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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1222 playlist up with 51985 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-07-26AmmitPact With The Devil And EmptyExtreme Speed Satan
2. 2021-07-05AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDRENAAFCC - ETERNAL - 05 - This Small Space You Occupied Is So Empty NowEternalWickerman Records
3. 2021-05-10Tankard(Empty) TankardHair of the Dog
4. 2021-02-15Aiming High (GER)Empty EyesGeraldine The Witch [2014 Reissue]
5. 2020-11-30Extirpation03 Labyrinth of Empty CageA Damnation's Stairway to the Altar of FailureRedefining Darkness Records
6. 2020-08-17SoullessEmpty DeadnessAgony's Lament
7. 2019-09-23ConvergeEmpty On The InsideAll We Love We Leave BehindEpitaph Records
8. 2019-06-24Od'SaheIn the Embrace ov the EmptynessPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
9. 2018-04-23SeduceEmpty ArmsToo Much Ain't EnoughI.R.S. Records
10. 2018-04-16Wage of Sin, TheEmpty Heart SyndromeA Mistaken Belief in ForeverImmigrant Sun
11. 2018-03-19The CarrierEmpty WordsOne Year LaterRock Vegas Records
12. 2017-10-23BARBARIAN03 Cult of the Empty GraveCult of the Empty Grave (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
13. 2017-03-13From the Sunset, Forest and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten......Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
14. 2015-09-14The SwordEmpty TemplesHigh Countryrazor & tie
15. 2015-04-06NightwishYours Is An Empty HopeEndless Forms Most Beautifulnuclearblast
16. 2015-02-16MeltgsnowEmpty SkyBlack Penancepulverised
17. 2014-12-15DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
18. 2014-06-02ConvergeEmpty On The InsideAll We Love We Leave Behindepitaph
19. 2014-02-17Saint VitusJust Friends (Empty Love)Hallow's Victim
20. 2013-12-23Corrosion of ConformityDirty Hands Empty Pockets (Already Gone)In The Arms Of Godsanctury
21. 2013-12-23From The Sunset, Forest, and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten......Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
22. 2012-12-17DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
23. 2012-12-10ConvergeEmpty On The InsideAll We Love We Leave Behindepitaph
24. 2012-11-12ConvergeEmpty On The InsideAll We Love We Leave Behindepitaph
25. 2012-04-02Dry HeaveEmpty MemoriesThe Giftfrequency_deleted
26. 2012-03-19DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
27. 2011-10-17The BodyEmptyself-titledcorleone
28. 2010-11-29DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
29. 2010-07-05Morbid CarnageEmpty GravesNight Assassinspulverised
30. 2010-05-03Morbid CarnageEmpty GravesNight Assassinspulverised
31. 2009-11-23Nights Like TheseEmpty LungsSunlike at Secondhandvictory
32. 2009-09-21the CarrierEmpty WordsOne Year Laterdeathwishinc
33. 2009-06-22the CarrierEmpty WordsOne Year Laterdeathwishinc
34. 2009-06-22DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
35. 2009-05-18the Red DeathBefore an Empty ThroneEternal Frames of Referencemetalblade
36. 2009-03-02Napalm DeathProcrastination on the Empty VesselTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
37. 2009-02-23For The WorseEmpty Threatsblood, guns, guts, going nutsbridge9
38. 2008-10-27Nights Like TheseEmpty LungsSunlike at Secondhandvictory
39. 2007-12-24Divinity DestroyedEmpty the SkyEden in Ashesscreaming_ferret
40. 2007-12-10ArsonMy Empty GraveLacerate the Skyresurrection_ad
41. 2007-04-23Dark TranquillityEmpty me
42. 2006-12-11DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
43. 2006-06-05DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
44. 2006-03-27bleeding throughtragedy of empty streets
45. 2006-01-16Paths of Possessionwhen the empty gods lie
46. 2005-10-24Paths of Possessionwhere the empty gods lie
47. 2005-05-23the Red Deathbefore an empty throne
48. 2005-05-16the Red Deathbefore an empty throne
49. 2005-04-11Into the Moatempty shell
50. 2005-02-28Into the Moatempty shell
51. 2005-02-14the wage of sinempty heart sndrome
52. 2004-12-13the wage of sinempty heart syndrome
53. 2004-06-14DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
54. 2003-08-1913 winterscold, dark and empty
55. 2003-02-11The Acacia Strainkilling on empty
56. 2001-12-04NephasthEmpty Holy Reaching
57. 2001-11-06EmperorEmpty
58. 1996-09-09AnthrophobiaWreck me (empty)
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