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  • :COA returns to Brockton
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 27,2021 2:59am  [link]
    This show ruled. Do yourself a favor and don't miss any of these shows at the Brockton VFW. It has been 3 1/2 years since I saw COA last. It was great to see them back on the stage. BOTN too since I haven't seen them for almost 5 years.
    see you 12/3 and 12/4 back down in brockton for the A Loss For Words shows.
    Nov 26, 2021 Gatekeeper Jam - VFW (Brockton, MA)
    back_of_tha_neck - 2021-11-26
    Back Of Tha Neck(139)
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    born_from_demise - 2021-11-26
    Born From Demise(51)
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    colin_of_arabia - 2021-11-26
    Colin Of Arabia(146)
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    pummel - 2021-11-26
    flash animated slider show
    pure_bliss - 2021-11-26
    Pure Bliss(63)
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    randomshots - 2021-11-26
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    stoploss - 2021-11-26
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    :Municipal Waste/Crowbar and more hit Hampton
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 18,2021 2:59am  [link]
    Another day, another over the top show that reminds me of what I was missing the past 2 years. Plus, it's been way too long since I shot at Wally's. I really need to hit every single show there from now on. It's 15 minutes away from my house, the lighting, sound, and stuff are all awesome. Like I said on the radio show, even the cover-bands that I've seen there have been great.
    All the bands killed it tonight. Such a nice diversity in bands. Crowbar almost brought the house down and Municipal Waste got the crowd surfers going.
    If you missed this show and you want to hit this tour:
    2021-11-19 Pittsburgh, PA (Spirit Hall)
    2021-11-20 Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop)
    2021-11-21 Cincinnati, OH (Riverfront Live)
    2021-11-22 Detroit, MI (St Andrews Hall)
    2021-11-23 Grand Rapids, MI (Elevation )
    2021-12-10 Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Soundstage)
    2021-12-11 Norfolk, VA (The Norva)
    2021-12-12 Carrboro, NC (Cat's Cradle)
    If you do catch it, let me know! I would love to hear how it was in your town.
    Nov 18, 2021 Wally's Pub (Hampton, NH)
    crowbar - 2021-11-18
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    dead_heat - 2021-11-18
    Dead Heat(160)
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    municipal_waste - 2021-11-18
    Municipal Waste(182)
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    randomshots - 2021-11-18
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    skeletal_remains - 2021-11-18
    Skeletal Remains(144)
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    :Field day in Maine
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 13,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Gwar in Worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 30,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Death Before Dishonor in Manchester
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 23,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Ramallah in the City of Champions
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 3,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Inaeona at the middle east
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 26,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Blood Incantation
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 24,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :Knocked Loose/Gatecreeper and more
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 18,2021 2:59am  [link]
    :The Ghost Inside in Worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 29,2021 11:59pm  [link]
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    RIP Reed Mullin (Corrosion of Conformity) Jan 27, 2020 
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