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returntothepit >> discuss >> New Jesrey Metal fest day 2 by the_reverend on Nov 16,2003 2:42am
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Nov 15, 2003 NJ Metal Fest - First Stage (Asbury Park, NJ)
all_that_remains - 2003-11-15
All That Remains(35)
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bleeding_through - 2003-11-15
Bleeding Through(52)
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cradle_of_filth - 2003-11-15
Cradle Of Filth(81)
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deicide - 2003-11-15
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hate_eternal - 2003-11-15
Hate Eternal(24)
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mastodon - 2003-11-15
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moonspell - 2003-11-15
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nile - 2003-11-15
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nora - 2003-11-15
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scarlet - 2003-11-15
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suffocation - 2003-11-15
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the_end - 2003-11-15
The End(35)
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type_o_negative - 2003-11-15
Type O Negative(38)
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unearth - 2003-11-15
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wasteform - 2003-11-15
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watch_them_die - 2003-11-15
Watch Them Die(26)
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Nov 15, 2003 NJ Metal Fest - Second Stage (Asbury Park, NJ)
all_out_war - 2003-11-15
All Out War(35)
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between_the_buried_and_me - 2003-11-15
Between The Buried And Me(36)
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biohazard - 2003-11-15
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byzantine - 2003-11-15
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cattle_decapitation - 2003-11-15
Cattle Decapitation(28)
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crematorium - 2003-11-15
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daughters - 2003-11-15
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dew_scented - 2003-11-15
Dew Scented(40)
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diabolic - 2003-11-15
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flesh_grind - 2003-11-15
Flesh Grind(23)
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krisiun - 2003-11-15
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malignancy - 2003-11-15
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misery_index - 2003-11-15
Misery Index(34)
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mortician - 2003-11-15
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most_precious_blood - 2003-11-15
Most Precious Blood(50)
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remembering_never - 2003-11-15
Remembering Never(24)
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scar_culture - 2003-11-15
Scar Culture(15)
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supervillian - 2003-11-15
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the_killing - 2003-11-15
The Killing(25)
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the_red_chord - 2003-11-15
The Red Chord(49)
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today_is_the_day - 2003-11-15
Today Is The Day(47)
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Nov 15, 2003 NJ Metal Fest - Third Stage (Asbury Park, NJ)
avatar - 2003-11-15
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beyond_the_flesh - 2003-11-15
Beyond The Flesh(29)
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deny_all - 2003-11-15
Deny All(30)
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p.o.w - 2003-11-15
flash animated slider show
severance - 2003-11-15
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 2:42am
damn.. I got home an hour ago.
shot: 1573 pictures
it's like 1300 after deletions

I'm working on them now.
pictures will be up shortly.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 3:55am

pictures are uploading slowly... it's up to first stage, nile.

toggletoggle post by johnvanveen at Nov 16,2003 4:05am
did you at least rotate the pics unlike day 1 were 1/2 of them are sideways?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 4:07am
I did rotate almost all of them.
I'm in the process of re-writing my update programs.
in the end, they will do all the rotating automatically for me.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 4:09am
I'm in the lobby uploading all my pictures and writing my review.
some douches just samed something expensive.
it sounded cool

toggletoggle post by MyDeadDoll   at Nov 16,2003 4:10am
viewed - check
commented - check
happy - check

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 16,2003 4:11am
i dont mean to be a dick..
but it is actually mastOdon... not mastAdon.

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 16,2003 4:14am
damn.. jersey is full of good lookers...
( are they all children of Leonard Nemoy? )

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 16,2003 4:21am

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Nov 16,2003 4:21am
looks good. thnx Rev.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 16,2003 5:00am
ps: he's almost done rotating them all

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 5:04am edited Nov 16,2003 10:08am
third stage
p.o.w. I didn't hear much of their set cause guess what? NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A THIRD STAGE! I found out about it right at this point. I missed a few bands on it too. damn it!

beyond the flesh: this is basically the highlight of the day. these guys were so good. I need to get them to send me the disc for my radi show.

avatar: sort of old school metal. clean vocals mixed with death vocals and a lot of metal riffage masterbation.

severance: harcore+metal. sort of like all out war, but not as good. I wonder if they know about severance from california?

deny all: what the fuck? these kids were all like 14 and making music like seven day curse. I couldn't believe it. it was fucking great.

second stage
byzantine: it was awesome to finally hear them with thier singer. in RI, his vocals were shot so he didn't even try.

super villian: "you gotta believeeeeeeeeee!!!!". Not really what I'm into. it sounded like soundgarden mixed with judas priest. they played a 911 song.

the killing: south new jersey tech-core. they just signer to a label, but I wasn't paying attention to what label. they were soo good, I went back after shooting a few shots of scarlet.

embrace today: cancelled! there was suppose to be some deal with In Dire Need playing in their stead, but ti didn't happen.

crematorium: great to see these guys from CA back on this coast.

remembering never: people were really into them... actually the floor opened up and tons of people were dancing. even a metal elton john was in the front row rocking out. though, I did look and most of them were mass kids. I always passed remembering never off in the fata bin, but they have some really good and hard material.

the daughters: they probably won the award for the most tracks played in a since set. they played sooo many. The singer is like a lugi factory. man... some times he looks like a facial shot from a porno.

agony scene: another NO SHOW

scar culture: they came out and I didn't know who they were until much later. they have a new singer so I didn't know him.

fleshgrind: awesome awesome awesome. I've been listening to the cds for a long time, but I never thought of seeing them live. they were so good. the bottom drops out of the singers vocals and it's so brutal. they also kept calling us mother fucking pussies.

malignancy: I only caught a few minutes of it so I didn't hear any of the "girls tasting their own pussy juices" speeches. they were brutal as always.

the red chord: their drummer was off with Unearth playing on the main stage, but the got back just in time to set up on the second stage for TRC's set. while they were setting up, kiss was played... I blame them. they also announced that that show would be the last show with the current line up. drop a bomb shell like that in NJ where no one can hear you scream. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to see what/who it is.

misery index: awesome tight set as usualy. and that guitar player moves around a lot.

cattle decapitatoin: I've always wanted to see these guys.. well.. ever since I first heard them. they were awesome. reminded me a little of the haunted live... I don't know why.

krisiun: welling up from the depths of brazil, they played awesome. I love seeing these guys. it's been a long time. hopefully, they come to New England on the tour.

diabolic: I was pissed when I went to see exhumed and they didn't show. but I get to see them this time. good set.

mortician: I thought their drummer was a drummer machine.. er.. I mean a really big guy.. wait, no, I think they got a new guy. On top of that, I didn't recognize the guitarist either. Will just stood there being all brootal even though suffocation was playing at the same time and they play to basically the same audience. I did notice that everyone from suffocation ran towards the second stage to catch mortician when suffocation was finished.

dew-scented: "alright, this is going to get serious now". man, they've only been to the states now 2 times and Iv'e seen them both times. that new CD rocks live too.

today is the day: I don't know, imho, rev steve austin is amazing. their shows are so amazingly intense. I'm often afraid for my life and loving every second while watching them. I can't wait to get them in the WUNH studios.

bongzilla: their transmission blew out side of Ohio so they didn't make it.

between the buried and me: no blue, they did not play aspirations and haven't live for a while. I sang along with most of the new CD tracks.

all out war: holy fuck. these guys are a must at all fests from now on. it was insane. the singer spent the last 3 songs in the crownd, the sound guy did a great job keeping the mic chord untangled.

biohaard; took a long time to set up so I was uninterested by then. I guess they played well.

first stage

wasteform: sounded great. they also had a pretty big crowd for openning a stage like that. for some reason the singer was hiding from me as I was taking pictures.

subzero: no necropolis... they were a no show.

scarlet: I heard a rumor that each member of scarlet has a matching member in darkest hour. They were so much fun live. arty-metalcore with a lot of samples n stuff.

the end: I never noticed it, but yes, they do sound an awesome lot like a canadian DEP. good stuff though.

watch them die: disapointed? no, not really. I just didn't ecpect that.

all that remains: totally fun.. they played a bunch of new tracks. it was really good.

nora: yes, they have to play ever fest so go and have fun. I love shooting these guys cause they always move aroudn so much.

bleeding through: my simple review, absolutely amazing.

mastodon: some people complained about them, but I liked the set. it was a little "wall of noise"y, but still great.

unearth: they had to play quick to let the drummer head back to TRC to play their set. before that though, they bust out a bunch of tracks and the crowd when mosh wild.

hate eternal: all most missed them while singing along to TRC, but they played a tight set. no equipment problems that I saw. derek roddy plays with his drums all the way up front. their fans were all tiny... barely enough to blow evil air around.

moonspell: holy see jesus. I didn't like them before and I still dont. They had a rat at the end of the micstand. I on;y liked one fo their songs from their cds... something about an orchestra and wolves.

deicide: i say life complete! seeing them live completed something I had to do before I stop doing things for good. they played pretty awesome. they were totally evil though. you could tell by all the evil fans they had going. evil.

suffocation: wow, the singahs got a wicked accent (unlike me, who doesn't have an accent at all). they played pierced from within and I swear I heard him saying the word "pokemon". I can see his daughter in school...
<insert wavey lines for a day dream>
"my dad's a polic officer"
"oh yeah, my days a scientist."
"yeah, well my dads the singer for suffocation"
--end of contest an day dream--

nile: Carl recognized succubus and I and hammed it up for a picture or two of hers. it was funny. carl rocks. Jon, the new singer/bass, priased scott lee A LOT. finally kids have something to look forward to. well, besides the nemhf.

type o negative: they had this whole "prison" theme going on. there was all this chain-link fencing around and the roadies were dressed as prisoners.. it was a little weird. people steele came out with all his prisoner uinform on... and went into "jail house rock" after talking about his hemroids. odd... last time I saw him, he was buff and decked out like danzig. I came back in during Black no 1. I admit, I like that song and it was really well done live. then again, they've been playing at song for 10 years now so they had beter have it down by now. "you sound like your in afgahnistan"

cradle of filth: after a 45 minutes start up, they finally came out. demons crawling all around and one of them got up in my grill so I capped him.... actually, I tried to snap a shot, but it didn't fire. their set was done up cool. i think that they had some sort of theme going on and I think it was "do good and evil things". they had an evil trapezee artist come out and do some evil trapezee stunt. he originally came out on a stilted thing that looked like one of those runners in the dark crystal. in the end a security guard thought my camera was a gun.. um.. ok yoko ono.

some guy just walked by me saying "no one here's getting laid unless you came with a girl" so it's time for me to go to bed.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 16,2003 5:08am
ok let me add..what a blast this weekend was..met a lot of cool so many nice peeps

and a few came up to me because they recognized me from all the random shots


how embaressing! So the name tags were not necessary..heh

but EVERYONE assumes i am a Return to the pit photographer...most of the time Rev and I were running around together but whenever we weren't .. and i was keeping warm in the "main stage" area, someone would ask me something.. people

but of course pics always a day or you AFTER the Rev..that is until his makes me a program i can use too...ummm a couple of weeks or so W00t!

ps: listen to Kalopsia...

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 5:08am
kidding, it's fixed. I like people telling me typos to fix...
I mean, I'm not type o negative.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 16,2003 5:11am
the_reverend said:
third stage
p.o.w. I didn't hear much of their set cause guess what? NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WAS A SECOND STAGE! I found out about it right at this point. I missed a few bands on it too. damn it!

you mean third stage...and i think i deserve props because it was my influence that we went upstairs to the 3rd stage..since you thought it was a Cd..

but i sucked because i didn't get photos of the 3rd stage..but i think i did get a cold...damn second stage area was FREEZING

toggletoggle post by Lynneaus  at Nov 16,2003 2:11pm
well it was an interesting weekend... but overall i had a blast..... its always great seeing good bands play.... and its always great spending tim with my *real* friends.... and the two of those together just make life peachy

was cool to see u guys yet again... and succubus rules

toggletoggle post by todayistheday at Nov 16,2003 5:19pm
i hope the red chord are losing their guitarist along with their drummer so i can try out and be their next guitarist!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 16,2003 7:29pm
hm... someone's got some motives there.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Nov 17,2003 2:27am
ok so i just signed up for this message board, typed up a long review of NJMHF, clicked on "add new post" only to discover i accidentally logged out. so i couldn't make the post, and i lost my fucking review. so here's the short of what it was................ the show kicked ass. there.

p.s. thanks for the plug succubus

toggletoggle post by joostin at Nov 17,2003 8:02am
i hope the rev likes the note we left for him

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 17,2003 8:15am
i got then i gave it to him

but where was my note hmm? I'm the one that gave you the room number...bad joostin!

ps: Lynneaus ownsyou all

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 17,2003 8:45am
i heart poop

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 17,2003 8:48am
oh, the kid in the picture up there next to the kid looking at me is the drummer for the band obliterator.
the one in yellow.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Nov 17,2003 1:38pm
if u look directly behind that kid at the guy putting on his glasses, that's me. photographers always seem to capture the moments when someone has a stupid look on his face

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 17,2003 1:39pm
or "Her" face



toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 17,2003 1:41pm
yea, but I took that picture.
so "his" = me.
now get back in the kitchen before someone else recognizes you from the randomshots.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 17,2003 1:49pm
the_reverend said:
yea, but I took that picture.
so "his" = me.
now get back in the kitchen before someone else recognizes you from the randomshots.


before i do get back into the kitchen though...

he said: photographers always seem to capture the moments when someone has a stupid look on his face

so his was refering to him...and i said "Her" because well you know

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 17,2003 1:54pm
now back to the kitchen

toggletoggle post by blue @ school at Nov 17,2003 4:27pm
i know rev. btbam didnt play aspirations, which broke my heart. but you grabbed my breast, which definetly made my evening.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 17,2003 4:30pm
so didn't your bass player..
and mean dean from relapse.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Nov 18,2003 12:22am
i was referring to myself, i think it's a stupid ass picture of me. ok? there, mystery solved. someone bake me a cake

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