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returntothepit >> discuss >> HIFI music festival today @ unh by The_reverend on May 7,2011 1:22pm
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May 7, 2011 The Great Lawn (Durham, NH)
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toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 1:22pm
Tis is the second one. This year furnace, kyoty, and mmos are playing. Beautiful day so far. Only the weather can fail this fest. It is free and ouside in the middle of campus. Bands noon to 8pm then dance djs until midnight.

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 1:41pm
Just as I typed that a tstorm went by and the po-po made us stop. I believe they are starting up again in a few minutes.

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 2:19pm
Thunder+rain. Sucks, but it is amazng how well and well orchestrated this was while it wasn't raining. It is too bad there isn't a contingency plan for an outdoor festival, but if that is the only thing that was done wrong with this fest, I'm happy.

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 5:27pm
So it started back up with all the earlier punk bands going to wunh to play on air. Ladycop just played and were pretty damn good.

toggletoggle post by Alx_Casket  at May 7,2011 5:45pm

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 6:00pm
Funny, the band on now is catzncatsncat or something like that.

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 6:34pm
Furnace just played. I shot videos of people moshing.

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 6:36pm
Kyoty is next.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at May 7,2011 7:13pm
I've decided that Kyoty will play every bobfest I do

toggletoggle post by The_reverend   at May 7,2011 8:43pm
They were awesome, but cause of the rain only played two songs. The music tapes or magic tapes or whatever they are called is playing right now. The first real sng they did was the only song that I knew of theirs. One of the guys was in neutral milk hotel. Rules cause of that fact alone. They also played nmh in between the 2 last bands. Woot.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at May 8,2011 12:47am
Post pics?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 8,2011 2:46am
I didn't get home until after 1am.

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