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  • :A Loss For Words - 2 nights in Cambridge - 7/20, 7/21
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 21,2019 2:36am  [link]
    I can't get to the second night, but the first night was awesome. I can't believe that I actually know the whole CD that they played. Get down there tomorrow and enjoy the second night. An extra selling point is how awesome the Sinclair is. They had the AC cranked.
    Jul 20, 2019 The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA)
    a_loss_for_words - 2019-07-20
    A Loss For Words(408)
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    frankie_puopolo - 2019-07-20
    Frankie Puopolo(56)
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    keep_flying - 2019-07-20
    Keep Flying(115)
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    mickey_ricksaw - 2019-07-20
    Mickey Ricksaw(83)
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    randomshots - 2019-07-20
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    the_hideout - 2019-07-20
    The Hideout(100)
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    :Tomb Mold in mass
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 19,2019 1:28am  [link]
    It's amazing that a band like this has gotten so big, so fast. From playing ralphs/Obreins to playing big rooms and damn near selling them out. it couldnt have happened to a better band.
    Jul 18, 2019 ONCE (Sommerville, MA)
    boarcorpse - 2019-07-18
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    coagula - 2019-07-18
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    superstition - 2019-07-18
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    tomb_mold - 2019-07-18
    Tomb Mold(139)
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    :Have Heart reunion mass date day 2
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 6,2019 9:28pm  [link]
    :Have Heart reunion mass date day 1
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 6,2019 3:08am  [link]
    :The Chasm in Worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 4,2019 3:45am  [link]
    :Nails in mass
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 13,2019 12:59am  [link]
    :Deicide in Manchester (finally)
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 1,2019 3:14am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVII (MDF2019) day four
    post by the_reverend @ May 27,2019 12:00pm  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVII (MDF2019) day three
    post by the_reverend @ May 26,2019 4:48am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest XVII (MDF2019) day two
    post by the_reverend @ May 25,2019 4:31am  [link]
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    MONSTERWATCH, The Freqs, Knock Over City O'Briens Pub (Allston, MA)
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    First BEDTIMEMAGIC single off of forthcoming LP Oct 9, 2019 
    RIP Pete Maturi (Swarm of the Lotus/Graven) Aug 27, 2019 
    EyeHateGod drummer stabbed/robbed in Mexico Jul 8, 2019 
    Dehumanized breaks up Jul 2, 2019 
    Death Before Dishonor announce new album May 20, 2019 
    Lamb of God guitars thieves found.. oof... May 15, 2019 
    Horna makes the local paper Apr 4, 2019 
    Interview with Nicholas of BEDTIMEMAGIC Apr 2, 2019 
    Spotlights premiere new song on Kerrang Mar 21, 2019 
    Baroness to release Gold & Grey Mar 14, 2019 
    KAMPFAR post new track Mar 11, 2019 
    FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE post new album Mar 11, 2019 
    BEDTIMEMAGIC - "Long Kiss Goodnight" (2019) Mar 1, 2019 
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