I guess they also have a track with one of the guys from murphy's law on it.

colin of arabia: to hear colin's speeches, the crowd filled in a lot. I swear, I could hear a lot of blakc flag influences in their hardcore sound. they played 3 covers. two I didn't catch, but one was a misfits cover, skulls. these lies singer came out with them. you could totally hear the unmistakable sound of nickTYAG on drums. they will be playing my radio show when I can get them in.

blacklisted: the singer was missing at the beginning, but he came out and they played a great set.

punishment: heard bad rumors about how violent their shows were, but this wasn't what I saw. it was good to see them finally and the crowd got into it. Their drummer double bass stuck out. it sounded very loud and brutal.

righteous jams: sounds like the name of a ska or hippie band, but they are a straight-edge band from boston. the singer went crazy on stage. for the last song, the singer and the guitarist (ex-wrecking crew) switched up and played a final song.

death before dishonor: awesome as usual blowing the palladium wide open. the whole crowd was churning over itself. Colin (of arabia) jumped in on the 2nd to last song.. it was the billy idol song "rebel yell". then they played one finally song and people went ape shit. the view from above was pretty crazy. one on-looker I talked to just had his mouth hanging opening saying "wow".

cannae: the metal band at a hardcore show. I didn't know what the crowd was going to do. after a shot for the fallen, the crowd did stay and a lot of familar heads moshed it up. the new bass player filled out their coefitient of long hiar. this means then can now get into sweden. dan (old bassist) hoped on for their last song. oh, they dropped off the kataklysm tour and drove from florida straight up to here.

100 demons: even though people said that they weren't going to play, they were there and played. it took a while for them to get on and set up. when they did, they were just as powerful as always. they just got back from canada the night before. mattBYD got on and sung a bit too.

death threat: I was wondering how this was going to go down on the big stage. lots and lots of sing alongs and all the security either singing along or just watching. there were tons of large guys stage diving.

diecast: they played old song, new song, old song, new song. they ended, but were allowed to come back on and play one last song. it was their slayer cover and dirty rob came out to sing a long with them. they have a new sampler for the upcoming cd. you should probably check it out.

blood for blood: they played an amazingly short set. I was kind of wanting the hour plus show the last 2 times. they have a new cd that they are going to work on so they are going to retire the same old songs they have been playing. still, the stage was full of people moshing and singing along.

a little hint for all those out there. if you are going to take pictures of the HA's bikes, ask them first. they are very extremely nice guys, but extremely don't like it if you snap with out first ok'ing it with them.

toggletoggle post by !!!!! at May 24,2004 3:27am
ya b4bs set was way too fuckin short, diecast sucked ass

toggletoggle post by deadhooker  at May 24,2004 8:55am
hahaha missed another bad ass show due to sucking at life

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