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returntothepit >> discuss >> New Jesrey Metal fest day 1 by the_reverend on Nov 15,2003 1:40am
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Nov 14, 2003 NJ Metal Fest - First Stage (Asbury Park, NJ)
backstabbers_inc - 2003-11-14
Backstabbers Inc(39)
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children_of_bodom - 2003-11-14
Children Of Bodom(50)
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danzig - 2003-11-14
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dimmu_borgir - 2003-11-14
Dimmu Borgir(69)
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held_under - 2003-11-14
Held Under(17)
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human_decline - 2003-11-14
Human Decline(34)
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hypocrisy - 2003-11-14
flash animated slider show
morbid_angel - 2003-11-14
Morbid Angel(45)
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nevermore - 2003-11-14
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novembers_doom - 2003-11-14
Novembers Doom(32)
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sinai_beach - 2003-11-14
Sinai Beach(34)
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super_joint_ritual - 2003-11-14
Super Joint Ritual(47)
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the_black_dahlia_murder - 2003-11-14
The Black Dahlia Murder(65)
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Nov 14, 2003 NJ Metal Fest - Second Stage (Asbury Park, NJ)
a_life_once_lost - 2003-11-14
A Life Once Lost(31)
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a_perfect_murder - 2003-11-14
A Perfect Murder(25)
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beyond_the_embrace - 2003-11-14
Beyond The Embrace(41)
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cannae - 2003-11-14
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devildriver - 2003-11-14
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devin_townsend_band - 2003-11-14
Devin Townsend Band(24)
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dysrhythmia - 2003-11-14
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from_a_second_story_window - 2003-11-14
From A Second Story Window(55)
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full_blown_chaos - 2003-11-14
Full Blown Chaos(23)
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lick_golden_sky - 2003-11-14
Lick Golden Sky(18)
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love_is_red - 2003-11-14
Love Is Red(28)
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premonitions_of_war - 2003-11-14
Premonitions Of War(40)
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randomshots - 2003-11-14
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scars_of_tomorrow - 2003-11-14
Scars Of Tomorrow(32)
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strapping_young_lad - 2003-11-14
Strapping Young Lad(36)
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symphony_x - 2003-11-14
Symphony X(27)
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the_promise - 2003-11-14
The Promise(21)
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the_takeover - 2003-11-14
The Takeover(36)
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withered_earth - 2003-11-14
Withered Earth(33)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 15,2003 1:40am
I'm working on the pictures now.
slut bags

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 15,2003 2:31am
ok so i'm getting the pizza and Juliya the vj is there and asked me where to park...god damn...she has her own entourage ! it consists of a girl and 2 guys..anyhow to make a long story short..we're then in the elevator and she was on her cell phone..a tad show offy..but whatever...she was nice to me and told me that i looked familar and i reminded her of where we's funnt to see guys make asses out of themselves trying to pick her up..heh

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 15,2003 2:35am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 15,2003 2:36am
oh, they are uploading now.
give them a few minutes to click on things.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 15,2003 4:17am
second stage
love is red: only a few people were there. they pulled in a few people towards the end.

scars of tomorrow: even more people filtered in for them. see them on the 20th of dec in maine. I swear that I've seen the drummer in another band.

lick golden sky: they were into some weird feedback thing when I walked up but then they played a song... then more feed back.. and then a song to end it. oh and the singer remembered the comment on his pants.. since he had finally changed them.

a perfect murder: I think there is a new metal band with this same names that I'm confusing them with. they were definitly tuff hard core. sort of like evergreen terence.

from a second story window: I remember missing there show in spring at salem, mass. they were so funny, jumping around and climbing things like monkeys. And they were the ones that informaed me that BDM was on Mtv2. thanks, I didn't know that. their last song had a lot of open palm mosh parts.. and it went on for a long time, but then I was listening form the back and the sound guy cut them off. then the guitarist and him yelled at each other.

the takeover: they are going to change their name to "to the grave" at some point cause of copyrights problems. Good set, they jumped around all over the place.

premonitions of war: wicked short set. played stuff from the upcoming release from victory records.

dysrhythmia: unlikr the other times I saw them they seemed to rock out and jump around.

symphony x: not my thing. I'm just notthat metal. they had a pretty good crowdever with bodom playing. i thought that they were going to seeing 'AND THE DRAGON COMES IN THE NIIIIIIGGHHHTTTT!!!' like on the stron bad cartoon.

the promise: the crowd went crazy. hc kids moshed up a bit too. I like the vocals better on the CD.

cannae: they seemed a little confused by the bright lights. I think that they get better and better each and every single time I see them.

full blown chaos: only caught a minute or tow of their set cause my camera crapped out on me. since they toured with sepultura, they know a lot of the guys in the metal world. they gave porps out to SYL and some others. Cool to see that.

a life once lost: crazy. I din't hardly hear the "moshuggah" sound from the new CD. oh, well... I guess I did a little, but the vocals sounded all crazy like the old CD. the sound guy came out of them and got in to a little fight with with one of the guitarists. then the singer hoched a lugi across the stage and it hit the sound guy.. good shot.

devin townsend band: looks likes he's playing with some kids now. they sounded just like the cd.

withered earth: there wasn't many people there for them. I think it was bad timing with Morbid Angel going on on the main stage.

beyond the embrace: they played all new tracks.

strapping young lad: wow, such a great set. talked about sucking his cock a lot. it was great. I think there was something about tasting your sister's shit from something. they ended with a grand force fedd finally.

devil driver: they win the #1 prize for the shittiest vocals.

first stage
human discipline: they had technical difficulties, but then played. I didn't even know that they were going to play... or who they were.

held under: T had prolems with security, but then I got to check out a song of two.

backstabbers inc: after seeing them at a stage with like 10 people last week, it was funny to see them in front of hundreds. Some kids even fought over a drumer stick from mike. awesome set.

sinai beach: I'm not a fan, but they played a new song. they also played less clean vocals then there are on the cd. I don't like the clean vocals on the cd so that was a good thing.

novembers doom: they only have a few songs I like (they played my favorite, but i forget it's name). they also seem to play heavier and heavier each and every single time I see them. I don't consider them doom metal anymore.

the black dahlia murder: with trevor back on vocals, it's awesome. the time singer from arson didn't do the songs justice. though.. the singer and the bassplayer got the same super cuts hair doo.

hypocrisy: pete not-wearing a hockey shit. played killing art, made my day.

children of bodom: freaking awesome. these guys lew me away mre live than on CD. I can't believe how good they were.
"I don't give a fuck if you hate me!!" awesome.

nevermore: played some stuff form dead heart... it was fun.

dimmu borgir: longest setup time EVER! Granted, when they did come out, it was pretty awesome.

morbid angel: the drums sound so much better than at worcester. same set list I think.

super joint ritual: second longest set up time... "this song's fucking about what it's fucking about". The best thing was that more people were watching SYL instead. why does he sound like such a fucking retard? oh.. probably cause he is. he was so god damn in coherant... it made his botch ramblings at worcester seem like geek poetry. I think that I'm actually dumber having sat through their bs.

danzig: WOW, HE'S GOT A GUT.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 15,2003 5:32am
phil was also chanting sex was meant to kill you in a song lyric over and over...
then gave us the advice "eat pussy till your jaw breaks"
thanks phill!

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 15,2003 1:28pm
checking out the pics!
looking good!
how was dysrhythmia?

this guy is a douche bag... Ive had words with him before...

the Michael Jackson of Metal... bless him...

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Nov 15,2003 4:53pm

how can this fag wear a suffocation shirt and play in such a gay fucking band?

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at Nov 16,2003 12:06am
Superjoint Ritual - what's this shit I hear about Phil telling everyone to fuck off, then shot up dope on stage and walked off? Sounded like a crazy rumour.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 9:46pm
all the pictures are rotated.

toggletoggle post by Moran   at Nov 17,2003 10:00am
Danzigs bass player is the ugliest mongoloid ever.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 17,2003 2:17pm
got some crowd shots during superjoint ritual...i preferred looking at them..heh

toggletoggle post by baneofexistence at Nov 17,2003 2:53pm

11.22.03 @ Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA. 21+. Tix $8.
w/ Kevorkian's Angels, Trauma Concept, Gollum, Random Acts of Violence, B.o.E and Gut

12.06.03 @ Jarrod's Place in Attleboro, MA. 18+. Tix $8/$10.
w/ Meliah Rage, Candy Striper Death Orgy, B.o.E and Norseth

01.10.04 @ Box of Knives in Providence, RI. All ages. 9pm. Tix $5.
w/ Watchmaker, Kevorkian's Angels, Conifer, B.o.E and Raising Kubrick

Request us on

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Nov 17,2003 2:55pm

38 and mature. awesome.

toggletoggle post by Gale Grey at Nov 18,2003 11:57am
Missed the first day on account of work but the second day rocked here is my top ten from both stages...

Main Stage:
5. Hate Eternal - Derrick Roddy has the fastest feet in the Universe. Hearing Eric Rutan say "Start the fucking pit" before every song was funny.

4. Mastadon - kinda muddy at times but their music and live show kicks ass!

3. All That Remains - these guys are great. They are straight up metal. The guitarist is a badass.

2. Suffocation - OMG! They are brutal. They totally owned the death metal crown on this night.

1. Unearth - This band is destined for greatness. The guitarist had some technical problems but overall their set was so fun to watch and they have amazing stage presence. I am buying all their shit.

Second Stage:
5. Byzantine - Thank God I showed up early. I wasn't expecting much from this opening band but they have some killer guitar chops and wicked breakdowns. The singer didnt say a damn word between songs which was different and cool. I am keeping my eyes peeled for this band to do great things.

4. Crematorium - The singer of this band was insane. He kept me in awe the whole set. Great death metal from CA. Looks like Prosthetic has a killer lineup. Hail Crematorium!

3. The Red Chord - One of the only bands that scare the hell outta me! They are fun as hell to watch and brutal as it gets. There drummer pulled double duty and he is one of craziest drummers out there. I love the hell outta some Red Chord!!!

2. All Out War - This band is insane. The singer is insane. The pit was insane. You get my drift... This is hardcore at it's finest. Brutal as hell. Did I mention the singer was insane.

1. Today is The Day - This singer is even more insane. This band stomped a mudhole in my ass. He is a preacher and a singer rolled in one. Not nearly the heaviest band on this day but very in the pocket and put on a clinic on how to crank it up! Steve Austin for President.

This day was well worth freezing my butt off and paying $120 for a hotel room. I can't wait till next NJ Metal Fest...

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