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  • :For The Children (part 1)
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 26,2023 12:49am  [link]
    Well... beside Risk, there isn't really a reason to look at the pictures. They are hot garbage. Just look at the Instagram (unless you are trying to find yourself moshing or something). On a good note, the show was wicked successful. This was the first part of 2 shows. I will post about the other show when I get the details and the date gets closer. It was great seeing a bunch of bands that I didn't know. So... A+ for the show... A+ for the bands.. A+ for all the people I got to talk to about my kid and dogs... B for this being Mareep comday and only getting 3 shinnies during the show... but D+ for the pictures.
    Nov 25, 2023 American Legion (Waltham, MA)
    adrienne - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    back_of_tha_neck - 2023-11-25
    Back Of Tha Neck(239)
    flash animated slider show
    balmora - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    buried_dreams - 2023-11-25
    Buried Dreams(246)
    flash animated slider show
    climb - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    hate_still_burns - 2023-11-25
    Hate Still Burns(215)
    flash animated slider show
    in_remembrance - 2023-11-25
    In Remembrance(204)
    flash animated slider show
    jackal - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    on_broken_wings - 2023-11-25
    On Broken Wings(184)
    flash animated slider show
    opposition - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    randomshots - 2023-11-25
    flash animated slider show
    risk - 2023-11-25
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    :Botch, Converge, Cave In
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 18,2023 2:26am  [link]
    Oh my, this show was awesome. Not only were the bands A+, not only did I get to introduce my gf to people I've known for decades, but I got more hugs than I have ever gotten before at any show. This show brought so many people out of the woodwork. Thank you everyone!
    Nov 17, 2023 Roadrunner (Boston, MA)
    botch - 2023-11-17
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    cave_in - 2023-11-17
    Cave In(437)
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    converge - 2023-11-17
    flash animated slider show
    randomshots - 2023-11-17
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    :Full Of Hell
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 17,2023 1:29am  [link]
    :Dropdead in RI
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 12,2023 11:55am  [link]
    :Flight Coffee night.
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 11,2023 11:07am  [link]
    :A night at WSCA
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 9,2023 10:33am  [link]
    :Sam Black Church! Re-Alive!
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 29,2023 2:40am  [link]
    :Oxbow returns to the Space!
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 22,2023 1:40am  [link]
    :40 years of Heavy Metal Maniac!
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 21,2023 1:59am  [link]
    :Revocation and Unearth in Hampton
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 16,2023 1:45am  [link]
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    Gary Hoey’s Ho Ho Hoey Rockin' Holiday Tour Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA
    IATT, Kallias, Ageotan, Pathogenic O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)  
    Answerman / Field Day / Invisible Rays Silhouette Lounge, Allston MA
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    Deafheaven, Touché Amoré, Mary Jane Dunphe The Royale, Bo...  
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    The Hope Conspiracy returns with an ep. Nov 22, 2023 
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    Final Gasp signs to Relapse. Jun 27, 2023 
    Oxbow new album and tour Jun 20, 2023 
    RIP Rob Brown (teratism) Jun 12, 2023 
    NIXIL signs to Prosthetic May 23, 2023 
    Khanate is back! new steam May 19, 2023 
    MILWAUKEE METAL FEST 2023: MAY 26, 27, & 28 Jan 30, 2023 
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