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Subject: A Loss For Words (Boston Punk) release new video
Posted by: by on Apr 12,2012 4:10pm
Check out this awesome new video of Boston punkers A Loss for Words


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:Aug 12,2005 10:33pm - post by Jess
okay.. here i go.. this is my 3rd attempt to this. But, here i go. i met your lead singer (i'm pretty sure) along with another band member a few days ago at warped tour. As i was waiting in the ticket line you came along and i listened to your music and bought your CD to help with gas and of course because i loved the music. i'm just trying to refresh your memory right now. umm.. i was the first "ya'll" that you had heard down here in VA. ? hopefulllyyy you're starting to remember. if not then.. oh well.

BUT, to the point. i have been searching for you guys on google haha. i wanted some way to get to you guys. lol hopefully this works. as i was saying though, as soon as i got back to my house i popped in yall's CD and went along with the lyrics as it played. You guys are seriously awesome and i'm glad i spent that $5. you guys seriously have a talent individually and you intertwine them into a great band, you have some great lyrics as well. you're hidden track is great also.. ya'll rock all around acoustically and all.

if you ever come back in to the Virginia area for shows or anything please let me know. i would love to come watch. also if you guys start a street team i'd be happy to join. i've already been playing you guys in my car and spreading you to my friends .

please contact me with any info or whatever you got
haha i'm gunna give you everyway to get me
AIM: grip ur partycup


and if you have an idea for something else email it
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