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Webpage Updates

:May 13,2008 12:00am -of Bands, Blogs, and Borgs - vers.3.6 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Band names on the front page updates.

100demons simple mode

Added some links to the front page to the blogger sites

:Apr 24,2008 12:00am -Tons of little updates. - vers.3.6 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added bookmarking button to
1) main page items
2) concert page items
3) forum posts
4) events board posts
5) RTTP radio show page
6) picture pages
7) amimetalornot pages
// link things on RTTP to your other webpages

added rss feed button to
1) news on the main page
2) news on the forum page
3) events on the events page
4) the events page
// keep up to date on RTTP in your RSS feed readers

Venue Page
added news stories related to the venue
added a + new show link in the events area
moved the pictures from that venue

Label Page
added a + new show link in the events area
added a picture area for all the bands on that label

Band Page
added a + new show link in the events area
sped up the listing out of all the bands from 3-4 seconds to a fraction of a second
made a shortcut so that I can add myspace pages for bands that don't myspace links on their bands page.

Fixed the top of the page on IE and made it look better
When it's a news article, related bands/labels/venues links show up UNDER the first post
Added a link to the text only forum on the full forum and the full forum on the text forum
Added a better "Video" link button. it shows up on the new thread, post reply, quote, and profiles pages. myspace supported too.

Concert Page
Made the bands names look better
Removed some unneeded returns
Added alttext for images so that webcrawlers might pick them up.
Changed the bar above the pictures when a band is selected to give more/better info.
There is a dropdown on the band name on the concert page. When you mouseover it, you get an informational dropdown.

All Pages
Removed the skyNET ads after being banned with no reason. Thanks to everyone for supporting the links while they were up. Even through in the end, skyNET took the cash generated and put it into thier growing bottom line.

:Feb 24,2008 12:00am -inking show threads to the RTTP forum - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
right now, since I broke it, if you are logged in and create a thread for a show (clicking the show listing thread check box) you can then click
"Set Events page: >>"
and select the show from the events page.
Eventually, you will be able to add/select a show when you make the thread.
I just wanted to make a way to do it quickly BEFORE more people complained.

:Feb 17,2008 12:00am -more small updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed a bunch of the state things on the events page and now the text page uses the same thing. it should all be much better now.
now shows added to rttp will show on rttp unless a state is changes to a state that isn't equal to that particulara event.

:Feb 17,2008 12:00am -Small updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) Something I found annoying was that at the top of threads linked to the new events page thinger. It was annoying before to not have all the info

2) on the bands, venues, and labels pages, I made the [edit] on events actually link back right.

3) increased the size of the http:// link shrinking from 40 characters to 70 characters. I might increase it to 85 cause I find excessive ...'s annoying.

:Feb 6,2008 12:00am -Tons of Fixes - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) the events page is the new events page
it's currently listing ALL shows... I need to fix that.

2) the bands' pages are updated and list out all the shows that a band has like the events page
the bands page is all fix with the whole "no pictures" thing. plus all the links at the top work

3) the venues' pages are updated and list out all the shows that a venue has like the events page

4) the discussion board now has decent quotes and not shitty quotes that only person high on roid rage would like.

5) the main page is fixed. there were a bunch of issues there with the events listed.

6) I expanded the use of .css in all pages so I can swap them out. getting rid of all the bgcolor='#xxxxxx'

7) some other easter eggs... like a ton of them. there is one awesome one that I think MSD will find first. I really hope so.

8) there are a bunch of parsing fixes to the discussion board that will make MSD happier. f'shizzle.

:Nov 16,2007 12:00am -Main page only shows New England - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I had been waiting to upload that.. but it seems like I couldn't wait any longer.
so there, now you only see new england shows on the main page.

:Nov 13,2007 12:00am -links/search on playlists - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
see, more data AND you can click on things to search my play lists.

:Oct 10,2007 12:00am -Videos - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
yes, the world is a wierd and wonderful place. for some reason it's not just all standard sit there and do nothing pictures. That's right.. video. there is now a way to link in youtube videos cause assholes can't get it right. there you go. click "add video" bang.

I also put in a spam filter thing for the login so that stupid bots will stop posting there. creating fake accounts.

:Sep 29,2007 12:00am -Band page, the updated - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]

all the things at the top with views/links works. I don't think comments does though.
also, bands are now sorted in the "band name, the" fashion.

:May 21,2007 12:00am -Security and the Events page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
So many security fixes that I'm not even going to start to tell you. Just leave it at "many hacks, many fixes"

Also, I just put up filters on the events page. Currently, you can filter out between "All Shows", "New England", and "New York City". Right now, if you go to it auto-sets your filters to NYC shows only. If you go to it shows you all shows. personally, I'm setting my shows to only NE shows cause that's all I care about.

:Apr 27,2007 12:00am -NEW SERVER - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) had to change all the TABLE STATUS calls everwhere
2) the newer version of PHP had a different class structure that I had to account for in all files
3) went through watching the error fixing 95% of all the errors. the events and forum pages were the worst... probably a couple 1000 errors per page... damn..
4) when you search on the discussion body, it will highlight in yellow
5) there are more icons. there are icons shown in the qik reply if you click "show icons". Also added a "more icons" option to the reply and post pages so you can have access to all the icons there too.

:Apr 15,2007 12:00am -youtube - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
since youtube is taking over the country, you can not add them into threads.
[YOUTUBE=and then the youtube number]

here's an example


:Apr 15,2007 12:00am -small things - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) changed something on the events page so it's so much smaller (20KB)

2) removed that stupid "size" thing at the bottom of all the pages since it didn't work in FF and was constantly erroring in IE.

At this point, the things on my "to-do" list is fucking huge. by "huge" I mean overwhelming. I seriously have a years worth of ideas, features, feature completes, and new things to do. If someone can come up with an easy way to get get a very large grant, I will take time off from work and just devote it to this site. until then.. the list just keeps growing.

:Apr 5,2007 12:00am -profiles quick fix - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I guess that the profiles had an issues with bands showing up when they shouldn't in your bands area. fixed that.
Also, the pic comments should be trusted ip filtered.

:Mar 26,2007 12:00am -Bands that end in a number - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I finally fixed an issues on RTTP since 2001. The issue was with bands that ended in a number and the indexing with my javascript pages. looks like the fix was wicked easy and I could have done it at anytime. I suck. but it works now.
recent examples:

:Mar 14,2007 12:00am -Right and Left Arrows, I rule - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]

click on that and then hit the left or right arrows. this go to the next photos. best feature ever

:Feb 4,2007 12:00am -Yeah for Mod Rewrites! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I was able to do a little bit of coding on the server. what does that mean? well, picture links used to look like this
now it looks like this:

:Jan 20,2007 12:00am -updates updates updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) as reported here you are unable to edit your subjects. well now you can. Also, the edit now says "Thank you" instead of "Thanks you". It's not as many thanks as before, but what can you do, eh?

2) Randomshots when there was more than one venue was broken. it be fixed now.
example here

3) as requested by alex here, he wanted to see all the threads made by band members. now you can on the bands page. his bands page: look for "member threads".

:Jan 17,2007 12:00am -Updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the main page is updated so it will no longer say Dec 31 1967 for the date... oopies on my part. who's the idiot? I'm the idiot.

the events page now using AJAX!!! AJAX rules and if this is successful, I'm going to put it more places. On the events page, when you are logged in, if you start adding/removing shows that you are attending, the page no longer reloads. it just updates the + or - and does everything else behind the scenes.

I fixed it so that any "random" site that comes into RTTP will redirect to the main site. if you don't know what i'm talking about.. just search for

I think that is it... eh, a few other things, but don't you worry yourself about it.

:Jan 3,2007 12:00am -"I don't like you" updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) the board's UBB was updated so that links and images work better.

2) on the board there is now a "spam" option for anonymous posts that are spam. report valid spam and I'll take a look at them.

3) ignore/unignore features are on the board. they are currently only working in Firefox. not sure why IE is being bitchy. then you ignore someone, their text is collapsed. if you want to see what they said, you have to click the "toggle" right now it's a [t], but I'll put a graphic in at some point.

EDIT: works in IE now and some how in safari

:Oct 30,2006 12:00am -New Main page, tags, labels, and venues - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
so, I re-did the main page. it looks completely different now. most things on it are collapsable and expandable. I've been working a lot on updating the news sections of the site. this just ties it all together and shows the top roughly 10 stories. I say "roughly" cause the news section display gobbles up space that the events section isn't using. say there are only 3 events, the new section should show 17 news articles. if there are 13 events that day, there will only be the latest 10 news stories showing.
also the section that shows the latest "rttp" news loads 3 seconds faster! I rule. I need to update the "<<more RTTP updates>>" part

I updated the label.php and venue.php pages. I added news and a submit new on the two. I also made it easier for me to add bands to labels, but that is neither here nor there.

I also added image tags to the mix. Eventually more than just me will be able to add/edit these tags.

I think that is all for now. if you didn't notice from before, I updated somethings with out announcing it to fix some of the posting issues that people where having (like all posts being marked "video" if any post in a thread was edited)

:Oct 17,2006 12:00am - - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) I updated, cleaned up, and whatever the events page.
go ahead and click on the search button; I dare you!

2) I updated the forum so that there is a different function when you click the "search" button. go ahead, click that button.

3) I updated the venues page, but then it stopped working. i hope that I get it fixed by the time you read this.

4) bots can no longer post in threads marked "spam" threads. you can't see this, but it's in the back ground. if a bot posts in a thread, I mark is a "spam bot" and then all anonymous posts must go through the spam checking (typing in a random band name).

5) when you type in a post anonymously and it get's caught by the spam filters, it used to crap out on a '. now it doesn't.

I think that is it now. i fixed a ton of other things, but they are all background shizzle so don't worry your pretty little head about it.

:Sep 13,2006 12:00am -Label to Band page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added all the label page info that I had to.
linked the band profiles page back to the label's page if there is a label for the band.

fixed the label links so that they show and are directable.

:Aug 29,2006 12:00am -way too many updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
1) the advanced spam filters

2) flagging threads as "spam bot" threads so that threads that gets hit by bots will need authentcation to post in.

3) Special interest flags on the messageboard (also added to text.returntothepit

4) spam filtering on the body on a comment on a bands page

5) venues page template

6) labels page template

7) picture referres table cleaned up.

8) events page was granted a log of changes to an event.

9) bands pagen given a change log.

:Jul 13,2006 12:00am -Discussion Search is bizzack! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
that's right biznitches, I put it back up. don't abuse it.

:Apr 8,2006 12:00am -More Speed fixes and Such - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the edit function on the message board was fixed. you can now edit up to 24 hours. the issue was related to speed improvements.

Speed ups/fixes:
bands page (please check spelling/doubles I went though and checked some)

All pictures


photo locations (please check spelling/doubles I went though and checked some)

:Mar 29,2006 12:00am -Holy updates! speedspeedspeed - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I'm trying to speed the server up more and more. in that, I'm working to get out a few things.

1) the length of names on the messageboard is now a lot smaller. I think it's 65 characters. this allowed me to set them as INDEXES for the USER that started a thread (27K fields), the USER that responds to a thread (27K fields), and the USER from the posting table (400K fields). this sped a TON of queries on the message board tables up by up to 4x. yeah for me. there was a minimal hit in the time it takes to post a thread, but whatever.

2) the events tables is now written differently. there is a separate userevents table where the personal events from the events table are stored. please, test this out and see if it's working correctly. this effects the shows listed on your profile as shows that you are going to attend. this was the test-case for me taking the bands news into it's own indexed table. I was also able to change the HUGE field that stored the info before into a much smaller field.

3) ok, I updated the message board/bands page so that the news is in it's on table and the news field is soooo much smaller. this will cause the bands page and the discussion board to work a lot fast. check it out.

Also, there is now very ridged spam and IP blocking going on. I have blocked off something like 1500 known anonymizer proxies as well as every single IP that has been caught posting spam on the site. fuck them.

the pictures.php page is now showing the date and post processed pictures again.

:Mar 21,2006 12:00am -SQL Fixes and Banning IPs - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
So.. I'm going around and re-writing SQL commands so they are a lot more cachable. now, pictures come up a lot faster.
the top of the page loads a lot faster. loads faster.

also, there is now a new way for me to ban ips for spam/abuse.

:Mar 9,2006 12:00am -lots of server speed updates - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
here are some of the pages:
I updates a lot of the select * with select and then the cols.

:Jan 23,2006 12:00am -Band.php - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added a "views" on the top so you can see what bands have the most "views".

:Jan 23,2006 12:00am -Band.php - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
when people would go to: band.php
it would lock the picturetable AND the bandtable.

I set up a caching system so it doesn't do this every single time. only when the bandstable or picturestable is added to OR when the displayname is updated

:Jan 17,2006 12:00am -a bunch of fixes - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the part of the board was changed on the back-end so it's much much quicker. I think there has been a lot of hang-time on this one thing.

itunes/RSS/Stream was added to the top of the livestream
icons for these things were added there and in the menu.

some expanded SPAM filtering was added so that I don't get all those spam messages on the band martyr_ad's page.

the band link getting for different locations was redone.

added an admin section on the profiles pages. now you can click on the "view profile" link and see your profile page like everyone else does.

the top of the concert page was re-done for bands.

:Dec 18,2005 12:00am -CD-page, SPAM, Events page, and forgotten passwords - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there was a bug on the bands page where anyone who was logged in could submit a link to a band once it was approved. I fixed that so only offical members can add links to a band's page.

Also, I added a few more things to the spam filter.

You can now link a show listing thread to the events page. If you are logged in, just enter in and event on the events page, then go "edit" the show and select from the list of show listing threads. Once you do this, it will make a link on the events board to the discussion board. also, if you put a flyer on the events page, it will list this at the top of the discussion thread.

USER FORGOTTEN PASSWORD: there was a situation brought up to me. when a person makes more than one account they will only get one e-mail for the first user account if they try to check for their password. well, that was until now. don't go crazy making new accounts or anything please.

the CD review add page now has a selector to tell what you want to do.. you'll understand when get to it. Also, you can now add Split-CDs and Various CDs to the CD review page. there is a field that pops up that let's you add all the bands on a comp or split CD. These comps will now show up on the bands page. BECAREFUL WITH THIS it's a little fragile still.

:Dec 17,2005 12:00am -Upgraded spam filter - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
blocking out more and more things cause the bands comment table keeps getting full of crap.

:Dec 17,2005 12:00am -Private Messages - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Users can now look at their sent box. please delete unneeded sent mail from your sent mail box.

you can also forward messages and search. unfortunately, you can't search the sent mail... yet...

:Dec 11,2005 12:00am -Menubar again again, top of the page and forum - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I changed the numbers for user comments(UCs) and private comments (PMs).

also, if you aren't in a band, then it doesn't say "band" on the side.

also, I sped up the display of the message boards after a thread is posted.

:Dec 6,2005 12:00am -menubar again, fixes, more on the password issue (mozilla), and some counters - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added a little bit more to the "login/logout" thing.
this is just my way of slowly starting to take over the world.

also, I did a little more fixing to the user profiles, fixed a few bugs here and there.

with the passwords update issue. I guess some newer users have been locked out. I fixed that. I also fixed the issue with mozilla not working. it works fine now. mozilla users can update thing til their heart's content.

lastly, I put a new view count to the iBitch and the bands page.

:Dec 3,2005 12:00am -the bands page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
band members can no add links to their band.

they also can add news posts through the bands page for a particular band. So if you are adding a news post to the message board about your band and it will show up also on your band's page.

some of the emails that go out to band members was fixed too.

:Dec 3,2005 12:00am -Updated header to discussion board - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the headers on the messageboard are different cause loading the board stats on all people's computers was mega slowing things down.

I (and other users) would be happier if you closed the board stats.

it also works better for how I use it and since it's all about me, screw you.

:Dec 3,2005 12:00am -Updated menubar - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the menu on the side is a little different. I made it a little more compact for easy of use.

:Nov 7,2005 12:00am - - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added a view so you can see bands that have bios/comments/logos/members/etc...

I also seeded the random on the top of the page so this dude:
should be gone from constant rotation.

:Oct 28,2005 12:00am -new Users Page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]

I made this page for the future... right now it only shows people's playlists and pictures. this allows you to check out people's profiles in summary for number of playlists and pictures they have. Plus, it's a quicklink to events and webcams.

:Oct 28,2005 12:00am -locations page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed. it seems like it only showed a band once even if they played the venue once.
it tries to link directions too... but it doesn't work right.

:Oct 28,2005 12:00am -bands pages - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if you are in a band, you got a few more options
1) click on all bands and you can (when you are logged in) add yourself to a band. don't worry if anyone lies, I will delete them.

2) if you are logged in, you can add logos to the band's page. (this is still a little hokey, but try a couple times).

3) these show up on your profiles page.

4) you will get an e-mail when someone is added as a member to your band.

if you add yourself to the bands page for your band, you will get an e-mail when someone writes a comment on your band (a lot of people miss these like the_network getting a message from steve austin).

features to come:
approved members editing band information
approved members being able to upload an mp3
approved members being able to approve other members
approved members being able to approve/add bios

if you have any other ideas, hit me up with them.
also, if you band's page says:
"le Reporte - 25_ta_life [awaiting approval]"
on top instead of:
"le Reporte - throwing_shrapnel [offical approved]"
email me and I'll add your band to the "offical" list of bands.

:Sep 9,2005 12:00am -A few small things - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the direction page was not working
it is now.

on the band's page, I put the discussion and concert link on the page for concert date.
Also, the news articles are hidden when you are clicking on pictures from the band's page.

:Sep 1,2005 12:00am -deleted! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
hopefully the word "deleted will not be showing up any more on the events page.

:Aug 16,2005 12:00am -Speeding up! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
it looks like the top page was running 4 seconds just to find 4 random images.
next, if I can just get the searching of the discussionboard to go faster...

:Aug 16,2005 12:00am -live stream - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the live stream page is changing to reflect the fact that I'm archiving RTTP shows online and the new podcast.

also, I made some admin changes that will make some other changes that are coming abit easier.

oh and hellfest is coming in a week. I need to optimize a bunch of code before that. sorry if there are any issues.

:Jul 26,2005 12:00am -Playlists on "RTTP" radio show threads - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if there is a thread that I note is relating to a radio show, you can see the playlist on the top of the thread as I add things to it.
why? cause I rule.

:Jul 23,2005 12:00am -Users Profile Discussion view - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if you go to your profile, you can now view the past discussion thread posts that you have made in groups of 30 posts.
before when you had a few 1000 posts, it was either wicked slow or it would time out.

:Jul 23,2005 12:00am -Users Today - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so tthat when you go to the discussion page, the "users today" are automatically not-showing.

:Jul 21,2005 12:00am -Post-Processing - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added a page that shows the before and after for post processed images on RTTP.
I will be uploading some newly pp'd opeth pictures soon.

:Jul 3,2005 12:00am -News Threads/bands page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
If you click on "discussion" and then "news" it now works

I added a feature to the bands page that excludes bands. what does this mean?
if a band is named "aborted" and you looked at the events part of their bands page, it would show shows for "terminally your aborted ghost". it no longer does that.

:Jun 27,2005 12:00am -More on the bands page. - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
i added localband apreciation
mp3s from the show
and you can not submit a bio on certian bands if you are logged in.

:Jun 24,2005 12:00am -Users: add pictures to your profiles the easy way! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
On amimetalornot.php and pictures.php, I updated the screens to add a link that allows you to add the picture right to your profile pictures.
If you see a picture of yourself, just click and there you go! added right to your profile.

Also, I moved around a few things on amimetalornot.php

:Jun 24,2005 12:00am -New Band interface 1/2 up! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]

you now get all the info right in one page. I'm still working on the members, bio, and logo interfaces...

also, the news interface works mostly. I also need to make:
1) the addition of a new band
2) updating the dates/current labels.

:Jun 17,2005 12:00am -Reply/Edit review from a thread - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if you click on reply or edit, it will show you what was there before or what you are replying to.

:Jun 6,2005 12:00am -Profile comment and Promo date - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the promo pictures date is now human readable.

also, when you get a comment on your profile, you can now click on the link in your e-mail

:May 23,2005 12:00am -Band links - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added an easy way to make a "band link" to the bands section of this site.
all you have to do is
[ band=the_red_chord]
(minus the space between the '[' and the 'b' and it will do this:
red chord, the


:May 23,2005 12:00am -User Add on the events page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fix them, you can now add and remove your self til the cows come home.

these shows will also show up on your profiles page as you are attending them.

:May 23,2005 12:00am -Playlists fixed - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
looks like everyone was seeing their own play list on everyone else's profiles page.
this oversight has been corrected

:May 21,2005 12:00am -Flyers posting fixed on firefox - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put in some header stuff so that you can now view popup folders on firefox.
they didn't work before.
once again showing that internet explorer > firefox.

:May 21,2005 12:00am -Stats on the profiles page. - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now see the other-all stats for a bunch of things on the profiles page.

Total Message Board Threads: 2793
Total Message Board ADs: 7
Total Message Board News: 508
Total Message Board Posts: 21799
Total Message Board Edits: 553
Total CDs Added: 604
Total CDs Reviewed: 51
Total Events Attended: 0
Total Picture Comments: 176
Total Picture Comments Edits: 0
Total Band Comments: 2
Total Band Comments Edits: 0

:May 20,2005 12:00am -Flyers on events page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]

if you are a registered user, you can add/edit an event and attach a flyer the event. flyers must be jpegs and will be resized to 750x600 max.

:May 12,2005 12:00am -Profiles: PM message center - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added a little pop up message center for the private messages.
it's still got some bugs... but I'm working those out.

:May 2,2005 12:00am - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Ver. 0.09: Added search (also fixed a table issue with unclosed UBB)
Ver. 0.08: fixed slash issue... again
Ver. 0.07: Added checkboxes to the [add thread]
Ver. 0.06: Added [Add thread]

:May 2,2005 12:00am -Band comments. - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
now, you can go to a "band" page and write comments about that band. it's in its first stages so be kind to it.

I should probably figure out some way to link it in with other things.

:Apr 21,2005 12:00am -Text.Returntothepit.Com: - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now create threads on the text-only version of RTTP.

:Apr 21,2005 12:00am -Profiles: - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Add ability to put in more than one picture
set selected avatar
set random
link comments

:Apr 14,2005 12:00am -Pictures Page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added hide/show comments options so that you can view comments right on the page as you are scrolling through (just like the amimetalornot page), but a heck of a lot cleaner. This works through setting cookies.

:Apr 14,2005 12:00am -Picture Comments Page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there is a new page. this page allows you to see all the comments on pictures and to scroll through them all. this is a little better and different of an interface. I normallized the pages
so they all use the same code to display picture comments.
you can also add comments on the picture comments page.
the comment area is bigger too.
"more" added to the main "home" page so that you can link to the comments page.
comments page added to menubar under "all pics"

:Apr 14,2005 12:00am -MessageBoard - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I cleaned up things a little.
took out the word "please"
flattened it down so it fits better.
Also, halved the number of ..... there were cause, let' face it, there were waaaaaaay too many.
go through all images and look for ones that are larger than 800w and shrink them. (works only in monzilla)

:Apr 11,2005 12:00am -a few random fixes - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed the "go to bottom" issue with fire fox on the messageboard.

on the profiles page:
when you click "reply" it now drops you to the reply box.
fixed the bug if a subject has a ' in it. so ' away, I guess.
made the user comments section a little bit cleaner. If you are viewing your own user comments area (AKA PM's), you get more space in between them... also I put in "better" wording for the different options there.

on the playlist area, I placed a link to "pop out" your playlist... if you want to do that for some reason. I'm not quite sure why you would want to do this... but go ahead. oh and when you pop-out your own playlist, you can add playlists.

randomshots where there are two location is now fixed.
IE: two shows both with randomshots on the same day.

:Mar 31,2005 12:00am -Playlists fixed - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
it was showing EVERY play list.
now it just shows the user's playlist...

:Mar 29,2005 12:00am -profiles & locations - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added subscribed to the profiles page. there is also a bug that people could be subscribed to a forum thread more than once. this means that one person in particular was getting 10+ emails when they would subscribe to a forum.
oopies... it's fixed now.

added playlists to the profiles page. now you can put up a playlist of what you are currently listening to. Make sure you put a return after each track/cd.

on the bands page, I linked in the CD's in the CD reviews for a "discography" type thing. it finds matches and partial matches.

:Mar 26,2005 12:00am -stuff - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
removed ability for people to make posts with no content but a space.
same with the subject.
same with a space and then a username.

also fixed it so that concerts before 2001-04-14 will show a "simple" version of the concert page. I didn't have a naming convention back then... oopies!

:Mar 24,2005 12:00am -profiles & bands - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed some spelling mistakes...
centered, bolded, and put a black background on the profiles/bands page.

:Mar 21,2005 12:00am -Profiles Page updated - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made the profiles page look better.

also, fixed some pages that were showing double banner ads.

:Mar 18,2005 12:00am -Post-Processing - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added a link to the pre-processed images if I process them afterwards.
it's on the pictures.php page.

:Feb 14,2005 12:00am -simple stuff - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added something to the bands mp3 page:
pictures link
download count, etc...

cleaned up the mailinglist page (was dumping sql commands)

:Feb 14,2005 12:00am -promo pics - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed up the promo pics interface

also fixed up the main page a little. Made it so a "featured local band" uses a larger picture on the front page.

:Feb 7,2005 12:00am -Featured band, newsletter, and playlists - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I updated the playlists page to look better. I also put a download link for the show's mp3.

on the mainpage, I formatted it for the featured band and new newsletter when I add them. look for it tonight when the hostage heart pictures are up and all.

:Feb 5,2005 12:00am -Promo shots - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now look at promo shots that I've taken...
so far, that means leukorrhea...
but let's see what this turns into.

:Feb 5,2005 12:00am -menubar, newsletter, live schedule, board - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
updated the menu so that all the links on it work.
fixed: cams link (thanks succubus)
added the year 2005 to everything
added myspace link
added newsletter link

fixed the passed newsletter setup.

fixed the live schedule so it shows bands that are about to play.

on the board, I removed the double >> from a thread view. I rule.

:Feb 5,2005 12:00am -MP3 page changes - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I updated the mp3 page,
trying to get it ready for a future change.
no hints on that since it's going to be cool.

:Jan 11,2005 12:00am -Double concerts - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I removed the "fark1" on the main page with double concert posts

:Jan 11,2005 12:00am -Private Messages (PMs) - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there was a limit of the number of characters that you could send over a PM. Please, don't go over 512 characters... but if you need to, you now can.

:Jan 11,2005 12:00am -Message board thread subscriptions. - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it more explicit on the message board if you are "subscribed" to a thread. you can view all "subscribed" threads AND remove yourself easier. I also put in some verbage to make the "subscribing" stick out more so you don't accidentally click on it instead of "refresh"

:Jan 11,2005 12:00am -fixed and more - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put some work in to fixing all the "notice" errors... hope I didn't mess anything up. this is bringing RTTP into alignment with the way that PHP 5.0x works. before, each page was generating 1000's of errors that were quieted. I hope that is fixed.
if I messed up, tell me.

:Dec 17,2004 12:00am -CD review page redone - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
it looks different now and loads faster.
check this off the list of pages I need to revamp.
2000+ php errors done to a hand full

:Dec 8,2004 12:00am -Minor updates - \\\\\\\ anonymous issue fixed, rotating pictures fixed, subscribing to a thread fixed - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed is so that \\\\\\\\\ thing that was freaking annoying when people were posting anonymously.

When you post a thread or reply to a post, you can now choose to subscribe to a thread. hopefully this will be used by board "spammers" to reply to threads that they make.

for some reason the cd cover upload thing stopped working, but I fixed that. upload cd cover once again.

fully fixed the "rotate" thing. so now if you see a picture that need to be rotated, click and tell me. Rotating them is a snap. it's soooo easy.

:Dec 7,2004 12:00am -Search page fix - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed a tabling issue with the cd reviews on the events page.

:Dec 5,2004 12:00am -Message Board and Pictures - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
first, there is a new icon on the pictures page. these are to inform me that there is a picture that is in need of a rotating. I know I mess up every now and again.

Message Board:
1) there is now an arrow that tells you what is bring sorted and in what directions. this solves some confusion.
2) there is now a link to your own threads and posts on the message board.

:Nov 28,2004 12:00am -Search Page fixed - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there were some issues with searching on the discussion page.
I fixed it now.

:Nov 23,2004 12:00am -PHP5 upgrade - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
changed all instances of $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS to $_COOKIE
PHP 5.02 upgraded on 11/22 at 3:30am
ssl.conf removed (bug on this server with the virtual servers)
magic_quotes_gpc = On
register_globals = On

:Nov 3,2004 12:00am -Profiles Page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if you went there before, the links to a reviewed cd didn't work. it does now.

:Oct 31,2004 12:00am -Cookies issue again... - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
some how the old cookie problem came back.
*.domainname was inserted instead of

:Oct 25,2004 12:00am -GIFs added to cd adding - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now upload .gifs and they are resized in the cd add area. I should probably work on .bmps or whatever, but I'm lazy right now.

:Oct 24,2004 12:00am -fix for phpBB's crapiness - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so that people can get around phpBB's crappiness. that means that you can no take a normal link to a picture:

and change it to:

and it will show the picture.

:Oct 23,2004 12:00am -CD-Reviews - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed a cd-review when the id is given as a 0.

:Oct 23,2004 12:00am -search page, again... - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added the CD-Review search back into the search page.
also added user profile searches AND main page searches.

updated the mainpage so you can link directly to a single main-page update.

:Oct 23,2004 12:00am -search page - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added "user name" and "date" to the searching.

:Oct 19,2004 12:00am -robots!robots!robots! - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
trying to remove all the robots that are constantly killing this server ( I'm looking your way), I have now put a temporary robots.txt up to stop them until they forget about the 3000 subdmains for RTTP. at which time, I will remove the robots.txt
I also updates and so that they point things back to
let's see how this works.

:Oct 18,2004 12:00am -a bunch of changes and additions for the new server - vers.3.5 - post by the_reverend  [link]
change the whole back end for cookies. this affects the messageboard mostly and will actually make dial-up users access the site quicker. I combined like 7 possible cookies into one cookie.

added a link to "update" if you click on your own profile.

removed the javascript that was used to put the title on the main, the php call is made directly.

made it much much easier for me to tie a cdreview to a messageboard thread. because of this, I added an icon that shows a thread as a cd review thread.

added a "search" option to the events page.

added "current show" and"old show" option to the search board to search through the events table.
also added discussion body and subject to the discussion board search.

on multiple date on the main page, there was a stray band count. it's been removed.

:Oct 7,2004 12:00am -header update - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I changed somethings you'll never see.

:Oct 7,2004 12:00am -FAQ page re-format - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Updated the layout/how the FAQ page works. I think the layout/look will make it easier to read and use, especially as questions get added to it... like questions are constantly being added or something... Maybe I should add a few things my self

:Sep 25,2004 12:00am -Main reviews - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
it seems like I was grouping the cd-reviews based on the date of the first cd-review added for a cd and not the last.
it's fixed now, thanks terrence.

:Sep 21,2004 12:00am -profiles - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
on the profiles page, I put an "update" link.
when you update your profile, it keeps track of the last time you updated it.

:Sep 16,2004 12:00am -profiles page - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put a privatize and unprivatize option on the profiles page so you can mark PMs private and public.

Also, when you reply to a PM, the "private" on the reply.

:Sep 14,2004 12:00am -Email board enhancements and more - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added "login"/"logout" to the menubar for people that don't use the top part of the site.
also fixed it so cancelled shows don't show up on the main page.

on the user-update page, you can now select to email you when you get a Private Message (PM) or not. personally, I find them annoying and I turned that shit off.

EMAIL!!! on recieving a Private Message (PM), you can set it up to recieve an e-mail. you cna also subscribe to threads on the messageboard so that you can get an e-mail when people reply (you know, like a "real" message board). the whole interface isn't completed yet, but I'm working on it. the thing left to do it mark watched threads and some other nicities.

:Sep 5,2004 12:00am -FAQs updated - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I answered a FAQ and re-write a bit of it so that the answers and stuff are going to be updated more often (if people ask them).

:Aug 30,2004 12:00am -two live bands on one show - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made a little thing that prints out the name of the band in the list of "concertified" song titles when the band names are printed out.


:Aug 26,2004 12:00am -Update filters for admins and videogames in the menu bar. - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so I can update the filter status of threads much easier.

I also added something for me to prune dead e-mails.

also the "games" thread in the menubar now works.

:Aug 24,2004 12:00am -Newsletter added to the site - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
that's right, now you get a bi-monthly newsletter if you wish.
a snap shot of RTTP.


:Aug 24,2004 12:00am -"oops! I forgot to select news or classified or whatever on a discussion thread I made!" - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
well, now if you are a registered user, you can select filters up to 24 hours from the time you initially made the post.
that is all.

:Aug 22,2004 12:00am -discussion board: looking through old polls, news, etc... - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed it so you can now skip through old polls, news thread, or whatever you want on the discussion board.
also, the news link in the menu bar works now.

:Aug 22,2004 12:00am -HTML Slide show fixed - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
it's now working, enjoy.

:Aug 10,2004 12:00am -double shows fixed - vers.3.4 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed the concert.php page to work with fest and double show days. I re-did the flash page and the options on top of the concert.php page (adding the flash slide show, kill popups, etc).

I changed the icon for the flash slide show to look more like a "flash" icon.

changed the "more" on the main page to actually point to the discussion board and not to where the discussion board used to be.

on the pictures.php page, I added a link to the band/date and the date of the show that send the link back to the main page. Also, I put a copyright warning and credit on the pictures.php page so that maybe magazines and bands will ask me to use the pictures.

added a "private reply" to the discussion board since my "user comments" seems to have been taken by people to mean PM or "private message" so my note put a link to it on the discussion page.
note: you must be logged in and can only pm an actual user.

now you can see all the opening splash pages by clicking here:

now you can see all the banner ads that have been on this site by clicking here:

the bottom of this page: was updated.

:Aug 9,2004 12:00am -user links - vers.3.3 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added a users links page

:Jul 28,2004 12:00am -New Menu bar and more - vers.3.3 - post by the_reverend  [link]
soo... since hellfest killed RTTP
I've spent the passed few days re-writing A LOT of things. Also re-configuring the webserver to run better.

if you didn't notice, there is a new menu bar. It's a much better on that will allow for a faster load time. A bunch of pages were updated to play nicely with this one.

on the main page, I rewrote the concert display to run faster and find the correct discussion board.

the bands page pictures wasn't popping up a pictures, that's been fixed.

for a concert when you click on a picture, the Query for the pop up went from over 1 sec to .03sec.

:Jul 22,2004 12:00am -More speed adjustments - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
max band name set to 45.
if any of you jerks want a band name longer than that.. I'm going to have to smack you.
the `band` from the pictures table has now been set as a index value which should speed things up.

I'm also looking into:
*changing the 255 char length of a venue `location` to 60 since the longest venue name is 60 characters (speed up something I'm sure)
*changin the 255 char length of a user name to 30 since the largest is 27 (speed up the discussion boards)

:Jul 22,2004 12:00am -Major Speed improvements - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
ok, the site's been slow lately due to the # of pictures in the pictures table and the number of discussion posts in the discussion board.

after a lot of reading, I changed the .35 sec average SQL call time for the main page to print out one concert ot .01 sec
same with any of the concert pages.
for the forum, the infamous "thread of death" with 400+ rows
before: took 6secs to load with no load on the server and 20 secs to load with average load
mid-way: made table indexing an int instead of a tinytext 3.6 secs with no load
after: no real cahnge from mid-way after set it indexing
edit: after removing the user info look up, a print out of the threadof death under no load was around 1 sec.

now, when a thread gets over 200 relies, the user info look up goes away to make it load faster.
for some reason that picture was removed from the am i metal page. I must have been switching from javascrip to php when that pictures as an example.

:Jul 20,2004 12:00am -minor fixes. - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the last CD reviews on the main page was messed up and was showing the first reviews.

fixed the mailing list script for the Top Ten. it should be able to be sent this week.

picture.php/amimetalornot.php no need to update some values so I removed them for now (removed about 3 sql calls)

:Jul 15,2004 12:00am -I made a ton of updates today - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
profiles page
*updated discussion link to go from 100-1000's of SQL queries to 11-12. it was one for each post the user made (to get the subject). they are combined now into one slick call.
*updated cd-add link to go from 1 SQL call per CD-Added to 1 call for ALL cds added.
*updated CD-review link to go from 1 SQL per CD-Reviewed to 1 call for ALL cds reviews
*updated picture comments link to go from 1 SQL per picture comment to 1 call for ALL pictures commented on

All Pages:
*Moved a check from when RTTP was lost in July 2003 for usernames that are no longer valid due to them being lost with that server.

Main Page:
*removed 5 SQL calls from the main page by using the same method as the profiles page uses for CD covers on the latest reviewed section
*removed the separate looks ups on picture comments. another 7 SQL calls replaced by 1.

Search Page:
*restructured so that the Search thing is on the top of the results page.
*cache searched values so that I can do a "top 10 searches"
*Turned all the CD-reviews and CD's search into 1 sql command. Was one PER cd found. (this needs to be monitored for time which bad! it takes about 20 seconds for this query to work!)
*Removed superfluous sql query on the discussion list for the subject since I already know that info.
*replaced 1 SQL query for each picture comment found on the picture comment search.

removed 1 SQL command for all the other CDs by whatever band. also, removed duplicate queries for the CD covers on the most/last section

removed some crappy update stuff from index.php, equipment.php, and bullsiht.php

redid the referrals 1 SQL query PER pictures to 1 for all 60 pictures. 76 sql queries down to 12.

*fixed some times where it posts as anonymous when you are logged in.

lib.php file



:Jul 12,2004 12:00am -reply to profiles and fixed some typ-os - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
that subject pretty much says it all...

:Jul 7,2004 12:00am -Fixes - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed the "resource id #" error on the amimetalornot.php.
fixed the mailing script and got it ready for the "weekly update".
fixed the radio show link on the wunh server.

:Jul 5,2004 12:00am -Polling - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I updated the polling thread codes. it would have logged people out if they votes on too many of them.

:Jun 29,2004 12:00am -mp3s on a concert page - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made the links on the main page and concerts pages to the mp3s from a live show work again.

if you didn't notice, the "viewed" thread stuff was removed cause it was loggin people out.

:Jun 28,2004 12:00am -user comments - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
if you have new comments, you have a # next to your name on the top of the page.

:Jun 22,2004 12:00am -making the guest count more accurate - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
in order to make the "currently viewing" part more accurate,
I've changed the table I use so that it now uses sessions.
once I get this to work, I will key on these sessions instead of the old way that I use to do that allowed for 1 or 2 persons to look like they were 2 or 3 persons.

:Jun 21,2004 12:00am -discussion board enhancements - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so that I saw wheather or not you looked at a thread. if you click on and read a thread, it's dark blue.
if someone replies, it goes back to light colored.

:Jun 15,2004 12:00am -picture comments - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now edit picture comments up to 24 hours.

:Jun 15,2004 12:00am -cdreview - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now edit a cd review up to 24 hours.

:Jun 13,2004 12:00am -fixed the main page - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there was an issue with the main page.

for some reason, no dates were coming through.

it works now.

:Jun 11,2004 12:00am -Major speed inprovements with this site - vers.3.2 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I looked at my site stats and figured out how I could speed up pages based on how many views the pages get.

/media.php changed from about 10 SQL calls to 3-5 calls

/pictures.php 10 SQL calls to 3-5 calls

/top.php this one was a bitch! looks like to initially load this page it made like 15 un-needed SQLs! I removed all that and cleaned up a bunch of others so that it's quicker to load up.

/amimetalornot.php 15 SQL calls to 5-10 calls

/profiles.php took out about 2 calls here

/concert.php I made a 1 SQL change here. once I fix the whole "extra-location" thing, this should speed up a lot.

/band.php fixed somethings on this that I don't remember

/main.php re-wrote this based on the "extra-location" thing. it was 5-6 SQL calls for EACH concert displayed. I changed it to 1 SQL that contains 3 JIONs. I'm hoping that this doesn't actualy slow things down.

/login.php I fixed something here, but foeget what it was

/events.php change those 250 SQLs to 10...

I also made it so that only 3 pages (the 3 forum pages) load the discussion icons. previously all pages were.
current SQL/second is over 35. I'm hoping to get it closer to 20.

:May 24,2004 12:00am -evil flash added to this site? - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
that's right... with a couple hours of self-taught flash skillz, I was able to make a dynamic photo slide show.
granted it is still in beta stages, but whatever. I decided to let it out to the world for suggestions.
it still needs a lot of work... I'll get to it when I can.
things to add:
center the picture
buffer images
make it so the picture doesn't disappear before updating
make the buttons look like a real player
autostart the playing
selectable delay (5 sec default)
etc... etc... etc...

if you have ideas, voice them here:

:May 18,2004 12:00am -Fixed the concert page - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
now the first band shows up.

:May 4,2004 12:00am -more speed-ups... - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
picture.php was inprooved.
.25 sec was shaved off each load.
current load time = .1 sec

:May 4,2004 12:00am -speed ups. - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
ok, I took the concert.php page, stream-lined it, tok out a lot of un-needed things and then made it work with data I already had:
1.6 sec

.4 sec

2.2 sec

.6 sec

the performance upgrade is nothing short of amazing.

:May 2,2004 12:00am -Another Fix on the Discussion board... damn it... - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
so people seem to post double http:// on the messageboard A LOT when they are suppose to be posting a single http://... well, now, the site removes the first http://

:Apr 28,2004 12:00am -now... for the morons... - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so that if you insert an image into the form....
and you mess up the url, I try to correct it...
that means that is you accidently link it wrong, I will fix it.
if you try to use that on another site, then you will be sadly surprised.

:Apr 23,2004 12:00am -Added somethings... - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
added link to the discussion board for web and aim.
added a b/i/u link to the qik reply.

:Apr 23,2004 12:00am -User comments and User links - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now go to someone's profile and post comments on other people's profiles.
you can also add links to your own profile.

:Apr 22,2004 12:00am -user favorites - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I udated all the userfavorites so they are in a separate table.
go me.

:Apr 13,2004 12:00am -profiles and login - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put a stats compare on the profiles page.
I also put a myspace link if you have one on the profiles.

:Apr 10,2004 12:00am -page selection - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
page selection added to the bottom of the "view.php page" aka the discussion board.
so now, lazy bastards don't have to scroll back up.

:Apr 10,2004 12:00am -anonymous names saved - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
now, if you are anonymous and type in an anonymous name, the name is saved.
hopefully there will be a lot less anonymous users.

:Apr 10,2004 12:00am -help doc - vers.3.1 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put an update on the helpdocs page so that people will know how to insert an image on the forum.
I also put a link to it on the quick reply area.

:Apr 5,2004 12:00am -new icons - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made the icons look a little better.
this is part of a bunch of changes I'm doing...
unfortunately, I can't build this stuff and getting working on my laptop cause apache is going crazy. I guess you'll see some changes on here soon.

:Mar 27,2004 12:00am -META taqgs and ico - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added an icon for the http server.
also, I put in some meta tags so that I might be able to have the discussion board update at my work. call me selfish, but at work I always have to hit "refresh" otherwise it 202's from my proxy server at work.

I also cleaned up the interface to the banner ads. removed a un-needed database query. I put in the code to allow for there to be 1 banner ad in the menubar. it'll probably be solely used for the zip-up hoodies when I do them.

:Mar 24,2004 12:00am -equipment update - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]

I added my new lenses...

also made the top of a discussion thread be bold with a background so people can read it easier.

:Feb 26,2004 12:00am -simple version - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made some more changes so with the simple version, the mouse overs don't dl.
this should speed some pages up for a lot of people

:Feb 17,2004 12:00am -dual bands - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixing somethings for when I have dual bands live.
also fixed somethings with the live pages

:Feb 8,2004 12:00am -download and dual shows - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Fixed the same-named bands on the same date.
Fixed different reviews for different bands on the same day.
added a "download" link for the pictures.
Fixed the downloading from the mp3 page so it names the mp3 file and forces it to download.

:Jan 24,2004 12:00am -Some changes - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed some things that I forgot about.

you can now search the picture comments. go ahead, find all the "gay" on this site.

:Jan 19,2004 12:00am -header files - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I changed my header files to an included php file.
this eliminates some javascript that toggled crap around.

now I can get simple.rttp working better/faster

:Jan 19,2004 12:00am -Insert URL/Insert IMG on QR - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added a link button thingie to get you to "have the power" on the discusson board to insert links and images on the "quick quick response" (QR).

also added a comment to the QR, I'm so whitty.

:Jan 18,2004 12:00am -Quick Response - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
ok, I added a handy little "quick response" thing on the discussion board

fixed a spelling mistake.

separated the "shows" and "show pictures" on the discussion board.

:Jan 18,2004 12:00am -search page - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed 2 things on the search page.

1) you can now search thought subjects too

2) the cd info thing that it's been bitching about for a long time is now fixed.

:Jan 16,2004 12:00am -pictures added to the concert page - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
check it out... in a discussion board that is marked as a concert photo page, I put the same pictures as in the main page...
I call it "concertify"

:Jan 14,2004 12:00am -last 24-hour grid - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
yeah, it's stupid, but I did this:
I was just playing with the graphing stuff and did that. yes, I was busy waiting at the tire warehouse.

i also fixed the liveschedule page and some other admin stuff.

:Jan 12,2004 12:00am -Some Minor updates - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
Cleaned up the main page so that the random front page isn't done by Javascript like it was before. now, it's all done of the server side and should be faster.

Added some more things to the bottom of the entrance page for the simple RTTP version (simple menu).

cleaned up the

Added 2 new filters to the forums.
Show Listings
Video Games interface. Runs a lot better now.

cleaned up a header-writing issue with the main page.. will probably find a lot more of these. If you find any pages that say "header already written blah..." tell me please so I can fix those.

:Jan 6,2004 12:00am -MP3 tracks on main page - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
when a band plays in the studio and there are mp3s up.
they are now linked on the main (front) page.

:Dec 26,2003 12:00am -Site reviews section - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]

added that.

:Dec 24,2003 12:00am -mp3s and typos - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed the mp3 links on all the pages I could find...

fixed the "referal" typos

the Mp3 page is now 25% smaller in size

search page needed tweaking.

:Dec 23,2003 12:00am -Live MP3s - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
all the live mp3s should be up and working finally.
They have been migrated over to this server from their temporary location.
AIM me: BachogreCtron
if any of them don't work.

:Dec 22,2003 12:00am -Live Bands section - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I guess the pictures weren't showing.
I fixed them
now they work.

:Dec 20,2003 12:00am -Double Shows - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed a bunch of things that were wrong with the posting of double shows on the same day.

:Dec 16,2003 12:00am -Borders borders borders - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I set some boards on the side bar for the main page.
hope it looks a little better.

:Dec 16,2003 12:00am -main page minor tweak - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I will be uploading it later today,
but I added a count on the amount of Reviews/Discussion posts.
**edit** also added counts on all the pictures that are on the front page since I have that data free anyhow**

Also, for those of you who are cookie monsters,
since you clear out your cookies each time you close your browser, I have created which will always load the simple menubar for you.

:Dec 15,2003 12:00am -Minor Tweakings - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I re-did the cam page:

but I did minor tweaks on the profiles, directions, search, cd review, and play list pages.

:Dec 13,2003 12:00am -resizeable - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made the pictures pop up resizeable so that you can resize.
since I do a lot more portrait pictures these days.

:Dec 8,2003 12:00am -Profiles - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
+Bleak+something's nickname broke my site so I had to fix something in order to get it to work.
now, it's functioning in an optimal maner.

:Dec 6,2003 12:00am -year list - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
cause of the simple menus,
I needed to make a list on the top of the year view for pictures.
using this will switch between the years of pictures

:Dec 6,2003 12:00am -Image links - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
no one really cares about this..
and since no one follows the "Don't Link this Picture" thing,
I decided to start collecting what sites people post my pictures on...
so far, there are over 19K places linking my pictures.

if you care, click here:
and you will see them.

screw the bandwidth, right?

:Dec 6,2003 12:00am -Menubars enhanced/simple/collapse - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made it so the menubar can work in , enhanced, , simple, or be collapsed

if your browser is slow navigating this site, click the "simple" link and a simple menubar will be loaded that is lighter weight.
this should speed things up for the people with slow browsing.

also I made pop up for tom in collapsed mode with no menubar so that Rusted Angel will be happy at work.

:Dec 5,2003 12:00am -banner stats - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fixed it so it once again records clicks.
wtf was the old one doing wrong?

:Dec 5,2003 12:00am -search page - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the thumbnails on the search page was accessing an old location.
replaced it work so it works right.

:Dec 5,2003 12:00am -Wee Blinks security hole - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I fixed it, replacing a dumb old str_replace, strpos, and substr
with a preg_match and preg_replace

if was a hashcode that I put on the end of an annoymous posting name to denote that it's an annoymous post.

:Dec 2,2003 12:00am -Polling Graphs - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I played with some graphing libs.
need to play a little more.
the colors need a little tweaking.

:Dec 1,2003 12:00am -New Look - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
New Look on the Update, CD-review, and Picture Comment pages.
I hope it looks/works better.
I might put a new feature in the cd-review page, since every 10 words is the word "gay".
the new feature will just insert the word "gay", "queer", "queer-bait", "fag", "homo" or any other of a pluthora of homophobic terms.

:Dec 1,2003 12:00am -Security hole fixed - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
there was a huge bug n this site for 2 years that I finally fixed.
please, logout and then log back in.
once you do that, you will also be logged into all rttp subdomains.
this will also make it un-necessary for the 8 cookies that were previously used so now there is only one cookie.
thanks to this thread:

:Dec 1,2003 12:00am -Polling, so what do you think? - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I made a polling utility for the messageboard.
it will soon be the most abused thing since the "quoting" thing.
damn me.
I suck!

:Nov 30,2003 12:00am -picturespage - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
the picture page was messing up with the "next" and the new menu.

it's now all done and working, I hope.

:Nov 30,2003 12:00am -no more double posts double posts - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I put in some code that makes double posts a thing of the past.
I hope it all works out for you.

:Nov 30,2003 12:00am -message board subjects - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
you can now edit the titles of messages on the board that you started, you can edit.

:Nov 30,2003 12:00am -other things.. - vers. - post by the_reverend  [link]
to the messageboard

:Nov 27,2003 12:00am -updates page - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I added an updates page.

check it out if you want to.

if you don't want to, go to hell.

:Nov 24,2003 12:00am -fests - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
fests are linked in the concert and menubar

:Nov 23,2003 12:00am -fests - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
made fest pages automatically link between different days

:Nov 23,2003 12:00am -MACs - vers.3.0 - post by the_reverend  [link]
I mac is so that macs can actually post messages and can have the board refresh correctly.

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