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returntothepit >> discuss >> Attn: The Reverend by Josh Hynes on Oct 8,2003 5:54pm
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Oct 12, 2003 the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH)
blood_for_blood - 2003-10-12
Blood For Blood(149)
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death_before_dishonor - 2003-10-12
Death Before Dishonor(138)
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drug_test - 2003-10-12
Drug Test(74)
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moments_till_death - 2003-10-12
Moments Till Death(23)
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randomshots - 2003-10-12
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subsystem - 2003-10-12
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think_i_care - 2003-10-12
Think I Care(63)
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toggletoggle post by Josh Hynes at Oct 8,2003 5:54pm
Are you coming to blood for blood on sunday? let me know. I wanted to see if you could take pics for our ep, and i'll guest list you.

toggletoggle post by rev at the mac store at Oct 8,2003 7:26pm
yes, I will be there.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 12,2003 2:51pm
I'm leaving soon.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 13,2003 1:02am
I'm back from the show.
working on the pictures.
tons of them.
the best part of the night was dropping off rob g on the otherside of portsmouth and then having some douches riding beside me, flipping me off. then they pulled in front of me and threw bottles out of their car at me. So I honked and high beamed them until I turned into the middle of portsmouth. they turned the other way, but when I got back to my apartment, they were in the parking lot going to my neighbors apartment.
my neighbor is trash.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Oct 13,2003 1:03am
i wanted to mess them up...but the Rev wouldn't let me...sigh

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 13,2003 1:40am
I don't get mad... I get stabby!
didn't feel like having to stab someone tonight.
pictures are uploading as we speak.
give it a few minutes....
think I care is uploading now.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 13,2003 2:12am
I think the ICC show and this show restored my faith. Why is it that all the metal shows that I go to are all underattended? While hardcore kids show up in massive numbers. Oh well, on to the review.

show before the show I was going to: I waited out side so I have no clue. I came in for some band called subsystem.

subsystem: they were ok. it was just basic punk-ish rock.

moments till death: manchester hardcore. it was such a short set that I couldn't really figure them out. the vocals didn't sound very good, but it was probably just the way the sound was set up.

drug test: not the best set from them. they hadn't practiced for a while and you could tell. I liked their last show. it showed what they really could do. They ended on an awesome note, down the stairs is sort of the "signature" song of theirs and they were right on with that, all the people jumping up and singing along. it was great... and led to the "don't hang from the pipes" speech.

think I care: kids didn't seem to into them for some reason. honestly, I have never heard them before so I'm not sure, but the singer had a really good scream.

death before dishonor: I haven't seen them for a long time. It was awesome to see them again. they have built on such a huge sound to their music. it right minds me of the large sound that bury your dead had when they had daul guitar players. I think they didn't get quite the response from the crowd that they deserved, but I'm sure they will get it tomorrow at the boston show.

blood for blood: my 2nd time seeing that band. they are alright. AND BY ALRIGHT I mean a band that I've listened to almost non-stop since spit my last breath. These guys are amazing live. they played a ton of old songs, but there where a few new ones that I didn't know. The kids in the crowd went totally wild for them, jumping, flipping, dancing, and all the wild singing a lot to the likes of a bitch called hope, Revenge on Society, Paper gangster, and soooooo many more. They said that they hadn't ever played over an hour, but I know they are wrong. at the back to school jam, they played over an hour.

the night ended with a k9 unit out side and like 4 other cop cars + an abluence + a paddy wagon. I would have snapped a picture of that, but I figured they would unleash the hounds on me.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Oct 13,2003 9:33am edited Oct 13,2003 9:48am
the_reverend said:
I think the ICC show and this show restored my faith. Why is it that all the metal shows that I go to are all underattended? While hardcore kids show up in massive numbers.

I think it's because hardcore is like the nu-metal of the underground...(haha) its the 'cool' thing to like, it is more accessible and kids don't like metal unless you can dance to every riff of the song.

or because metal kids a bunch of lazy fucks.

toggletoggle post by DeOdiumMortis  at Oct 13,2003 12:22pm
You callin in us lazy?!?! I'd kick your ass if I didn't have to drive two hours to get there, then have to actually lift my limbs to strike you... fuck it. We'll fight next time you come out one of my shows.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 13,2003 12:33pm
or to your house.
then you'll kick his ass

toggletoggle post by xPaulBLAHBLAHx   at Oct 13,2003 1:09pm
haha i agree with tom on this one. Hardcore is much easier for kids to get into. Hardcore shows get more crowded every single day. There are some awesome hardcore bands out their like death before dishonor, but it seems now a days everything that is comming out sounds the same. Kids love it and thats cool, I just wish more kids would support death metal and such, or I wish people could support both metal and hardcore. But it seems that will never happen.

toggletoggle post by joe/notcommon   at Oct 13,2003 1:24pm

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