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returntothepit >> discuss >> Chaos Invocation streams new track by the_reverend on Jan 29,2018 11:11am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 29,2018 11:11am
Today, black metal mavericks Chaos Invocation premiere the new track "Calling From Dudail" at Decibel magazine's website. The track hails from the band's highly anticipated third album, Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond, set for international release on March 10th via W.T.C. Productions. Hear Chaos Invocation's "Calling From Dudail" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

By now a pillar of Germany's long-potent black metal underground, Chaos Invocation go from strength to strength on Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond. Still possessing the heaving muscularity which marked 2013's critically acclaimed Black Mirror Hours, the band now take their sinuous and serpentine black metal down more dynamic corridors - and ones startlingly melodic, too, all without losing the grit 'n' grime so central to their aesthetic. As such, Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond indeed reaps - a whirlwind, a vortex, both and beyond - and indeed sheds profuse blood, black and ichorous and as viscous as ever. And yet, across the album's pendulous 53 minutes, myriad magicks are invoked which prove that pure, strident BLACK METAL can retain its soul-piercing intensity even when its borders are being boldly unbounded.

Chaos Invocation was born in the fourth year of this millennium by A. and M. With the easily-to-affect energy of an outbounding adolescence, the first songs were written, but were kept hidden from daylight: the teeth of these firstborn demons, these results of a communion of magic and madness, had to be sharpened first. In 2009, the debut In Bloodline With The Snake was released under the banner of World Terror Committee, and comprised 11 tracks of uncompromising, rotten black metal, dripping with death and decay for the glory of the Devil. Following this release came several mini-tours and a European tour took place. Poisonous were these days when the stranger's pale hand pushed Chaos Invocation to the highest peak and the deepest abyss of ecstasy.

Black Mirror Hours followed in year 13, and again, the stones that were thrown upon their path were plenty in number, a fact that seems to describe the tenor of Chaos Invocation very well. But spirits driven by Faustian fires fear no obstacles. The doors to the rehearsal room, a haunted harem that challenged the faucial reflex of everyone who dared to enter, were closed. The focus was completely set on the writing of the third opus, only to be interrupted by the release of a split 7 " with fellow criminals and label brothers of Thy Darkened Shade, entitled Saatet- Ta Apep.

The birth of Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond has now drawn near - fear It! Fear Him! As to him it is Dedicated! As he is the leading force within the album! Hear for yourself with the first track to be premiered from it HERE, courtesy of Decibel, North America's only monthly metal magazine. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Chaos Invocation's Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond
1. Where Hearts Shall Not Rest
2. Calling From Dudail
3. To Fathom The Bloodmist
4. MenSkinDrums Of Doom
5. Obsession Is Always The Answer
6. The Search Of Keys And Gates
7. Blackmoon Prayer
8. Luciferian Terror Chorale
9. Chaos Invocation
10. Bloodshed Beyond
11. Ajna Assassins Absolute


toggletoggle post by anonymous at Nov 6,2018 11:40pm
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