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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-10-19MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-10-19
3. 2015-10-19OpethBleakBlackwater Parkkoch
4. 2015-10-19NeurosisEnd Of The HarvestTimes of Gracerelapse
5. 2015-10-19Once I Saw A GhostMalevolent AnnihilationArchitects DemiseNoiseheadrecords
6. 2015-10-19
7. 2015-10-19Cannibal CorpseStriped, Raped, and StrangledThe Bleedingmetalblade
8. 2015-10-19Arch EnemyNo Gods, No MastersKhaos Legionscenturymedia
9. 2015-10-19CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Split - Carcass/Cerebral Boreearache
10. 2015-10-19WitchtrapDon't Lift The CurseTrap The Witch
11. 2015-10-19
12. 2015-10-19AsphyxWe Doom You To DeathDeathhammercenturymedia
13. 2015-10-19GravewormWhich Way(N)utopia
14. 2015-10-19
15. 2015-10-19IntrinsicFight No MoreNailsDivebomb
16. 2015-10-19RAMEnslaverSvbversvmmetalblade
17. 2015-10-19Twitching TonguesAsylum AvenueDisharmonymetalblade
18. 2015-10-19OWLRavageAeon Cult epZeitgeister Music
19. 2015-10-19
20. 2015-10-19The Moth GethererAttacus ExplosionsThe Earth Is The Skyagonia
21. 2015-10-19Invocation SpellsThe Black RiteDescendant The Black Thronehells_headbangers
22. 2015-10-19NuclearScam 38Formula For Anarchycandlelight
23. 2015-10-19NecrocosmDisavowDamnation Doctrinekaotoxin
24. 2015-10-19
25. 2015-10-19GougeMorbid CurseBeyond Deathhells_headbangers
26. 2015-10-19DroneInto Darkness
27. 2015-10-19HelloweenMetal InvadersWalls Of Jericho
28. 2015-10-19Cirith UngolReturn To LankhmarCirith Ungol (Demo)
29. 2015-10-19
30. 2015-10-19SlayerRepentlessRepentlessnuclearblast
31. 2015-10-19At The GatesCaptor Of Sin (Slayer Cover)Slaughter of the Soulearache
32. 2015-10-19MardukAutumnal ReaperOpus Nocturneregain
33. 2015-10-19NaglfarWhen Autumn Storms ComeDiabolicalregain
34. 2015-10-19
35. 2015-10-19The LocustDog Without A Collar (Run Over Red Rover)The Locust
36. 2015-10-19Gruesome Stuff RelishSavage Men... Savage BeastsTeenage Giallo Grind
37. 2015-10-19Pretty Little FlowerTerror AlertComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
38. 2015-10-19Left For DeadSecond GuessSplit - Chokehold/Left For Dead
39. 2015-10-19Backstabbers IncSound The AlarmsM.I.A.self-released
40. 2015-10-19CavityInside My SpineSupercollider
41. 2015-10-19KnutAim At The SunUntitled RPhydrahead
42. 2015-10-19MastodonI Am AhabLeviathanrelapse
43. 2015-10-19
44. 2015-10-19October 31Power And The Glory (Saxon Cover)Meet Thy Makerhells_headbangers
45. 2015-10-19Judas PriestNever SatisfiedRocka Rollacmc_international
46. 2015-10-19FesterdayIn Gorgeous Autumn Colors... The Four Stages Of Decomposition...svart
47. 2015-10-19KonkhraEye Of HorusReality Check
48. 2015-10-19Cerebral BoreHorrendous Acts Of IniquitySplit - Carcass/Cerebral Bore
49. 2015-10-19
50. 2015-10-19Publicist UKI Wish You'd Never Gone To SchoolForgive Yourselfrelapse
51. 2015-10-19So HideousYesterYearLaurestineprosthetic
52. 2015-10-19Epoch of Unlightthe end of allThe Continuum Hypothesiscandlelight
53. 2015-10-19DeathPull the PlugLeprosy
54. 2015-10-19
55. 2015-10-19Ablaze My SorrowThe Return Of The Mighty RavenThe Plagueno_fashion
56. 2015-10-19Crowbar(Can't) Turn Away From DyingBroken Glass
57. 2015-10-19LifeloverNarcotic DevotionKonkursprophecy
58. 2015-10-19Shape of DispairThe Blank JourneyMonotomy Fieldsseason_of_mist
59. 2015-10-19Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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