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returntothepit >> discuss >> Extol, Haste the day, embrace today, mercury switch @ drifters by the_reverend on Apr 29,2005 12:01am
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Apr 28, 2005 Club Drifter's (Nashua, NH)
embrace_today - 2005-04-28
Embrace Today(88)
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extol - 2005-04-28
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haste_the_day - 2005-04-28
Haste The Day(150)
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mercury_switch - 2005-04-28
Mercury Switch(87)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 12:01am
I'm just back from this.
what an awesome show
working on the pictures.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 12:20am
pictures are uploading.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 12:55am
I should have passed out more stickers..
TONS of kids there.

toggletoggle post by Mark (Mercury Switch) at Apr 29,2005 1:04am
300 kids in Nashua, NH on a Thursday night?!? NOT TOO SHABBY :-)
Good show, fun times~
-Mark (Mercury Switch)

toggletoggle post by Mark (Mercury Switch) at Apr 29,2005 1:07am
Could there be a better NH show???
May 7th Mercury Switch CD Release in Danville, NH just might be it!!!
-Mark (Mercury Switch)

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Apr 29,2005 1:24am
Really fun show. Cant believe how many people were there.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 1:31am
yeah, it was awesome. I love drifters shows when they go well. it's just a really positive time.
I also did my good deed for the day, I found the back cover to a nikon D70 in the back on the ground. there was a kid, bobby, who was shooting a D70 and I noticed his back crover was missing. I picked it up and went and gave it to him. +10 god points for me!

mercury switch: played tight. it was all tracks that I've heard a lot lately. kids were all about the sing alongs.

embrace today: the room 12 cleared out for them. which sort of sucked. they played a bunch of new songs. one of which sounded nothing like them at all.

extol: I actually knew 2 or 3 songs that they played. "white metal" to the max.. well.. it was all their new stuff so it was more like the porcupine tree version of "white metal". it was awesome to see all the kids head banging to them at a show that was 66% metalcore. they only hit the last 2 CDs. their last 2 songs were the best. I tried talking to them afterwards, but their english was horrid, the drummer just blessed me and I walked away.

haste the day: man, that set was so much fun. this band is really fun to see live. they played a bunch of new songs, like 4 or 5. there was one of them that had the to guitarist doing clean hamonizing vocals and the singer also doing cleans. that was weird, I haven't noticed that before.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Apr 29,2005 7:07am
did you tell extol that you were a reverend?

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Apr 29,2005 1:01pm
damn, i didn't know extol was playing around here. i would have gone to that show. i don't have their 2 newest records, but i like the old shit.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 1:59pm
they sounded awesome.

toggletoggle post by ZBC Metal at Apr 29,2005 2:07pm
an Extol show with nothing from Burial or Undeceived is no Extol show at all (which without Christer the band just isn't the same anyway). Blueprint is embarassingly bland and as a long time fan I'm glad I missed them at metalfest after hearing they don't even touch the old stuff.

It's fucking sweet so many kids were into them tough!

toggletoggle post by Mark (Mercury Switch) at Apr 29,2005 9:04pm
I agree, I was super bummed to hear nothing off of Undecieved (the best death/black metal record EVER...)

Or as Aaron would say, the best "life/white metal" record :-)

I actually begged them to play even just one track off that album. But some of their new members arent tight on that stuff yet. And they are trying to support their new album. What can you do?

But they did play the 1st track off their Paralysis EP and that ruled.

-Mark (Mercury Switch)

P.S. I like that one picture where me and Sam and Luke are all happy. We are so NOT tough... :-p

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 29,2005 10:09pm
was that you that kept yelling for old stuff?

toggletoggle post by anonymous at May 7,2005 4:54am
Danville huh?? Damn, the singer from Cannae and the entire band The Network have lived in this area for their whole lives....Might have to check this sh!t out....weird place for their final show...

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