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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1164 playlist up with 49707 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-03-16CarcassIncarnated Solvent AbuseNecroticism-Descanting The Insalubrious
2. 2020-01-06CarcassPedigree ButcheryNecroticism-Descanting The Insalubrious
3. 2019-12-02Corrosive CarcassThe Seven PrincesForsaken LandsXtreem Music
4. 2019-10-14Carcass GrinderSkullboozeSplit
5. 2019-09-30CarcassIncarnated Solvent AbuseTools of the TradeEarache Records
6. 2018-11-19CarcassBlood Splattered BannerWake Up and Smell the Carcass, Disc 1Earache Records
7. 2018-08-06CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
8. 2018-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
9. 2018-06-04CarcassFeast On Dismembered CarnageReek Of Putrefaction
10. 2018-02-19CarcassBlack StarSwansongearache
11. 2017-11-13CarcassRegurgitation Of GibletsReek Of Putrefaction
12. 2017-06-19CarcassEmbodimentHeartwork
13. 2017-01-02CarcassMaggot ColonyReek Of Putrefaction
14. 2016-10-24CarcassArbeit Macht FleischHeartwork
15. 2016-08-08CarcassTools of the TradeNecroticismEarache Records
16. 2016-07-18Carcass GrinderHe's Burningsplit 7''ep w/birdflesh
17. 2015-12-14Corrosive CarcassProsecuted at BirthForsaken LandsXtreem Music
18. 2015-10-19CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Split - Carcass/Cerebral Boreearache
19. 2015-08-03CarcassRot n RollWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
20. 2015-05-04CarcassDeath CertificateHeartworkearache
21. 2015-04-13CarcassCadaveric Incubator Of Endo ParasitesVarious Artists - Grind Madness At The BBCearache
22. 2014-12-29CarcassGenital GrinderSymphonies of Sicknessearache
23. 2014-11-24CarcassIntensive Battery BroodingSurgical Remission/Surplus Steelnuclearblast
24. 2014-09-29CarcassMicrowaved UterogestationReek Of Putrefactionearache
25. 2014-08-18CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
26. 2014-05-12CarcassCarbonized EyesocketsReek Of Putrefactionearache
27. 2014-04-07CarcassKeep On Rotting In The Free WorldSwansongearache
28. 2014-03-24CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
29. 2014-03-10CarcassSymposium Of SicknessNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
30. 2014-01-13CarcassNoncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 StandardSurgical Steelnuclearblast
31. 2014-01-13Carcass GrinderMelodySplit- Carcass Grinder/Teratism In The Formalinatank
32. 2013-11-25CarcassThrasher's AbattoirSurgical Steelnuclearblast
33. 2013-10-28CarcassThe Granulating Dark Satanic MillsSurgical Steelnuclearblast
34. 2013-10-14CarcassA Congealed Clot Of BloodSurgical Steelnuclearblast
35. 2013-09-30CarcassThe Master Butcher's ApronSurgical Steelnuclearblast
36. 2013-09-23CarcassUnfit For Human ConsumptionSurgical Steelnuclearblast
37. 2013-09-16CarcassCadaver Pouch Conveyor SystemSurgical Steelnuclearblast
38. 2013-08-19CarcassPedigree ButcheryNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
39. 2013-05-27CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
40. 2012-12-24CarcassBuried DreamsHeartworkearache
41. 2012-09-24CarcassMalignant DefecationSymphonies of Sicknessearache
42. 2012-08-06CarcassCarneous CacoffinyNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
43. 2012-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartworkearache
44. 2012-01-30CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
45. 2011-03-14CarcassRotten to the GoreTools of the Tradeearache
46. 2010-10-25CarcassCorporal Jigsore QuandrayNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
47. 2010-09-27CarcassExhume to ConsumeSymphonies of Sicknessearache
48. 2010-05-31CarcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
49. 2010-03-01CarcassPyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
50. 2010-02-15CarcassExhume to ConsumeSymphonies of Sicknessearache
51. 2010-02-01CarcassNo Love LostWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
52. 2010-01-25CarcassCarnal ForgeHeartworkearache
53. 2009-11-02CarcassExhume to ConsumeGrindcrusher - various artistearache
54. 2009-09-07CarcassGenital Grinder IIWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
55. 2009-06-22CarcassPedigree ButcheryNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubriousearache
56. 2009-04-20CarcassArbeit Macht FleischHeartworkearache
57. 2009-01-26CarcassHeartworkHeartworkearache
58. 2009-01-26Carcass Coverreek of putrifaction
59. 2008-11-24CarcassNo Love LostWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
60. 2008-10-06CarcassIncarnated Solvent AbuseSymphonies of Sicknessearache
61. 2008-09-08CarcassGenital GrinderSymphonies of Sicknessearache
62. 2008-03-31CarcassExhume to ConsumeGrindcrusher - various artistearache
63. 2008-01-21CarcassNo Love LostWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
64. 2008-01-07CarcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
65. 2007-09-03Carcassincarnated solvent abuseNecroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
66. 2007-07-16CarcassRotten to the GoreTools of the Tradeearache
67. 2007-05-21CarcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
68. 2007-02-19carcasssplattered cavities
69. 2007-02-05carcassincarnated solvent abuse
70. 2007-01-15carcassthe gore hepatic tissue fermentation II
71. 2006-12-04carcassgenital grinder
72. 2006-09-11carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
73. 2006-07-03carcasscarneous cacoffiny
74. 2006-05-15carcassincarnate
75. 2006-05-01carcassburnt to a crisp
76. 2006-03-27carcassembodiment
77. 2005-10-17carcasscarnal forge
78. 2005-10-10carcassenbodiment
79. 2005-10-03carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
80. 2005-08-08carcassrotten to the gore
81. 2005-05-30carcassever increasing circles
82. 2005-04-11carcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
83. 2005-01-24carcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
84. 2004-12-06carcassrot n roll
85. 2004-12-06carcass coversurpuration
86. 2004-11-08carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
87. 2004-10-25carcassno love lost
88. 2004-06-07CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
89. 2004-01-12carcassfoeticide
90. 2003-11-10carcassmaggot colony
91. 2003-08-26carcassincarnated solvent abuse
92. 2003-01-07Carcass CoverExhume to consume
93. 2002-12-10CarcassGenital Grinder
94. 2002-10-01CarcassExhume to Consume
95. 2002-10-01CarcassEmotinal Flatine
96. 2002-07-09CarcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
97. 2002-05-26CarcassMaggot Colony
98. 2002-04-16CarcassVomited Anal Tract
99. 2002-01-29Carcassno love lost
100. 2001-08-07CarcassHeartwork
101. 2001-08-07CarcassHeartwork
102. 2001-02-13CarcassHepatic Tissue Fermentation II
103. 2000-12-31CarcassPrdiree Butchery
104. 2000-07-10CarcassCorporal Jigsore Quandray
105. 2000-06-05Carcass#11
106. 2000-03-20Carcassburnt to a chrisp
107. 2000-02-28CarcassGenital Grinder
108. 1999-08-09CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch
109. 1999-07-12CarcassEmbodiment
110. 1999-07-05CarcassDoctrinal Expletives
111. 1999-06-07CarcassRotten to the Gore
112. 1997-11-24CarcassEmbodiement
113. 1997-10-20Carcasstool of the trade
114. 1997-08-18CarcassEmbodiment
115. 1997-07-07CarcassEmbodiment
116. 1997-06-30CarcassHeartwork
117. 1997-05-12CarcassHeartwork
118. 1997-05-05CarcassEmbodiment
119. 1997-04-28CarcassHeartwork
120. 1997-04-08CarcassHeartwork
121. 1997-03-31carcassthis mortal coil
122. 1997-02-17CarcassBlind Bleeding the Blind
123. 1997-01-20CarcassSolvent
124. 1996-12-23CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch
125. 1996-12-23CarcassReek of Putrefication
126. 1996-12-16CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch
127. 1996-12-10CarcassEmbodiment
128. 1996-12-02CarcassEmbodiment
129. 1996-11-25CarcassHeartwork
130. 1996-11-18CarcassBuried Dreams
131. 1996-11-11CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch
132. 1996-11-04CarcassReek of Putrefaction
133. 1996-10-14CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch
134. 1996-10-07CarcassEnbodiment
135. 1996-09-23CarcassEmbodyment
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