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returntothepit >> discuss >> the gathering new CD and new track by the_reverend on Feb 13,2006 11:10pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 13,2006 11:10pm
Official website:

Dutch rock act THE GATHERING will release their upcoming album ‘Home’ on April 18th, 2006 via THE END RECORDS in North America.
Album artwork for Home:

Ever since their inception 15 years ago Dutch rock act The Gathering have continued to evolve, never settling on one set style and rarely ever duplicating themselves. They have embraced change along the way and used it as a tool to feed their ongoing creative process.
Like their previous groundbreaking releases – their classic ‘Mandylion’ (1995), the electronic dabblings of ‘How to Measure a Planet?’ (1998) or the trip-hop/atmospheric warmth of ‘Souvenirs’ (2003) – their latest album ‘Home’ finds the band heading back to a bit more of rock vibe, yet still maintaining the delicate nuances and passages that fans worldwide have grown to love.
But the momentum here is not entirely based on emotional highs, as the band still manages to capture the dark s! pirit that most human beings have had to deal with from time to time. Variation has always been the key, case in point the diverse offering of such numbers as “In Between,” “Shortest Day,” “A Noise Severe” and the powerfully moving title track.
With ‘Home’ once again fans old and new will find comfort in the diverse and emotional warmth of their music. Welcome home, The Gathering.

The Gathering – Home
TE065 | April 18th (USA/Canada)

1. Shortest Day In Between
3. Alone
4. Waking Hour
5. Fatigue
6. A Noise Severe
7. Forgotten
8. Solace
9. Your Troubles Are Over
10. Box
11. The Quiet One
12. Home
13. Forgotten Reprise

In other news, THE GATHERING will make their debut at this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas on March 16th, 2006 @ Lava Lounge. Also participating are fellow lablemates GREEN CARNATION, UNEXPECT and GIANT SQUID. The band will also venture out for a small U.S. tour as part of their Homelands World tour to promote
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The Gathering

toggletoggle post by BlackoutRick at Feb 14,2006 7:31am
they kick ass.

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