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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1161 playlist up with 49554 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-01-13grief of WAR04_New Kind of WickedGOWProsthetic Records
2. 2018-05-14GodhatePenance for the WickedEqual in the Eyes of DeathMetal Age Productions
3. 2018-02-12NeuraxisWickedThe Thin Line BetweenProsthetic/Red
4. 2016-04-04NimphaioNWicked And ProudFlame Of Faith
5. 2014-12-01Decimation08 - Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked ZiggurReign Of Ungodly Creationcomatose
6. 2014-07-21Ken ModeA Wicked PikeVenerableprofound_lore
7. 2013-08-26PyrexiaThe Wicked RiseVarious Artist - Metal Edge / Volume 66 disc 4sinister_music
8. 2013-06-03MorgionProcreation Of The WickedVarious Artists - In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
9. 2012-08-06NoothgrushProcreation Of The WickedLive For Nothing
10. 2012-06-25Celtic FrostProcreation Of The WickedMorbid Talesnoise
11. 2012-06-18Abysmal DawnWicked ImpulseFrom Ashesrelapse
12. 2012-01-09Celtic FrostProcreation Of The WickedMorbid Talesmetalblade
13. 2011-07-11DisembodiedOne For The WickedHereticedison
14. 2011-04-18Ken ModeA Wicked PikeVenerableprofound_lore
15. 2010-12-13Virgin SteeleThe Bread Of WickednessThe Black Light Bacchanalianapalm
16. 2010-10-18NileAnnihilation Of The WickedAnnihilation of the Wickedrelapse
17. 2010-10-11GodhatePenance Of The WickedEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
18. 2010-08-16GodhatePenance Of The WickedEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
19. 2009-11-23Grief Of WarNew Kind Of WickedWorshipprosthetic
20. 2009-02-02NeuraxisWickedthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
21. 2008-09-29NeuraxisWickedthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
22. 2008-08-25Iced EarthBehold the Wicked Childthe Crucible of Manspv
23. 2008-07-21NeuraxisWickedthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
24. 2008-05-26Celtic FrostProcreation of the WickedMorbid Talesmetalblade
25. 2007-11-12Celtic Frostprocreation of the wickedMorbid Talesnoise
26. 2007-09-03DiecastUndo the WickedUndo the Wickedsamson
27. 2007-05-14celtic frostprocreation of the wicked
28. 2007-05-14Iced EarthBirth of the Wicked
29. 2007-04-09no turning backwicked ways
30. 2007-03-26Troublewickedness of man
31. 2007-01-29nileannihilation of the wicked
32. 2006-12-11no turning backwicked ways
33. 2006-11-20Troublewickedness of man
34. 2006-07-31skinlesswicked world
35. 2006-05-29skinlesswicked world
36. 2006-01-02nileannihilation of the wicked
37. 2005-11-28nileannihilation of the wicked
38. 2005-08-08nileannihilation of the wicked
39. 2005-07-18nileannihilation of the wicked
40. 2005-06-27nileannihilation of the wicked
41. 2005-06-13nileannihilation of the wicked
42. 2005-06-13celtic frostprocreation of the wicked
43. 2004-07-19enslavedprocreation of the wicked
44. 2004-07-19celtic frostprocreation of the wicked
45. 2004-02-02A Life Once Lostthe wicked will rot
46. 2001-05-01God ForbidWicked
47. 1997-03-31Evil MothersSomehting wicked this way please
48. 1997-01-27Temple BeatWicked!
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