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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1161 playlist up with 49554 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-13TOXODEATH04 Visit Of The DeadMysteries
2. 2020-07-06MortificationRotting DeadDemo 1989
3. 2020-05-25DismemberTrail of the DeadGod That Never WasCandlelight Records
4. 2020-05-25MolestedStalk the Dead
5. 2020-05-11the_NetworkPlay DeadThis Is Your Pig's PortraitMetal Blade/Blackmarket Activitie
6. 2020-05-11GravewormPortrait Of A Deadly NightmareAs The Angel Reach The Beauty
7. 2020-05-04Cirith UngolBetter off DeadCirith Ungol (Demo)
8. 2020-03-16SplatterhouseBaptizing the DeadThe House That Dead Built
9. 2020-03-02HateHoly Dead TrinityCain's Way
10. 2020-02-17December WolvesTime Flies When You Wish You Were DeadCompletely Dehumanized
11. 2020-02-17ORDER OF ISAZOrder of Isaz - 08 Spirit (Dead Can Dance cover)Seven Years of FamineSeason of Mist
12. 2020-02-10RompepropDeadmanRompepropBizarre Leprous Productions
13. 2020-02-10UnanimatedIn The Forest Of The Dreaming DeadFire Storm (Demo)
14. 2020-01-06VaticanCognition Rendered DeadSole Impulse
15. 2019-12-23Goatblood04 Beach Of The DeadApparition of DoomsdayDunkelheit Produktionen
16. 2019-12-23EnslavedDeadhymn/ DandnigekvidaMardraumSeason of Mist
17. 2019-12-02FESTERDAYDreaming For The DeadiihtallanSeason of Mist
18. 2019-11-25Dizastra03 - Dead ov NightElder SunSelf-Released
19. 2019-11-25Soul RemnantsDead Black (Heart Of Ice)Black And Blood
20. 2019-11-18MartyrdödIn the Dead of NightHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
21. 2019-11-18PsychoDead On A MountainTransvaginal MessAx/cTION Records
22. 2019-11-18CARACH ANGREN05 Song For The DeadDance and Laugh Amongst the RottenSeason of Mist
23. 2019-11-04necrosanct6.Undeath Dead and Dyingex-iternity
24. 2019-11-04DysenteryDevourer of the DeadExcruciatingly Euphoric TormentAmputated Vein Records
25. 2019-11-04BENIGHTEDCollection of Dead PortraitsBrutalive the SickSeason of Mist
26. 2019-11-04ABBATH05 Count the DeadABBATHSeason Of Mist
27. 2019-11-04MisfitsNight of the Living DeadMisfits Compilation III
28. 2019-10-14VeinOld Data in a Dead MachineErrorzone
29. 2019-10-14CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX01 Dead Imperial BastardBronzeSeason Of Mist
30. 2019-10-07MinenwerferDragging the Dead Through Mountain PassesAlpenpässePurity Through Fire
31. 2019-09-30KhorsDead Birds ValleyNight Falls Onto the Front of OursPlastic Head (Soulfood)
32. 2019-09-30EntrailsIn the Shape of the DeadRise of the ReaperMetal Blade Records
33. 2019-09-23RamallahDead Girls and Dead Boys AnthemThe Last Gasp Of Street Rock N RollSailor's Grave Records
34. 2019-09-16WHITE WARD3 - Dead Heart ConfessionLove Exchange FailureDebemur Morti Productions
35. 2019-08-26NecrotRather Be DeadBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
36. 2019-08-19WargasmUndeadWhy Play Around?
37. 2019-07-29Bombs of HadesSlaughter the DeadCarnivores 7" EPBlood Harvest
38. 2019-07-22TurmoilPlaying DeadListen or Pose (Abacus Records spring 2005)Abacus Recordings
39. 2019-07-153 Inches of BloodDeadly SinnersAdvance and VanquishRoadrunner Records
40. 2019-07-01CIANIDEDead and RottingGods of DeathHells Headbangers Records
41. 2019-07-01DefleshedProud to Be DeadFast ForwardCrash Music, Inc.
42. 2019-07-01Through the Eyes of the DeadThrough the Eyes of the Dead - Abyssal CreationThe Annihilation of Expectation Split Through the Eyes of the Dead & The Knife Trade
43. 2019-07-01OPERA IXDead tree balladStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
44. 2019-07-01AVULSED111 Devourer of the DeadNight of the Living DeathgenerationsXtreem Music
45. 2019-06-24UlcerateDead OceansThe Destroyers of All
46. 2019-05-20UnleashedDead ForeverIn the Eyes of DeathCentury Media
47. 2019-05-20NileI Whisper in the Ear of the DeadIn Their Darkened ShrinesRelapse Records
48. 2019-04-29Beneath the MassacreRegurgitated Lullaby for the Born DeadEvidence of InequityGaly Records
49. 2019-04-29RingwormDead to MeDeath Becomes My VoiceRelapse Records
50. 2019-04-15MegadethWake Up DeadWake Up Deadcapitol
51. 2019-04-01IngestedBetter off DeadThe Level Above Human
52. 2019-03-18GorgutsConsidered Dead (Demo 1991)Demo Anthology
53. 2019-02-18Immortal SufferingDawn of the DeadInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
54. 2019-02-18Knocked LooseDeadringerLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
55. 2019-02-18VeinOld Data in a Dead MachineErrorzone
57. 2019-01-14COUGHDead Among the RosesStill They PrayRelapse Records
58. 2018-12-31MortuaryDead LifeShine Of The End
59. 2018-12-31UlcerrhoeaMaggots In Your Flesh [Dead Infection cover]Rise For The Downfall
60. 2018-12-31Forgotten TombYou Can't Kill Whos Already DeadUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
61. 2018-12-10ZUDThundercats Don't Play DeadA Wilderness Left UntamedBogus Renditions Records
62. 2018-12-10ImpaledWe Belong DeadMondo MedicaleDeath Vomit Records
63. 2018-11-26Quo VadisDead Man's DiaryDefiant Imagination
64. 2018-11-26GrogDawn Of The Living DeadMacabre RequiemsHelldprod Records
65. 2018-10-29HrizgThe Mystery Of The Dead StarsSoterionMoribund Records
66. 2018-10-22GhoulLife of the Living DeadSplatterthrashRazorback Records
67. 2018-10-15Dark AngelHunger of the UndeadDarkness Descendscombat
68. 2018-09-10DealbreakerDead EndReflectionsSelf-Released
69. 2018-08-06GENERAL SURGERYDeadhouseA Collection of Depravation (Radio Promo - ADDS 3/20)Relapse Records
70. 2018-07-30CEMETERY URNDown The Path Of The DeadBarbaric Retribution (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
71. 2018-07-30LeukorrheaDigesting The DeadBreeding Salvationprimative
72. 2018-07-02HiraxVictims of the DeadImmortal Legacy
73. 2018-05-07GatecreeperDead InsideIron Reagan & Gatecreeper- SplitRelapse records
74. 2018-05-07ZUDThundercats Don't Play DeadA Wilderness Left UntamedBogus Renditions Records
75. 2018-04-16IntermentRise Of The DeadScent Of The BuriedDark Descent Records
76. 2018-04-09Light The TorchRaise The DeadRevivalNuclear Blast Records
77. 2018-04-09DeicideDead by DawnAt Death's Door
78. 2018-03-19God ForbidDead Words on Deaf EarsDeterminationCentury Media Records
79. 2018-02-26TroublePray for the DeadThe Skull, Disc 1Escapi Music
80. 2018-02-12ConvergeDeadPetitioning the Empty Sky
81. 2018-02-05Creation's Enddead nationspeak out and be heard
82. 2018-01-29Slagduster06 Slagduster -.On All Fours - Deadweight - 2017DeadweightWaterlow Audio Records
83. 2018-01-22Acid BathDead GirlPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)Rotten Records
84. 2018-01-22BloodbathBuried by the DeadResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
85. 2018-01-01In DeathKing of the DeadpoolThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
86. 2018-01-01Cut UpBehead the DeadWherever They May RotMetal Blade Records
87. 2017-12-18GutrotTeabagging the DeadExcruciatingly Euphoric TormentAmputated Vein Records
88. 2017-12-18ConvergeDeadPetitioning the Empty Sky
89. 2017-12-18BLACK SHEEP WALLTetsuo The Dead ManI'm Going to Kill MyselfSeason of Mist
90. 2017-11-27SatanicProcessing The UndeadArchitecture of ChaosBrutal Records
91. 2017-11-27Macabre DemiseBraindead Flesh Eating BastardDead Eyes
92. 2017-11-27UlcerateDead OceansThe Destroyers of AllRelapse Records
93. 2017-11-13Type O NegativeEveryone I Love Is DeadWorld Coming DownRoadrunner Records
94. 2017-11-13AyatEvery time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down deadCarry on, CarrionMoribund Records
95. 2017-11-06Hooded MenaceIn The Dead We DwellEffigies Of Evilrelapse
96. 2017-11-06TNTDeadly MetalKnights of New ThunderPolygram
97. 2017-10-16CarnivoreGod Is DeadCarnivoreroadrunner
98. 2017-10-09ImpaledDead AliveDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
99. 2017-10-09NocturnusUndead JourneyThe KeyEarache
100. 2017-10-09SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons In The Abyss
101. 2017-10-09Cut UpDead and ImpaledForensic NightmaresMetal Blade Records
102. 2017-10-02Pulling TeethDead is DeadMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
103. 2017-09-11DeceasedCalifornia Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys)Cadaver Traditions - CD1Hells Headbangers Records
104. 2017-09-04Cardinal WyrmThe Resonant DeadCast Away SoulsSvart Records
105. 2017-08-28Bane of ExistenceSolace in the Arms of the DeadHumanity's. Splintered. Salvation
106. 2017-08-14PhobiaDead NazisReturn to Desolation
107. 2017-08-14In DeathKing of the DeadpoolThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
108. 2017-08-07OPERA IXDead tree balladStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
109. 2017-07-24HORRIFIC04 Dead At MidnightYour Worst Nightmare (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
110. 2017-07-17MisfitsNight of the Living DeadMisfits Compilation III
111. 2017-07-17AVULSED111 Devourer of the DeadNight of the Living DeathgenerationsXtreem Music
112. 2017-07-03Ancient WrathThe dead ones dream eternallyDarkness upon the face of the depthBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
113. 2017-05-29SiegeDrop DeadDrop DeadRelapse
114. 2017-05-29HypnosiaUndeadViolent insanity [EP]
115. 2017-05-29Slagduster03 Slagduster - Profane Puppet - Deadweight - 2017DeadweightWaterlow Audio Records
116. 2017-05-29OmnizideThe Return of the Loving DeadNekroRegimeDaemon Worship Productions
117. 2017-05-22BrodequinLake of the DeadFestival of DeathUnmatched Brutality Records
118. 2017-05-08Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DeadShadowlandCentury Media
119. 2017-05-08WalpyrgusDead GirlsWalpyrgus NightsCruz Del Sur Music
120. 2017-05-08NecromessiahDead or AliveThe Last Hope Of Humanity (P18R 063)
121. 2017-04-17WatchmakerConquering a Dead PlanetErased from the Memory of ManEarache
122. 2017-03-27EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected from the Grave (Demo Collection)Metal Blade Records
123. 2017-03-20Government WarningWalking DeadNo Way Out EP
124. 2017-03-06MangledPsychodeadIn Emptiness...
125. 2017-03-06Mist, TheDrop DeadGottverlassenPavement Music
126. 2017-02-27Insect WarfareDead InsideWorld ExterminationEarache
127. 2017-02-27AntropomorphiaMurmur ov the DeadSermon ov WrathMetal Blade Records
128. 2017-02-20Violation WoundDead End GazeViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
129. 2017-01-16DysenteryDevourer of the DeadInternal DevastationComatose Music
130. 2017-01-16Rotting OutDead To MeStreet Prowl
131. 2017-01-09TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHEDDead Body Of GodCosmoprismI, Voidhanger Records
132. 2016-12-19Frosthelm05 Beneath Dead HorizonsThe Endless WinterBlack Work
133. 2016-12-19ConvergeDead BeatAxe to FallEpitaph Records
134. 2016-12-12SIREDead In The Eyes Of GodEvocation Of The Serpent
135. 2016-11-14Primogenorum03 Dead Calls My NameDamned Hearts in the Abyss of MadnessForever Plagued Records
136. 2016-10-10Blood of the GodsThe Dead Will WalkThe Shadow
137. 2016-10-03Void Meditation CultUtter The Tongue Of The DeadUtter The Tongue Of The DeadHells Headbangers Records
138. 2016-09-12GraveLiving the Dead BehindAs Rapture ComesCentury Media Records
139. 2016-08-15BotchDead For a MinuteAmerican Nervosohydrahead
140. 2016-08-15Ion DissonancePlay Dead...and I'll Play AlongSolaceAbacus
141. 2016-08-01FormacideDead ManFormacide
142. 2016-08-01Agony ColumnDead by DawnGod, Guns & GutsBig Chief
143. 2016-07-18NocturnusUndead JourneyThe Science of HorrorNuclear War Now Productions
144. 2016-07-04UnanimatedIn The Forest Of The Dreaming DeadIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Deadregain
145. 2016-07-04At the GatesClaws of Laughter DeadThe Red in the Sky Is OursPeaceville Records
146. 2016-06-13DisfearDeadweightLive the StormRelapse Records
147. 2016-06-13Disfigured DeadDead But WalkingVisions of DeathHells Headbangers Records
148. 2016-06-06NUKE03 Marching UndeadNuke (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
149. 2016-05-23HemdaleI Am DeadRad Jackson
150. 2016-05-09NUNSLAUGHTERIf the Dead Could SpeakThe Devils Congeries Vol. 1 (2CD)Hells Headbangers Records
151. 2016-04-04DeicideDead by DawnAmonRoadrunner Records
152. 2016-03-28Pulling TeethBasically DeadMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
153. 2016-03-28AcheronEvil DeadA Tribute To Hell -Satanic Rites- - Disc 2
154. 2016-03-28AutopsyDead HoleActs of the UnspeakablePeaceville Records
155. 2016-03-21AntropomorphiABirth Through DeadNecromantic Love SongsMetal Blade Records
156. 2016-03-14BloodbathFeeding The UndeadNightmares Made Flesh
157. 2016-02-08PhantasmKeeper of the DeadLycanthropy
158. 2016-02-01Pig DestroyerDead CarnationsTerrifyer, Disc 1Relapse Records
159. 2016-01-18Morbus ChronThe Hallucinating DeadSleepers In The RiftPulverised Records
160. 2016-01-04Carnivore03 God is DeadLamour Brooklyn NY 3-1-1986
161. 2015-12-21Acid ReignRespect The DeadMoshkinsteincombat
162. 2015-12-07Cannibal CorpseUnite the DeadGallery of SuicideMetal Blade Records
163. 2015-12-07Autopsy03. The Howling DeadTourniquets, Hacksaws and GravesPeaceville Records
164. 2015-11-23DodsferdThe Dead Have No Speech For...Wastes Of Lifemoribund
165. 2015-11-09DysmorficBeating The DeadWarsore/Dysmorfic
166. 2015-11-02SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
167. 2015-10-26GhoulWe Came for the DeadWe Came for the Deadrazorback
168. 2015-10-12ExhumedDead To The Worldsplit - Exhumed/Iron Reagan
169. 2015-10-05MorticianIsland of the DeadChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
170. 2015-09-28ExciterRising Of The DeadThe New Testament
171. 2015-09-21DeceasedDoomed By The Living Dead (Mercyful Fate)Cadaver Traditionshells_headbangers
172. 2015-09-14DeicideDead but DreamingLegionroadrunner
173. 2015-08-31BaphometValley of the Deadthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
174. 2015-08-31Cannibal Corpsethe Undead Will FeastEaten Back to Lifemetalblade
175. 2015-08-31Ares KingdomThe Unburiable DeadThe Unburiable Deadnuclear_war_now
176. 2015-08-31MorticianLord Of The DeadChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
177. 2015-08-24The Hostage HeartDead Front Tooth (Live)Live At WUNH
178. 2015-08-24WargasmDead Man's SmileUglyMassacre
179. 2015-08-24NecropsyDead Inherit The LandBuried In The Woodsxtreem
180. 2015-08-10WhiplashRespect The DeadTicket To Mayhemroadracer
181. 2015-07-27BenightedCollection Of Dead PortraitsCarnivore Sublimeseason_of_mist
182. 2015-07-20SepulturaDead Embryonic CellsThe Roots of Sepulturaroadrunner
183. 2015-07-20SummoningThe Rotting Horse On The Deadly GroundStronghold
184. 2015-07-06Dead to FallYou're Already DeadVilliany and Virtuevictory
185. 2015-07-06TribulationIn The Dreams Of The DeadThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
186. 2015-06-22The HauntedBury Your DeadWarning Shotsearache
187. 2015-06-15Mortal DecayRevived Half DeadSickening Erotic Fanticismunique_leader
188. 2015-06-15DeathBorn DeadLeprosy (Re-issue)relapse
189. 2015-06-08PhantasmKeeper Of The DeadThe Abominable
190. 2015-04-06War MasterUndead WarmachineThrones Of Tyranny
191. 2015-04-06OmnizideDead PlanetDeath Metal Holocaustcarnal
192. 2015-03-30Electric WizardWe, The UndeadLet Us Preythe_music_cartel
193. 2015-03-30Comeback KidWake The DeadWake The Deadvictory
194. 2015-03-23HacavitzDeadreamDarkness Beyonddark_descent
195. 2015-03-02NevermoreAll Play DeadDreaming Neon Blackcenturymedia
196. 2015-03-02Infernal WarInto Dead SoilAxiomagonia
197. 2015-02-09Black Sheep WallTetsuo The Dead ManI'm Going To Kill Mysqlfseason_of_mist
198. 2015-01-12The MisfitsNight Of The Living DeadEviliveplan_9
199. 2015-01-05Metal ChurchKiss For The DeadMasterpiecespv
200. 2014-12-29MegadethWake Up DeadRude Awakening
201. 2014-12-29Deadwater DrowningBliss From A Dead Embraceepblackmarket_activities
202. 2014-12-29Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
203. 2014-12-22DeicideDead But DreamingLegionroadrunner
204. 2014-12-08Morbus ChronDead Body Pile NecrophileSleepers In The Riftpulverised
205. 2014-12-08EntrailsEaten By The DeadThe Tomb Awaitsmetalblade
206. 2014-12-01Into the MoatDead Before I StrayThe Designmetalblade
207. 2014-10-27NunslaughterBless The DeadSplit - Nunslaughter/Perversorhells_headbangers
208. 2014-09-29AminalsAn Introduction To Dead AirDEAD Airself-released
209. 2014-09-15Bolt ThrowerAnti-Tank (Dead Armour)Those Once Loyalmetalblade
210. 2014-09-08MethedrasDead MemoriesSystem Subversion
211. 2014-09-01MotherboarDead By DawnRaise The Death Tollself-released
212. 2014-09-01AbortedSurprise You're Dead!Slaughtered & Apparatus : A Methodical Overturecenturymedia
213. 2014-09-01Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
214. 2014-08-18Blood SimpleDead Man WalkingRed Harvestroadrunner
215. 2014-08-11DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
216. 2014-08-11MegadethWake Up DeadPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?capitol
217. 2014-07-28BelphegorConjuring The DeadConjuring The Deadnuclearblast
218. 2014-07-28NasumSometimes Dead Is BetterHuman 2.0relapse
219. 2014-07-07SepulturaDead Embryonic CellsThe Roots of Sepultura
220. 2014-07-07EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
221. 2014-06-23MegaslaughterRaise The DeadCalls From The Beyondto_the_death
222. 2014-06-16The MisfitsNight Of The Living DeadBeware - The Complete Singles '77-'82
223. 2014-06-16CancerBack From the DeadDeath Shall Raiserestless
224. 2014-06-09DiabolicalDead Angel\'s ChoirA Thousand Deathsworld_war_iii
225. 2014-06-02Dead By WednesdayDemocracy Is DeadDemocracy Is Deadfury 76
226. 2014-06-02Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
227. 2014-05-19DeicideDead but DreamingLegionroadrunner
228. 2014-05-12Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
229. 2014-05-12GhoulLife Of The Living DeadSplatterthrashrazorback
230. 2014-04-28SodomDeadlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
231. 2014-04-21TyranntLegions Of The DeadLegions Of The Deadmetalblade
232. 2014-03-17DesolateThe Freezing DeadSanity Obiliteratedpathos
233. 2014-03-03SodomWanted DeadSodom
234. 2014-02-24Severed SaviorDeadspeakServile Insurrectionwillowtip
235. 2014-02-24RamessesBaptism Of The Walking DeadTake The Curseritual_production
236. 2014-02-24It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadNight Of The Living Demo
237. 2014-01-13WhiplashRespect The DeadTicket To Mayhemroadrunner
238. 2014-01-06CancerBack From the DeadDeath Shall Raiserestless
239. 2013-12-30Bombs Of HadesSlaughter The DeadCarnivoresBlood Harvest
240. 2013-12-16DxIxExAnimal Dead SpermThe Beep Session
241. 2013-12-16Skeleton WitchBeneath Dead LeavesSerpents Unleashedprosthetic
242. 2013-12-09KhanateDeadNo Joy (Re-Mix 12")
243. 2013-11-25DecryptBraindead MassesHoly Erotic Raptureforever_underground
244. 2013-11-18HeadrotHead From the Dead2013 Promoget_done
245. 2013-11-11Grim ReaperDead on ArrivalSee You In Hellrca
246. 2013-11-11BathoryRaise The Deadself-titledcombat
247. 2013-11-04The BodyDead Copsself-titledcorleone
248. 2013-10-14Death AngelLeft For DeadThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
249. 2013-09-30AvulsedUnborn Of The UndeadRitual Zombixtreem
250. 2013-09-16Swon InDeadpanThe Death Codeself-released
251. 2013-08-12SaratanDead InsideAntireligionmy_kingdom
252. 2013-08-05DeadlockDead City SleepersThe Arsonistnapalm
253. 2013-07-29Hooded MenaceIn The Dead We DwellEffigies Of Evilrelapse
254. 2013-07-22CianideThe Undead MarchDead & Rotting
255. 2013-07-15Quest Of AidanceDeadly Viral StrainMisanthropic Propagandapulverised
256. 2013-07-15Bare Your TeethDeadweight7"
257. 2013-07-08UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
258. 2013-07-01Ramming SpeedDead FlagsDoomed To Destroy, Destined To Dieprosthetic
259. 2013-07-01Abhorrent CastigationThe Dead ShepherdEnthralled By Abysmal Delusionself-released
260. 2013-06-24NatronDead BeatRot Among Usmetal_age
261. 2013-06-17AeonDead Means DeadAeons Blackmetalblade
262. 2013-05-27Broken HopeAuction Of The DeadLoathingearache
263. 2013-05-27In Utero CanibalismDead NationSickmassacre
264. 2013-05-13Dew-ScentedCities Of The Dead (Live 2012)Insurgentprosthetic
265. 2013-05-13Murder ConstructDead HopeResultsrelapse
266. 2013-04-22DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
267. 2013-04-22Bathoryraise the deadself-titledcombat
268. 2013-04-15Six Reasons To KillGod Of The DeadWe Are Ghostsmassacre
269. 2013-04-15DeicideDead by DawnAmon: Feasting the Beastroadrunner
270. 2013-03-18ImpaledSpirits Of The Deadthe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
271. 2013-03-18DarkthroneDead EarlyThe Underground Resistancepeaceville
272. 2013-03-11Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
273. 2013-02-25Cirith UngolKing Of The DeadKing of the Deadenigma
274. 2013-02-04It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadDemoself-released
275. 2013-01-21Satanic BloodsprayingMarch The DeadAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
276. 2013-01-07Funeral GoatDead AngelsMass Ov Perversiondaemon_worship
277. 2013-01-07DealbreakerDead EndReflectionsself-released
278. 2012-12-31CandlemassPsalms For The DeadPsalms For The Deadnapalm
279. 2012-12-31VenomDead Of The NightAmerican Assaultcombat
280. 2012-12-24VomitoryThe Dead AwakenOpus Morits VIIImetalblade
281. 2012-12-24CytotoxinDead Zone WalkthroughRadiophobiaunique_leader
282. 2012-12-17NifelheimDesecration of the DeadDevil's Forceregain
283. 2012-11-26AosothSummon The DeadAshes Of Angelsagonia
284. 2012-11-26Hooded MenaceIn The Dead We DwellEffigies Of Evilrelapse
285. 2012-11-19Abhorrent CastigationThe Dead ShepherdEnthralled By Abysmal Delusionself-released
286. 2012-11-19WhiplashRespect The DeadTicket To Mayhemroadrunner
287. 2012-11-12Rise and FallDead WeightFaithdeathwishinc
288. 2012-09-24Murder ConstructDead HopeResultsrelapse
289. 2012-09-03Assault On The LivingThe Vile Undeaddemoself-released
290. 2012-08-27GraveAmongst Marble And The DeadEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
291. 2012-08-27ExciterRising The DeadHeavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
292. 2012-08-20NominonUndead BeastMonumentombdeathgasm
293. 2012-07-30ZombificationDead Today, Dust TomorrowReaper's Consecrationpulverised
294. 2012-07-23MausoleumDead WalkersBack From The Funeralrazorback
295. 2012-07-16Red FangHank Is DeadVarious Artist - Metal Swimadult_swim
296. 2012-07-09MantasEvil DeadDeath By Metalrelapse
297. 2012-07-02King DiamondA Visit From the DeadConspiracyroadrunner
298. 2012-06-25Cattle DecapitationDead Set On SuicideMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
299. 2012-06-18SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons in the Abyssamerican
300. 2012-06-11CandlemassPsalms For The DeadPsalms For The Deadnapalm
301. 2012-06-11GhoulWe Came for the DeadWe Came for the Deadrazorback
302. 2012-06-11The Great CommissionThe Walking DeadHeavy Worshipaint_no_grave
303. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathDeadVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
304. 2012-05-28Blood Of The GodsThe Dead Will WalkThe Shadow Beforeobscenity_cult
305. 2012-05-14Cattle DecapitationDead Set On SuicideMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
306. 2012-04-09ImpaledThe Dead Shall Dead RemainDeath After Lifecenturymedia
307. 2012-04-09OccultistConsumed Of The DeadDeath By Our Handsself-released
308. 2012-04-09Stray From The PathDead RabbitsRising Sun
309. 2012-04-09NaglfarBring Out Your DeadTerascenturymedia
310. 2012-04-02ScissorfightRules Are Different For Dead MenVictory Over Horseshittortuga
311. 2012-03-26HellchildInsurrection of the Living DeadDeeper the Wound
312. 2012-03-19Through the Eyes of the Deadthe Undead ParadeMaliceprosthetic
313. 2012-03-12It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadDemoself-released
314. 2012-03-05VladimirsCity Of The Living DeadThe Late Hourshells_headbangers
315. 2012-02-20SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
316. 2012-02-13ScissorfightRules Are Different For Dead MenVictory Over Horseshittortuga
317. 2012-02-13SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
318. 2012-02-06UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
319. 2012-01-30Cattle PressAnd The Sea Gave Us It's DeadHordes To Abolish The Divinehydrahead
320. 2012-01-30DissectionWhere Dead Angels LieVarious Artist - Gods Of Darknessnuclearblast
321. 2012-01-30GoreventFlesh Of The DeadAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
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691. 2004-09-063 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
692. 2004-09-06dissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
693. 2004-08-163 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
694. 2004-08-16aganihmdead sentence dirge
695. 2004-08-02wasteformfaith is dead
696. 2004-08-02martyr adbring out your dead
697. 2004-07-26crisiswaking the dead
698. 2004-07-12It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking Dead
699. 2004-06-283 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
700. 2004-06-213 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
701. 2004-06-21candiriadead bury the dead
702. 2004-06-14wasteformfaith is dead
703. 2004-06-07walls of jerichoall hail the dead
704. 2004-06-07Shadows Falldeadworld
705. 2004-06-07In Flamesdead alone
706. 2004-06-07brutal truthdead smart
707. 2004-05-31cystic dysenterydead priest
708. 2004-05-17bloodbathburried by the dead
709. 2004-05-17crisiswaking the dead
710. 2004-05-17In Flameslike you better dead
711. 2004-05-10the_networkplay dead
712. 2004-05-03deicidego now your lord is dead
713. 2004-05-03nientaraportraits of the dead
714. 2004-04-26bathoryraise the dead
715. 2004-04-19cattle decapitationpedeadstrians
716. 2004-04-19cystic dysenterydead priest
717. 2004-04-19enforsakendead night, dead light
718. 2004-04-12walls of jerichoal hail the dead
719. 2004-03-29war bladedeadly nightshade
720. 2004-03-15nientaraportraist of the dead
721. 2004-03-15scarletdead america
722. 2004-03-15warbladedeadly nightshade
723. 2004-03-08walls of jerichoall hail the dead
724. 2004-03-08enforsakendead night, dead light
725. 2004-03-08deicidedead by dawnDeicideroadrunner
726. 2004-03-01Project: Failing Fleshplanet dead
727. 2004-02-09nientaraportraits of the dead
728. 2004-02-02agoraphobic nosebleeddead battery
729. 2004-01-26bane of existencesolace in the arms of the dead
730. 2004-01-12dissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
731. 2004-01-12kalopsiareturn of the dead
732. 2004-01-12heidnikseven dead...
733. 2003-12-29A Life Once Lostthe dead sea
734. 2003-12-29thralldomdead aeon f the slain gods
735. 2003-12-15thralldomdead aeon of the slain gods
736. 2003-12-08deicidedead by dawnDeicideroadrunner
737. 2003-12-01Defleshedproud to be dead
738. 2003-11-24bleeding throughdead like me
739. 2003-11-17arch enemydead eyes see no future
740. 2003-11-17children of bodomyou're better off dead
741. 2003-11-10bleeding throughdead like me
742. 2003-11-03bane of existencesolance in the arms of the dead
743. 2003-10-27Dew Scentedcities of the dead
744. 2003-10-27arch enemydead eyes see no future
745. 2003-10-13macabredorthea's dead folks home
746. 2003-10-05arch enemydead eyes see no future
747. 2003-10-05sub zeronecropolis: city of the dead
748. 2003-10-05cryptopsydead and dripping
749. 2003-09-29nocturnal riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
750. 2003-09-22the_networkpaly dead
751. 2003-09-22mangledpsychodead
752. 2003-09-22northerdead
753. 2003-09-22convergedead
754. 2003-09-09arch enemydead eyes see no future
755. 2003-09-09at the gatesclaws of laughter dead
756. 2003-09-09bzrkerwalking dead
757. 2003-09-09subzeronecropolic, city of the dead
758. 2003-09-02Arch EnemyDead Eyes Seen No Future
759. 2003-08-26NeintaraPortraits of the dead
760. 2003-08-19NientaraPortraits of the Dead
761. 2003-08-19Bane of ExistenceSolace in the ams of the dead
762. 2003-08-19Into EternityDead or Dreaming
763. 2003-08-12NeintaraPortraits of dead
764. 2003-08-05NeintaraPortraits of the Dead
765. 2003-08-05Into EternityFields of the Dead
766. 2003-07-29skinlessdead conscience
767. 2003-07-29neintaraportraits of dead
768. 2003-07-22the_networkPlay DEad
769. 2003-07-15The Hauntedundead
770. 2003-07-08SkinlessDead Conscience
771. 2003-07-08the_networkPlay Dead
772. 2003-07-08NientaraPortrait fo Dead
773. 2003-05-20AbortedEngineering the Dead
774. 2003-05-13NecrophagiaSeason of the Dead
775. 2003-05-13DeicideDead by DawnDeicideroadrunner
776. 2003-04-29Eyes like Autumnhe's no good to me dead part 2
777. 2003-04-01Eyes Like AutumnHe's no good to me Dead pt. 2
778. 2003-03-25Compos MentisDead Among the Dead
779. 2003-03-25Closer than KinDead Flowers for a Dying Lover
780. 2003-03-25Decryptbraindead masses
781. 2003-03-11Eyes Like AutumnHe's no good to me dead part 1
782. 2003-03-04Bane of ExistenceSolace in the arms of the dead
783. 2003-03-04Vengeance is MineDead in the eyes of the beholder
784. 2003-02-25ImpaledDead Inside
785. 2003-02-25Shadows FallDeadworld
786. 2003-02-18Compos MentisDead among the dead
787. 2003-02-11Bane of ExistenceSolace in the Arms of the Dead
788. 2003-02-04Nocturnal RitesEyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
789. 2003-02-04BloodbathBuried by the dead
790. 2003-01-21Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
791. 2002-12-31Into EternityDead or Dreaming
792. 2002-12-17DiabolicalDead Anel's Choir
793. 2002-12-10Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
794. 2002-11-19DeicideDead by DawnDeicideroadrunner
795. 2002-11-12NileBlessed Dead
796. 2002-11-12Nocturnal Riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
797. 2002-11-05BloodbathBuried by the DEad
798. 2002-10-22Nocturnal RitesEyes of the DEadShadowlandcenturymedia
799. 2002-10-08NileI whisper in the Ear of the dead
800. 2002-10-08End this Daya Eulogy on the lips of the dead
801. 2002-10-08Agoraphobic NosebleedDead Battery
802. 2002-10-08Lacuna CoilComatose: the World Amnesia: Planet DEad
803. 2002-10-01Severe TortureCore Dead
804. 2002-10-01A Life Once Lostthe Dead Sea
805. 2002-09-24Nilethe Blessed Dead
806. 2002-09-24DisincarnateDeadspawn
807. 2002-09-17Nocturnal Riteseyes of the deadShadowlandcenturymedia
808. 2002-09-10Cattle Decapitationdeadmeal
809. 2002-09-03CryptopsyDead and Dripping
810. 2002-09-03HateHoly Dead Trinity
811. 2002-09-03Cattle DecapitationPedeadstrian
812. 2002-08-13Cattle DecapitationPedeadstrian
813. 2002-07-17Dimension ZeroNot Even Dead
814. 2002-07-09Slayerdead skin mask
815. 2002-06-11A Life Once Lostthe Dead Sea
816. 2002-06-02Acid BathDr. Seuss is Dead
817. 2002-05-26Acid BathDr. Suess is Dead
818. 2002-05-07Arch Enemythe First Deadly Sin
819. 2002-04-09Hypocrisyanother deadend (from another dead man)
820. 2002-03-19Arch EnemyDead Bury their Dead
821. 2002-01-22FleshcrawlBreeding the Dead
822. 2002-01-15HateHoly Dead Trinity
823. 2002-01-04Plateau of InvincibilityDead of Night
824. 2002-01-01Cannibal CorpseStaring Through the eyes of the Dead
825. 2002-01-01SlayerLive Undead
826. 2001-10-30Gore Beyond NecropsyDead Dog Idolization
827. 2001-10-30Hateholy dead trinity
828. 2001-10-30Homo IratusDead Upon Conception
829. 2001-10-30Gore Beyond NecropsyDead Dog Idolization
830. 2001-10-30Hateholy dead trinity
831. 2001-10-30Homo IratusDead Upon Conception
832. 2001-10-23DeicideDead by DawnDeicideroadrunner
833. 2001-10-16AncientEyes of the Dead
834. 2001-10-09Six Feet Underthe Day the Dead Walked
835. 2001-10-02UnleashedDead Forever
836. 2001-09-11ChimeraDead Inside
837. 2001-09-11ChimeraDead Inside
838. 2001-08-14Six Feet UnderThe Day the Dead Walked
839. 2001-08-14Six Feet UnderThe Day the Dead Walked
840. 2001-07-31Six Feet Underthe day the dead walked
841. 2001-07-31Six Feet Underthe day the dead walked
842. 2001-06-19CryptopsyDead and Dripping
843. 2001-06-05DeicideDead by DawnDeicideroadrunner
844. 2001-04-24SlayerDead Skin Mask
845. 2001-03-13DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
846. 2001-03-06EinherjerWyrd of the Dead (re-mastered)
847. 2001-02-20Dark FuneralDead Skin Mask
848. 2001-01-23ObituaryBack from the Dead
849. 2000-11-31Brides of ChristDead Mailman
850. 2000-11-31TartarosIntro/Defiler of the Dead
851. 2000-11-28Divine Empiredead and Martyred
852. 2000-11-14Divine EmpireDead and Martyred
853. 2000-11-14DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
854. 2000-11-14Divine EmpireDead and Martyred
855. 2000-11-14DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
856. 2000-10-17MorticianDefiling the Dead
857. 2000-10-17MorticianDefiling the Dead
858. 2000-09-12SlayerDead Skin Mask
859. 2000-08-28AgallochDead Winter Dawns
860. 2000-08-21Opera IXBela Lugosi's Dead
861. 2000-08-07CryptopsyDead and Dripping
862. 2000-07-17Arch EnemyDead Inside
863. 2000-07-17Thy Primordialthe Dead live Shining Crown of Night
864. 2000-07-17Arch EnemyDead Inside
865. 2000-07-17Thy Primordialthe Dead live Shining Crown of Night
866. 2000-07-03PessimistWhore of the Undead
867. 2000-06-19Vision of DisorderLocust of the Dead Earth
868. 2000-04-10Order from ChaosDead of the Night
869. 2000-04-10SodomDeadlike Silence
870. 2000-03-06SepulturaDead Embryonic Cells
871. 2000-02-28PessimistWhore of the Undead
872. 2000-02-28AnkhelgloknarDead God
873. 2000-02-28IndecisionDead
874. 2000-02-21PessimistWhore of the Undead
875. 2000-02-07Brutal TruthDead Smart
876. 2000-01-24IndecisionDead
877. 1999-12-20DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
878. 1999-11-30DiabolicCity of the Dead
879. 1999-11-22Dissection#4 (whre dead angels lie)
880. 1999-11-01Leucifer ScaleDead in a Box
881. 1999-10-18NifelheimDesecration of the Dead
882. 1999-10-11CryptopsyDead and Dripping
883. 1999-10-04SodomDeadlike Silence
884. 1999-09-13MorticianIntro/Defiler of the DEad
885. 1999-08-30DementorTaste of Deadmeat
886. 1999-08-23SodomDeadlines
887. 1999-08-16SepulturaDead Embrionic Cells
888. 1999-08-02Arch EnemyDead inside
889. 1999-08-02ChainsuckAnything but dead
890. 1999-07-26UnleashedDead Forever
891. 1999-07-26Brutal TruthDead Smart
892. 1999-07-19Arch EnemyDead Inside
893. 1999-07-19DementorTaste of Dead Meat
894. 1999-07-19MorticianLove of the dead
895. 1999-07-12MorticianIsland of the Dead
896. 1999-07-12DementorWaiting for the Dead
897. 1999-06-14Brutal TruthDead Smart
898. 1999-05-17Manowarcall of the Dead Guyano
899. 1999-05-17OverdoseDead Clouds
900. 1999-04-20SubsanityDead Pigs on Parade
901. 1999-04-13MorticianInto-defiler of the Dead
902. 1999-04-13ConvergeDead
903. 1999-03-29Suicide CommandoBetter of Dead
904. 1997-11-17WumpscutEmbryo Dead
905. 1997-11-10Hate Departmentthe Dead Peddler
906. 1997-10-27Mr. BungleEveryone I went to highschool with is dead
907. 1997-10-27WumpscutEmbryodead
908. 1997-10-20MangledPsycho dead
909. 1997-10-13SlayerLive Undead
910. 1997-09-01Society BurningDeadman
911. 1997-08-25Society BurningDead Man
912. 1997-08-25PipeDead by Me
913. 1997-07-21InsultYour dead, No Loss
914. 1997-07-21WhirligigDead-n-gone
915. 1997-06-23SodomDeadline
916. 1997-06-09Death Line InternationalMy Friend is Dead
917. 1997-05-19ObituaryBack from the dead
918. 1997-05-12ObituaryBack from the dead
919. 1997-04-14ConvergeDead
920. 1997-03-31SlayerDead Skin Mask
921. 1997-02-24Lucifer ScaleDead in a Box
922. 1997-01-13Marilyn MansonDried up, tied up, and Dead to the world
923. 1996-12-30Throbbing GristleDeadsouls
924. 1996-10-07TiamatDead boys quire
925. 1996-09-23SepulturaDead Embryonic Cells
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