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returntothepit >> discuss >> My one man black metal band. by AstralTurbulence_NAL on May 28,2018 8:03pm
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toggletoggle post by AstralTurbulence_NAL at May 28,2018 8:03pm
Hi I got my one man black metal band from a faded grave song. I will be moving 2 providence RI next year ;-) . Early june of 2019. And I am going to record my music. And get black metal programming sounds. And sing sing sing my lungs out of black metal music that rules . And that band one man black metal band is amazing ;-) . Faded Grave from ri, and ny. Well please reply if next year u will give me a gig in ri. ANd other places 2 . I love black metal black metal rules .

toggletoggle post by Tha Shiznit at May 28,2018 8:45pm
Dun duhduh duuuuh dun duhdun

toggletoggle post by BLACKED METAL at May 28,2018 11:15pm
So like that Burzum or w.e he called his band inbetween killing other blacked metalers and burning down churches....if it's like that then AWESOME MAN I LUV BLACKED METAL 2.

toggletoggle post by Ella Ramirez at Jul 2,2018 7:23am

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Jul 2,2018 1:03pm

toggletoggle post by BradleyOlson at Jul 21,2018 12:28pm

toggletoggle post by Truf at Jul 27,2018 8:56pm
Get yourself some shitty beer and stinky pants and you'll be a god in Olneyville

toggletoggle post by Jayson7892132 at Jul 30,2018 12:32am
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toggletoggle post by anonymous at Sep 27,2018 9:08am
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toggletoggle post by Seriouslystudent at Sep 27,2018 6:36pm
Someone book this guy and provide corpse paint.

toggletoggle post by Boltok the Snuggler at Sep 30,2018 8:50pm
We already have a CASTLE DOOMEROWN, thank you very much.

toggletoggle post by swati47788 at Dec 26,2018 1:29am
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toggletoggle post by swati47788 at Dec 26,2018 1:29am
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toggletoggle post by swati47788 at Dec 26,2018 1:45am
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toggletoggle post by beena at Dec 29,2018 11:21pm
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toggletoggle post by the devil driver at Apr 7,2020 5:15am
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