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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29AcidHeaven's DevilsAcid
2. 2020-06-22Black TormentUnholy Hymns to the Triumph of EvilSatanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
3. 2020-03-16AggressiveAggressive-Perfector-Turbo-EvilVarious ArtistsExtreme Metal Attack XVIIHelldprod Records
4. 2020-03-02EnforcerUndying EvilFrom BeyondNuclear Blast (Warner)
5. 2019-12-30Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
6. 2019-12-30MeltgsnowDevil's Mind RideBlack PenancePulverised Records
7. 2019-12-30Spinal TapChristmas With The DevilBreak Like The Wind
8. 2019-12-09EffigyProphet of EvilTortured Souls (Demo)
9. 2019-11-25Nocturnal Hollow04 Devilish BloodDeathless and FleshlessUndeground Movement
10. 2019-11-25CarnageInfestation Of EvilDark Recollections
11. 2019-10-21ObliteateIn Devil's CareImpending Death
12. 2019-10-14KadavarEvil ForcesFor The Dead Travel FastNuclear Blast Records
13. 2019-09-02KROSSFYRE05 Black Jaws of EvilBurning Torches (CD, 12" MLP)Hells Headbangers Records
14. 2019-07-15ExciterEvil SinnerViolence and Force
15. 2019-07-08SabatonDevil DogsThe Great WarNuclear Blast Records
16. 2019-07-08Blood for BloodEvil in the BrainRevenge on SocietyVictory Records
17. 2019-04-29Inculter03 Shepherd of EvilFatal VisionsEdged Circle Productions
18. 2019-04-15CoffinsEvil intentionsSplit - Coffins/Otesanckkreation
19. 2019-04-15OnslaughtLord of EvilPower From Hellcombat
20. 2019-04-01At The GatesSouls Of The Evil DepartedGardens Of Grief
21. 2019-02-11Electric WizardPatterns Of EvilBlack MassesMetal Blade
22. 2019-02-04FUNEREAL PRESENCEWherein a Messenger of the Devil AppearsAchatiusThe Ajna Offensive
23. 2019-01-07Ravenous DeathEvil Dementia (The Voices of the Nobodies)Chapters of an Evil TransitionMemento Mori
24. 2018-12-31IncantationEnchantment Of EvilOnward To GolgothaRelapse
25. 2018-11-12Evil (Japan)歪な梵鐘 - Hell's Evil BellsThe Gate of Hell TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
26. 2018-11-05Razorevil invadersEvil Invadersvyper
27. 2018-10-08MOSS UPON THE SKULL3. Impending EvilIn Vengeful ReverenceI, Voidhanger Records
28. 2018-09-10DEICIDEAll That Is EvilOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
29. 2018-08-06Skeletal SpectreShe-Wolf Of Devil's RiverVoodoo DawnPulverised Records
30. 2018-07-02SkyforgerThe DevilslayerKurbadsMetal Blade
31. 2018-06-25DeicideWalk with the Devil in Dreams You BeholdThe Stench of RedemptionEarache Records
32. 2018-06-18KataklysmMystical Plane of EvilThe Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation
33. 2018-06-11Riot VAngel's Thunder, Devil's ReignArmor Of LightNuclear Blast Records
34. 2018-05-28ExodusDeliver Us To EvilLet There Be Bloodimportant
35. 2018-04-23RainbowDrinking with the DevilBent Out Of Shapepolygram
36. 2018-04-23DestructorPounding EvilMaximum DestructionAuburn Records
37. 2018-02-26Morta Skuld...Of Evil
38. 2018-01-29TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black With DevilsThe Formulas of DeathAjna Records
39. 2018-01-29WatainThe Return Of Darkness And EvilTonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute To Bathory
40. 2018-01-15THE CROWNDevil Gate RideDeathrace Kingcenturymedia
41. 2017-12-11WITCHTRAP05 Gypsy Ritual - Face the EvilSorceress Bitch (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
42. 2017-12-11Blurring03 The Devil I KnowBlurringHandshake Inc
43. 2017-10-16SorcererThe Devil's IncubusThe Crowning of the Fire KingMetal Blade Records
44. 2017-10-16WarlordDeliver Us From EvilDeliver Us
45. 2017-10-09SodomOutbreak of EvilFinal Sign of EvilSteamhammer
46. 2017-09-04IntegrityBurning Beneath the Devils CrossHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
47. 2017-08-21PEST04 Devil's markThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
48. 2017-08-14Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
49. 2017-08-07BONEHUNTER03 Digital EvilSexual Panic Human Machine (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
50. 2017-07-24INVOCATION SPELLS06 Evil MountainsThe Flame of Hate (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
51. 2017-07-03BESTIALIZED02. Declaration of EvilBestial Flags Of EvilutionBESTIALIZED
52. 2017-05-15ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
53. 2017-03-27BLOOD FEASTWho Prays For The DevilThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
54. 2017-01-30Crurifragium03 Unfurl the Banners of EvilBeasts of the Temple of SatanInvictus Productions
55. 2017-01-23Bestial MockerySatans DevilsawGospel of the InsaneRed Stream
56. 2017-01-02Among the DecayedEvilution Pt. 1Dead RisingWormblud
57. 2016-12-26Diamond HeadAm I EvilBorrowed Timemca
58. 2016-10-03NIGHT DEMON03 Ancient EvilNight Demon (TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
59. 2016-07-11Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
60. 2016-07-11KalmahEvil in YouSwamplordCentury Media
61. 2016-06-06AralluEvil Has No Boundaries (Slayer Cover)Satanic War in Jerusalemraven_music
62. 2016-05-23MystifierAn Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper's Prayer BookWiccaGreyhaze Records
63. 2016-04-18Agent SteelEvil Eye/Evil MindsSkeptics Apocalypsecombat
64. 2016-04-18OnslaughtLord of EvilPower From Hellcombat
65. 2016-04-18Razorevil invadersEvil Invadersvyper
66. 2016-03-28AcheronEvil DeadA Tribute To Hell -Satanic Rites- - Disc 2
67. 2016-03-28Dreaded SilenceThe Devil's VerseThe Last Vestige Of HopeSelf-Released
68. 2016-02-08CARACH ANGRENKilled and Served by the DevilThis is No Fairy TaleSeason of Mist
69. 2015-12-07KaothicSon of EvilLights & ShadowsXtreem Music
70. 2015-11-30DIAVOLOS03 Hail All EvilYou Lived, Now Die (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
71. 2015-11-02Mercyful FateEvilMelissamegaforce
72. 2015-11-02OnslaughtLord of EvilPower From Hellcombat
73. 2015-10-26The AccusedDevil Woman (Cliff Richard Cover)More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
74. 2015-08-03DeiphagoEvil And AdverseInto The Eye Of Satanhells_headbangers
75. 2015-07-20AmaymonEvil Prevails, The RaptureSplit CD
76. 2015-06-15GirlschoolRace With The DevilHit And Runstiff
77. 2015-03-23MorgothGod Is EvilUngodcenturymedia
78. 2015-03-02Krhoma DeathEvil GhostGrating Into Corpse
79. 2015-02-23CemetaryAn Evil Shade Of GreyAn Evil Shade Of GreyBlack Mark
80. 2015-02-23AralluEvil has no boundariesSatanic War in Jerusalemraven_music
81. 2015-01-19AmbossTemples Of EvilThose Who Have Lost The Right To Exist
82. 2015-01-19Cemetery LustDevils Grave DisturbanceOrgies Of Abominationhells_headbangers
83. 2014-12-08NervochaosThe Devil's WorkThe Art Of Vengeancegreyhaze
84. 2014-12-01DismemberBeyond Good and EvilHate Campaignnuclearblast
85. 2014-12-01Decimation08 - Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked ZiggurReign Of Ungodly Creationcomatose
86. 2014-12-01WitchtrapThe Devil's On The LooseSplit - Nunslaughter/Witchtraphells_headbangers
87. 2014-08-25MorgothGod Is EvilGod Is Evilcenturymedia
88. 2014-08-11DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
89. 2014-07-14DeicideOblivious To EvilDeicideroadrunner
90. 2014-05-26TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black Wtih DevilsThe Formulas Of DeathAjna
91. 2014-05-12Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
92. 2014-04-28WarlockTouch Of EvilTriumph and Agonymercury
93. 2014-03-31Fromthe DepthsLive like an Angel (die like a devil)Various Artists - In The Sign Of The Horns: A TRibute To Venomdwell
94. 2014-02-17Sentinel BeastEvil Is The NightDepths Of Deathmetalblade
95. 2014-02-17AtanatosOutbreak Of EvilVarious Artists - Homage To The Gods: A Tribute To Sodom
96. 2014-02-10DraconianDevil's MoonIn Glorious Victorynapalm
97. 2014-02-03Barren WombEvil PrevailsThe Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chickenspartan
98. 2014-01-13SanctorumEvil Has no BoundariesVarious Artists - Gateway to Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
99. 2014-01-06TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black Wtih DevilsThe Formulas Of DeathAjna
100. 2013-12-23DeicideOblivious To EvilDeicideearache
101. 2013-12-09GraveborneRoot Of EvilThrough The Window Of The Nightseance
102. 2013-12-09Nocternal GravesThrough The Devil's Flesh... From The Bloodline of Cainhells_headbangers
103. 2013-11-04GravewurmThe Evil WithinInfernal Minionshells_headbangers
104. 2013-10-07NoctumResurrected In EvilFinal Sacrificemetalblade
105. 2013-09-16SodomDevil's AttackVictim Of Death (demo)
106. 2013-09-09PentagramEvil SeedDay Of Reckoningnapalm
107. 2013-08-26WatainSleepless EvilThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
108. 2013-08-26Void Meditation CultAll Of The Devil's TempleSulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darknesshells_headbangers
109. 2013-08-19TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black Wtih DevilsThe Formulas Of DeathAjna
110. 2013-07-29RazorEvil InvadersEvil Invadersvyper
111. 2013-07-15At The GatesSouls of the Evil DepartedAt the Gates/Grotesquecenturymedia
112. 2013-06-03SlayerEvil Has no BoundariesVarious Artists - Speed Metalmetalblade
113. 2013-04-22DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
114. 2013-03-18DestruktorFight like the DevilNuclear Stormhells_headbangers
115. 2013-03-04IncantationEnchantment Of EvilOnward to Golgotharelapse
116. 2013-02-25TyranusOutbreak Of EvilOpen Gravecharred_bones
117. 2013-02-04GalernaDevil's CrossThe Abysshorror_pain_gore_death
118. 2013-02-04Ancient VVisdomFar Beyond Good & EvilDeathlikeprosthetic
119. 2013-01-21Dark FuneralEnriched By EvilVobiscum Satanasno_fashion
120. 2012-12-31Hooded MenaceEffigies Of EvilEffigies Of Evilrelapse
121. 2012-12-24Hail Spirit NoirLet Your Devil Cum InsidePneuma
122. 2012-11-12DeathhammerTo The EvilOnward To The Pitshells_headbangers
123. 2012-11-05ForbiddenForbidden EvilForbidden Evilcombat
124. 2012-10-15Forgotten Tomb...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil......And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
125. 2012-10-01Hooded MenaceEffigies Of EvilEffigies Of Evilrelapse
126. 2012-09-24WhiplashEssence Of EvilInsult to Injureroadracer
127. 2012-09-17Infera BruoThe Devil's EyesInfera Bruoself-released
128. 2012-08-20MortilleryEvil RemainsMurder Death Killnapalm
129. 2012-07-09MantasEvil DeadDeath By Metalrelapse
130. 2012-07-09MasterRedirect The EvilThe New Elitepulverised
131. 2012-07-02ForbiddenForbidden EvilForbidden Evilcombat
132. 2012-05-28Judas PriestA Touch Of EvilPainkiller
133. 2012-04-23Mercyful FateEvilMelissamegaforce
134. 2012-04-09And OceansAphid: Devil Flower: Fruit of LunacyCyphercenturymedia
135. 2012-01-16CarnageInfestation Of EvilDark Recolations
136. 2011-12-12PentacleA Devil's Shooting GalleryUnder the Black Crossibexmoon
137. 2011-12-05Glorior BelliThey Call Me Black DevilThe Great Southern Darknessmetalblade
138. 2011-11-21AbattoirStronger Than EvilVicious Attackcombat
139. 2011-10-31And OceansAphid: Devil Flower: Fruit of LunacyCyphercenturymedia
140. 2011-10-17Glorior BelliThey Call Me Black DevilThe Great Southern Darknessmetalblade
141. 2011-10-10Remembering NeverWhite Devil
142. 2011-08-15The CrownThe Devil And The DarknessHell is Heremetalblade
143. 2011-08-15BehritAs The Devil's ChurnsAt The Devils Studio 1990hells_headbangers
144. 2011-07-11Dimmu BorgirDevil's PathPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropianuclearblast
145. 2011-07-04ExodusDeliver Us To EvilBonded By Bloodcombat
146. 2011-06-06SlayerEvil Has no BoundariesShow No Mercymetalblade
147. 2011-05-16Electric WizardPatterns Of EvilBlack Massesmetalblade
148. 2011-05-02DismemberBeyond Good and EvilHate Campaignnuclearblast
149. 2011-04-18Enfold DarknessIn the Galliers Of The Utmost EvilOur Cursed Rapturesumerian
150. 2011-03-21BehexenWhere the Devil SpokeBehexen/Satatic Warmaster Splithammer_of_hate
151. 2011-02-28Electric WizardPatterns Of EvilBlack Massesmetalblade
152. 2011-01-10DestructorPounding EvilMaximum Destructionauburn
153. 2011-01-03Dodheimsgard21st Century DevilSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
154. 2010-12-27The Royal Arch BlasphemeSeven Devils Of EjaculationThe Royal Arch Blasphemehells_headbangers
155. 2010-11-15Dies IreaIncarnation Of EvilThe Sin Warmetalblade
156. 2010-11-08Black AnvilThe Evil Of All RootsTriumviraterelapse
157. 2010-10-25DawnbringerThe DevilNucleusprofound_lore
158. 2010-10-04Heaven and HellLady Evilradio city music hall live 2007rhino
159. 2010-09-20SanctorumEvil Has no BoundariesVarious Artists - Gateway to Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
160. 2010-09-06ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles in the Northosmose
161. 2010-07-19Ov HellDevil's HarlotThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
162. 2010-06-21And OceansAphid: Devil Flower: Fruit of LunacyCyphercenturymedia
163. 2010-05-31MidvinterHope Rides On Devil's WingsAt the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragondeath
164. 2010-04-19TyranusOutbreak Of EvilOpen Gravecharred_bones
165. 2010-04-19SodomOutbreak Of Evilin the Sign of Evilmetalblade
166. 2010-04-12Pure EvilPure EvilChapter III - Dedicationhammer_of_hate
167. 2010-03-22SlayerEvil Has no BoundariesShow No Mercymetalblade
168. 2009-12-28Cryptic WarningInternally ReviledInternally Reviledself-released
169. 2009-12-21DestructorPounding EvilMaximum Destructionauburn
170. 2009-09-28Black AngelSlaves Of EvilBlack Angel/Black Empireold_cemetery
171. 2009-08-03BehexenWhere the Devil SpokeBehexen/Satatic Warmaster Splithammer_of_hate
172. 2009-07-27TankardMyEvilFartThirstafm
173. 2009-07-13CoffinsEvil intentionsSplit - Coffins/Otesanckkreation
174. 2009-03-02At The GatesSouls of the Evil DepartedAt the Gates/Grotesquecenturymedia
175. 2009-01-26Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
176. 2008-12-08OnslaughtLord of EvilPower From Hellcombat
177. 2008-07-14Merciless DeathEvil DarknessRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
178. 2008-06-30Merciless DeathEvil DarknessRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
179. 2008-06-23PentacleA Devil's Shooting GalleryUnder the Black Crossibexmoon
180. 2008-05-12Testamentthe Evil Has Landedthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
181. 2008-05-05KrotalusEvil IncarnateBlood Offeringsself-released
182. 2008-04-28Testamentthe Evil Has Landedthe Formation of Damnationnuclearblast
183. 2008-04-28Deicidewalk with the devil in dreams you beholdthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
184. 2008-04-21Children of BodomSmile Pretty for the DevilBlooddrunkspinefarm
185. 2008-01-07DestruktorFight like the DevilNuclear Stormhells_headbangers
186. 2008-01-07Hail HornetDevil's Houndself-titleddwell
187. 2007-12-10Deicidewalk with the devil in dreams you beholdthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
188. 2007-11-26GravewormTouch of EvilCollateral Defectnuclearblast
189. 2007-11-19SodomOutbreak of Evilin the Sign of Evilmetalblade
190. 2007-11-12PandemoniumYou Evils WaysThe Killmetalblade
191. 2007-10-15ObituaryEvil WaysXecutioner's Returncandlelight
192. 2007-08-20ObituaryEvil WaysXecutioner's Returncandlelight
193. 2007-08-13DestruktorFight like the DevilNuclear Stormhells_headbangers
194. 2007-07-16SighMe-DevilHangman's Hymnend
195. 2007-05-21Cryptic WarningInternally ReviledSanity's Aberationself-released
196. 2007-05-21razorevil invaders
197. 2007-05-14FleshlessEvil OdiumGrind Godobscene
198. 2007-05-07Grim Reaperfear no evil
199. 2007-04-30destructorPounding Evil
200. 2007-04-09clutchthe devil and me
201. 2007-04-02Emmuresleeping princess in Devil's CastleGoodbye To The Gallowsvictory
202. 2007-03-26Exciterevil sinner
203. 2007-03-26destructorPounding Evil
204. 2007-03-19Lord Belialbelial - northern prince of evil
205. 2007-03-12Emmuresleeping princess in Devil's CastleGoodbye To The Gallowsvictory
206. 2007-02-19the cursedevil, in the bag
207. 2007-01-01belphegorchants for the devil
208. 2006-11-13satanhear evil see evil speak evil
209. 2006-11-06Lord Beliallord of evil spirits
210. 2006-11-06Troublefear no evil
211. 2006-10-09deicidewalk with the devil in dreams you beholdthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
212. 2006-09-11deicidewalk with the devil in dreams you beholdthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
213. 2006-08-07motorheaddevil i know
214. 2006-06-05dimmu borgirspellbound by the devil
215. 2006-04-03wasteformcrushing the reviled
216. 2006-02-27remembering neverwhite devil
217. 2006-02-13bitchslicerevil awakening
218. 2006-01-02the berzerkerburn in evil
219. 2005-12-05at the gatessouls of evil departed
220. 2005-11-07Drowningmanjohn cougar melloncamp is the white devil
221. 2005-10-10the Bannerdevilhawks
222. 2005-09-26dimmu borgirdevil's path
223. 2005-07-04Cryptic WarningInternally ReviledSanity's Aberationself-released
224. 2005-06-27carnalinfestation of evil
225. 2005-03-14Mercyful Fateevil
226. 2005-01-01Deathamphetaminewhite devil
227. 2004-11-15satanhear evil, see evil , speak evil
228. 2004-11-01internal bleedinginvocation of evil
229. 2004-10-18Nocturnal Ritesthe devil's child
230. 2004-09-27cataractgodevil
231. 2004-09-06with dead hands risingcorey feldman as the devil
232. 2004-04-26satanhear evil, see evil, speak evil
233. 2004-03-29born of thornsdeviltress
234. 2004-03-15born of thornsdeviltress
235. 2004-02-23kalopsiasource of my evil
236. 2004-01-19Shadows Fallrevil in my loss
237. 2003-12-15kalopsiasource of my evil
238. 2003-12-08misfitsdevils whorehouse
239. 2003-10-13grimfistlesser of two evils
240. 2003-09-29dies iraeincarnation of evil
241. 2003-09-29grimfistlesser of the evils
242. 2003-08-12Lamb of Goda devil in god's country
243. 2003-08-12Usurpershe devil
244. 2003-05-13SatanHear evil, see evil, speak evil
245. 2003-04-29Lamb of GodDevil in God's Country
246. 2003-02-18At the GatesSouls of the Evil Departed
247. 2003-01-28DismemberBeyond Good and Evil
248. 2003-01-28Dies IraeIncarnation of Evil
249. 2002-11-26Dies IraeIncarnation of Evil
250. 2002-10-15Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
251. 2002-09-24Melecheshdevil's night
252. 2002-09-03KrisiunObssesseion by Evil Force
253. 2002-06-04At the GatesSouls of the Evil Departed
254. 2002-05-21Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
255. 2002-05-14Lord BelialLord of Evil Spirits
256. 2002-04-02Dark FuneralEvil Prevail
257. 2002-03-19AralluEvil has no boundaries
258. 2002-03-05AvengerKoreny Zla (Roots of Evil)
259. 2002-03-05AralluJewish Devil!
260. 2002-03-05AvengerKoreny Zla (Roots of Evil)
261. 2002-03-05AralluJewish Devil!
262. 2002-01-08Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
263. 2002-01-08DiabolicAll Evils Inside
264. 2001-12-25PerverseraphUprisal of Evil
265. 2001-11-06KrisiunEvil Gods Havoc
266. 2001-10-026L6Uprisal of Evil
267. 2001-10-02Napalm DeathNecessary Evil
268. 2001-08-07KrisiunEvil God's Havoc
269. 2001-08-07KrisiunEvil God's Havoc
270. 2001-07-31Old Man\'s ChildMy Evil Revelations
271. 2001-07-31Old Man\'s ChildMy Evil Revelations
272. 2001-06-19Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
273. 2001-06-05Napalm DeathNecessary Evil
274. 2001-04-10Opera IXCarnal Delight in the Vortex of Evil
275. 2001-04-03Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
276. 2001-04-03KrisiunMeanest Evil
277. 2000-12-12MystifierCive a Human Devil his Due
278. 2000-12-12MystifierCive a Human Devil his Due
279. 2000-11-14SlayerEvil Has no Boundaries
280. 2000-11-14SlayerEvil Has no Boundaries
281. 2000-10-17SodomOutbreak of Evil
282. 2000-10-17On SlaughtLord of Evil
283. 2000-10-17SodomOutbreak of Evil
284. 2000-10-17On SlaughtLord of Evil
285. 2000-10-03MystifierGive the Human Devil his Due
286. 2000-10-03SanctorumEvil Has no Boundaries
287. 2000-09-25Cradle of FilthRed Roses fot he Devil's Whore
288. 2000-09-25Fromthe DepthsLive like an Angel (die like a devil)
289. 2000-09-04Opera IXCarnal Delight in the Vortex of Evil
290. 2000-08-07ThyraneDevil Messiah
291. 2000-08-07Opera IXCarnal Delight in the Vortex of Evil
292. 2000-07-17ExmurtenCreation of Evil
293. 2000-07-17ExmurtenCreation of Evil
294. 2000-06-19KrisiunEvil Mastermind
295. 2000-05-29FleshlessEvil OdiumGrind Godobscene
296. 2000-05-22HammerfallRun with the Devil
297. 2000-04-10ExodusDeliver us to Evil
298. 2000-03-27SatyriconPrime Evil Renaissance
299. 2000-02-28Dimmu BorgirSpell bound by the Devil
300. 2000-02-21DismemberBeyond Good and Evil
301. 2000-02-07Lord BelialLord of Evil Spirits
302. 2000-01-03MyrkskogA Macabre Fanfare to the Devil
303. 2000-01-03NaglfarDiabolical- the Devil's Child
304. 1999-09-27MyrkskogA Macabre Fanfare to the Devil
305. 1999-08-02Dimmu BorgirSpellbound by the devil
306. 1999-08-02MLTKKDevil does drugs
307. 1999-07-12Immolationthe Devil I know
308. 1999-06-28KMFDMEvil (blood mix)
309. 1999-06-28Cradle of Filththe Pronciples of Evil Made Flesh
310. 1999-06-28SODBigger than the Devil
311. 1999-05-10S.O.D.Bigger than the Devil
312. 1999-05-04My Life with the Thrill Kill KultDevil does drugs
313. 1999-04-13DanzigBlack Acid Devil
314. 1999-04-13NalgfarDiabolical - the Devil's Child
315. 1999-04-06NaglfarDiabolical - the Devil's Child
316. 1999-03-22Fear FActory{0-0} where the Devil Dwells
317. 1997-11-24Idiot FleshTeen Devil
318. 1997-11-17Idiot FleshTeen Devil's
319. 1997-11-10Idiot Fleshteen Devil
320. 1997-07-14Dimmu BorgirSpellbound (by the devil)
321. 1997-05-12MisfitsDevil's Whore house
322. 1997-03-17Cradle of FilthA gothic Romace (red roses for the devil's whore)
323. 1997-01-06Wisebloodoo (where evil dweels)
324. 1996-10-07TreeRunning with the Devil
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