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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-06A Forest Of StarsA Blaze Of HammersBeware The Sword You Cannot SeeProphecy Productions
2. 2020-07-06ArcturusGame OverArcturianProphecy Productions
3. 2020-07-06AntimatterStillborn EmpiresThe Judas TableProphecy Productions
4. 2020-07-06Negura BungetImpodobeala timpuluiTauProphecy Productions
5. 2020-06-22The Moon And The NightspiritA Mindenség HívásaAetherProphecy Productions
6. 2020-05-25A Forest Of Stars07-Gatherer of the Pure"A Shadowplay For Yesterdays"Prophecy Productions
7. 2020-05-11Secrets Of The MoonHe Is HereBlack HouseProphecy Productions
8. 2020-05-11Vuur & Zijde/ImpavidaZiltVuur & Zijde / ImpavidaProphecy Productions
9. 2020-05-04E-L-RDevoteeMaenadProphecy Records
10. 2019-10-28Secrets Of The MoonSerpent MessiahSeven BellsProphecy Productions
11. 2019-10-14Novembers DoomNephilim GroveNephilim GroveProphecy Productions
12. 2019-10-14Year Of The CobraAsh And DustAsh And DustProphecy Productions
13. 2018-11-26Nochnoy DozorCloserNochnoy DozorProphecy Productions
14. 2018-11-19OberonThe Secret FireAeon ChaserProphecy Productions
15. 2018-11-12Eye of NixA CurseBlack SomniaProphecy Productions
16. 2018-10-01LifeloverBecksvart FrustrationSjukdomProphecy
17. 2018-07-09TengilIt's All For SpringtimeshouldhavebeensProphecy Productions
18. 2017-01-02DarkherWarsRealmsProphecy Productions
19. 2016-12-26VemodIkledd Evighetens KappeVenter Pĺ StormeneProphecy Productions
20. 2016-12-05Negura BungetBaciu MosneagZIProphecy Productions
21. 2016-12-05Alcest02-EclosionKodamaProphecy Productions
22. 2015-12-07BethlehemEgon Erwin's Mongo MumuHexakosioihexekontahexaphobiaProphecy Productions
23. 2015-10-19LifeloverNarcotic DevotionKonkursprophecy
24. 2015-02-16DarkherGhost TearsThe Kingdom Fieldprophecy
25. 2014-11-03LifeloverShallowKonkursprophecy
26. 2014-11-03FalkenbachBronzen EmbraceAsaprophecy
27. 2014-08-18The Moon And The NightspiritBolyongoHoldrejtekprophecy
28. 2014-07-28EmpyriumIn The Gutter Of This SpringThe Turn Of The Tiesprophecy
29. 2014-07-21EmpyriumSaviourThe Turn Of The Tiesprophecy
30. 2014-06-09LifeloverCancertidKonkursprophecy
31. 2014-02-17LifeloverShallowKonkursprophecy
32. 2013-12-30A Forest Of StarsLeft Behind As StaticA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
33. 2013-12-23LifeloverBitter ReflektionKonkursprophecy
34. 2013-09-30A Forest Of StarsPrey Tell Of The Church FateA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
35. 2013-09-09NhorWithin The Darkness Between The StarlightWithin The Darkness Between The Starlightprophecy
36. 2013-02-11A Forest Of StarsPrey Tell Of The Church FateA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
37. 2013-02-04A Forest Of StarsA Prophet For A Pound Of FleshA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
38. 2012-12-31Secrets Of The MoonWorshipSeven Bellsprophecy
39. 2012-12-31Arctic PlateauCatarctic CartoonsThe Enemy Insideprophecy
40. 2012-12-24A Forest Of StarsA Prophet For A Pound Of FleshA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
41. 2012-12-24DordeduhE-an-NaDar De Duhprophecy
42. 2010-12-27AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IEcailles de Luneprophecy
43. 2010-05-17AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IEcailles de Luneprophecy
44. 2010-04-26AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IIEcailles de Luneprophecy
45. 2010-04-12AlcestSur L'Ocean Couleur De FerEcailles de Luneprophecy
46. 2010-03-29Negura BungetIn-Zvicnirea ApusuluiMaiestritprophecy
47. 2010-03-15Negura BungetA-Vint In AbisMaiestritprophecy
48. 2010-03-15AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IIEcailles de Luneprophecy
49. 2010-03-08Negura BungetVremen Locului SortitMaiestritprophecy
50. 2010-03-08AlcestPercees de LumiereEcailles de Luneprophecy
51. 2010-03-08The Vision BleakI Dined with the SwansSet Sail to Mysteryprophecy
52. 2008-04-28HemlockBugsNo Time for Sorrowblind_prophecy
53. 2008-03-03HemlockRed Sky RevolutionNo Time for Sorrowblind_prophecy
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