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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1148 playlist up with 48910 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-03-16visions of warLifechaossplit w/olho de gato
2. 2020-02-03INVIGORATE {indonesia}DEEDS TO TORTURECD 2019 sanctity the last of misery
3. 2020-01-27Divine HeresyMonolithic Doomsday DevicesBringer of PlaguesCentury Media Records
4. 2019-12-30VINTERSORGCD1_03_LavinTill Fjlls del IINapalm Records
5. 2019-12-23Vital RemainsI Am GodForever UndergroundOsmose Productions
6. 2019-12-16LeviathanThe Falling SnowDeepest Secrets Beneath
7. 2019-12-02Disciple of DzoavitsThe Rats in the WallsGRIMOIRE
8. 2019-11-25Virulent ScourgePlague WhispersJudgement of Carrion
9. 2019-11-18Visceral DisgorgeSpastic Anal LacerationsIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
10. 2019-11-11Vio-LenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
11. 2019-11-04TrivmvirateDemigodThe Monolith Deathcult
12. 2019-10-21Apostate Viaticum05 Bastards of CaneBefore the Gates of GomorrahInvictus Productions
13. 2019-10-07VictimsThe Birth Of TragedyThe Horse And Sparrow TheoryRelapse Records
14. 2019-09-23VISCERAL DISGORGE6.SIPHONING COSMIC SENTIENCESlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
15. 2019-09-09Vital RemainsDivine In FireForever UndergroundOsmose Productions
16. 2019-09-02VISCERAL DISGORGE3.ARCHITECTS OF WARPING FLESHSlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
17. 2019-08-19Burning VisionNaiting And FightingPositiv Forces
18. 2019-08-12Vital RemainsBattle GroundForever UndergroundOsmose Productions
19. 2019-08-05Evil (Japan)02 降魔印 Welcome to SatanSplit 7" EP/TAPE-Evil (Japan)/Siege ColumnNuclear War Now! Productions
20. 2019-08-05Triumvir Foul05 Disemboweled PneumaSpiritual BloodshedInvictus Productions
21. 2019-07-29EvildeadGlobal WarmingThe UnderworldSteamhammer UK [SPV]
22. 2019-07-22VIOGRESSIONCross SpellsExpound And Exhort
23. 2019-07-22Triumvir FoulThe Vomit of the Three Serpents (Uumgallu, Bamu, Mumaḫḫū)Triumvir Foul LPBlood Harvest Records
24. 2019-07-15CavityChlorideDrowning
25. 2019-07-15VileHomophobeSolution
26. 2019-07-15Vio-LenceMentally AfflictedOppressing the Masses
27. 2019-07-08CavitySung From a GoadOn the LamHydra Head Records
28. 2019-07-01VintersorgCosmic GenesisCosmic GenesisNapalm Records
29. 2019-07-01Lord VicarThe Temple in the BedrockThe Black Powder
30. 2019-06-24DeviateSpread a ThreatDarkened WorldAntler-Subway
31. 2019-06-24AntediluvianForce Suns of AdversaryInitiated in Impiety as Mysteries
32. 2019-06-17Order of LeviathanI Do Not Belong In This WorldThe Infernal Path to Total Darkness
33. 2019-06-17LeviathanHer Circle is the NooseTrue Traitor, True Whore
34. 2019-06-10EvighetProlonged Solitary JourneyTransgressing Complex Paradigms of Prolonged Solitary JourneySelf-Released
35. 2019-05-27LeviathanAll Tongues TowardScar Sighted
36. 2019-05-20Devil Master02 Nightmares in the Human CollapseSatan Spits on Children of LightRelapse Records
37. 2019-05-13EVIL ANGEL03 UGH!Unholy Evil Metal (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
38. 2019-05-06No Innocent VictimNever Face DefeatFlesh & BloodVictory Records
39. 2019-04-15Vinnie VincentThat Time of YearInvasionchrystalis
40. 2019-04-08VileButcheredDepopulate
41. 2019-03-11Vision of DisorderLiberationVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
42. 2019-03-11VIUDA NEGRA04 Sigue AsAl Final / In the EndFighter Records
43. 2019-03-11Triumvir Foul02 Urine of Abomination IIUrine of AbominationInvictus Productions
44. 2019-03-04VileSurgeryStench Of The Deceased
45. 2019-02-25As Long As We're All Living We're All DyingSlitting Your Wrists On The Company Copy Machines/t
46. 2019-01-14Severed Savior08 fecalphiliacServile Insurrection
47. 2019-01-07Vile ApparitionDissect to EnucleateDepravity OrdainedMemento Mori
48. 2019-01-07LORD DIVINERebornFacing ChaosFighter Records
49. 2019-01-07CavityBurning My EyesDrowning
50. 2018-12-24Visceral DisgorgeColostomy Bag AsphyxiationIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
51. 2018-12-10DEVIL WORSHIPPER04 Fornicating AngelMusic For The EndtimesI, Voidhanger Records
52. 2018-11-26UnreqvitedRadiantMosaic INorthern Silence Productions
53. 2018-11-26PALE DIVINEChemical DeclinePale Divine (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
54. 2018-11-19Vattnet ViskarNew AlchemySky Swallower
55. 2018-11-12VileRitual DecapitationThe New Age of Chaos
56. 2018-11-12Evil (Japan)歪な梵鐘 - Hell's Evil BellsThe Gate of Hell TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
57. 2018-11-12LeviathanThe Sacred FireThe Aeons Torn - Beyond the Gates of Imagination Pt.2
58. 2018-11-05AnvilCorporate PreacherPound For Poundmetalblade
59. 2018-11-05Violation WoundOut Of My SkinViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
60. 2018-10-22OblivionizedThe Nullification of PhilanthropyNullify The Cycle
61. 2018-09-24Visceral DisgorgeStrangled And SodomizedIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
62. 2018-09-24HacavitzRelentless SleepNEX NIHILMoribund Records
63. 2018-09-24Random Acts Of ViolenceUnleashingPromo
64. 2018-09-10ONLY LIVING WITNESSSome will never knowInnocentscenturymedia
65. 2018-09-10LividityGore EpitomiteUsed, Abused and LeftMorbid
66. 2018-08-20LeviathanRun ForeverDeepest Secrets Beneath
67. 2018-08-20THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR07 Destruction of the Holy SepulchreAnd Darkness Fell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
68. 2018-08-13Devin TownsendHide NowhereOcean Machine
69. 2018-08-06Vicious RumorsRite Of DevastationRazorback KillersSPV
70. 2018-07-23Vision of DisorderSufferVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
71. 2018-07-16Obscure EvilTribes Of UethSplit 10" EPBlood Harvest Records
72. 2018-06-25AtavismaMonolithsThe Chthonic RitualsMemento Mori
73. 2018-06-11VictimsNo ReasonKillerDeathwish Records
74. 2018-05-28EvighetThe Greater Glory Of SatanWinter Twilight
75. 2018-05-28Inevitable EndCollapse in ReverseThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records
76. 2018-05-28Virgin SteeleToo Hot To HandleLife Among The Ruins
77. 2018-05-21EvighetTransgressing Complex ParadigmsTransgressing Complex Paradigms of Prolonged Solitary JourneySelf-Released
78. 2018-05-14EvighetProlonged Solitary JourneyTransgressing Complex Paradigms of Prolonged Solitary JourneySelf-Released
79. 2018-05-14LeviathanThe Bitter Emblem of DissolveThe Tenth Sub Level of SuicideMoribund Records
80. 2018-05-07EvighetThe Black DeathWinter TwilightSelf-Released
81. 2018-04-09Vital RemainsIntro Human SacrificeExcruciating Pain MCD
82. 2018-04-02Kill DivisionLocked Up ForeverDestructive ForceMetal Blade Records
83. 2018-03-12Systemik Vilence04 CrapitalismAnarquia-ViolnciaRaw 'N' Roll Rex
84. 2018-03-05Ratt-Marvin GayeI heard it through the grapvine
85. 2018-02-26THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR05 Provoked CrucifixionAnd Darkness Fell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
86. 2018-02-26Vio-LenceWorld in a WorldOppressing the Masses
87. 2018-02-19LeviathanEvery Orifice Yawning Her PriceTrue Traitor, True Whore
88. 2018-02-12VisigothWarrior QueenConqueror's OathMetal Blade Records
89. 2018-02-05OblivionAloneMMX
90. 2018-01-29VisigothHammerforgedConqueror's OathMetal Blade Records
91. 2018-01-01Bury The LivingBefriend to BeheadAll the News That's Fit to ScreamPrank Records
92. 2017-12-04EvisoraxLocust breeders.Goodbye to the feast...Welcome to the famine.
93. 2017-11-27KvistSvartedalFor Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike
94. 2017-11-20HacavitzCahuitl TlalticpacMetzli ObscuraMoribund Records
95. 2017-11-13Embryionic DepravityAn Inferior MaledictionMalignant Opus of Inherited DepravitiesSevared Records - via Metalhit
96. 2017-11-06Vio-lencekill on commandEternal Nightmaremca
97. 2017-11-06AnvilKiss Of DeathStrength of SteelEnigma
98. 2017-10-30NivianeArise SamuraiThe Druid KingPitch Black Records
99. 2017-08-21Only Living WitnessVoice Of DisrepairProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
100. 2017-08-07Vital RemainsThe Night Has a Thousand EyesDawn of the ApocalypseOsmose Productions
101. 2017-08-07OblivionizedCycle of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
102. 2017-07-17VINTERSORGLavinTill Fjlls del IINapalm Records
103. 2017-06-26EVIL INVADERSRaising HellIn For The KillNapalm Records
104. 2017-06-19AntediluvianDissolution SpiresInitiated in Impiety as Mysteries
105. 2017-06-19Devine RaptureFuneral MistPromo Sampler
106. 2017-06-12DIVINE ELEMENTBeyond This SeaThaurachs Of BorsuI, Voidhanger Records
107. 2017-06-05GrafvitnerSerpent's BloodObeisance to a Witch MoonDaemon Worship Productions
108. 2017-05-15VileAlive To SufferStench Of The Deceased
109. 2017-05-08Triumvir Foul03 Entranced by FilthSpiritual BloodshedInvictus Productions
110. 2017-05-08Ne ObliviscarisPyrrhicCitadelSeason of Mist
111. 2017-04-24Vio-lencekill on commandEternal Nightmaremca
112. 2017-04-24AnvilI Dreamed It Was The End Of The WorldStrength of Steelmetalblade
113. 2017-03-06Violation WoundBroken ToolViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
114. 2017-02-20Violation WoundDead End GazeViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
115. 2017-02-13Vital RemainsCrown of the Black HeartsInto Cold DarknessPeaceville
116. 2017-01-30Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us Pray
117. 2017-01-16Apostate Viaticum03 Moloch the SanguinaryBefore the Gates of GomorrahInvictus Productions
118. 2017-01-16Ingurgitating OblivionNothingnessVoyage Towards AbhorrenceUnmatched Brutality
119. 2017-01-09The Failsafe DeviceDiagram 4.0self titled
120. 2017-01-09BLACK ANVILAs WasAs WasRelapse Records
121. 2017-01-09Inevitable EndEmbracing the OriginThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records
122. 2017-01-02CIVIL WARTombstoneThe Last Full MeasureNapalm Records
123. 2016-12-19Violent OppositionEndless GrowthViolently Enforced PovertyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
124. 2016-12-05VircolacCharonic Journey (Stygian Revelation)The Cursed Travails of the Demeter mCDDark Descent Records
125. 2016-11-14Evil Madness/Infant Death03 Convulsive Realitysplit LPDoomentia Records
126. 2016-11-14Vinnum Dei Satanas03 A3. Pandemonium - Sunless DomainThe Wine Of Satan LPForever Plagued Records
127. 2016-10-24Face of OblivionCataclysmic DesolationCataclysmic DesolationComatose Music
128. 2016-10-24EVIL INVADERSRaising HellIn For The KillDigital Servicing
129. 2016-10-10Living VoidEffigy PariahLiving VoidDilapidated Enterprises
130. 2016-10-10Embryionic DepravityInsurgence of Dogmatic AntiquityMalignant Opus of Inherited DepravitiesSevared Records - via Metalhit
131. 2016-10-03SAINT VITUS06 The TrollLive Vol. 2Season Of Mist
132. 2016-09-26SAINT VITUSThe Bleeding GroundLive Vol. 2Season Of Mist
133. 2016-08-22Vital RemainsCeremony Of The Seventh CircleLet Us Pray
134. 2016-08-22ALTAR OF OBLIVION03 Barren GroundsBarren Grounds (CD, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
135. 2016-08-08SvipdagrView Through the Rusty HelmBlack VersesXtreem Music
136. 2016-08-08Nodes of RanvierNew York City, 1963Nodes of RanvierFacedown Records
137. 2016-08-01as long as we're all living we're all dyingburn allston to the fucking groundst 7'
138. 2016-07-25LividityChamber of BoneThe Age of Cilitoral
139. 2016-06-20Violent ScumThe Secret Cult of DarknessFestering in Endless Decay TAPEBlood Harvest Records
140. 2016-05-23VictimizerLucifers DomainResurrected AbominationsHells Headbangers Records
141. 2016-04-25SurvivalLiving in AmericaNo GriefMerdumgiriz Records
142. 2016-04-18Living DeathHorrible InfanticideProtected From Realityrestless
143. 2016-04-11VidharrWithin Phantasmagorical PatternsCold Journey Through Madness
144. 2016-04-04Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us Prayosmose
145. 2016-03-21AnvilGun ControlAnvil is AnvilSPV
146. 2016-03-21Living DeathLabyrinthVengance Of Hell
147. 2016-03-14HacavitzTowards Black PestMetzli ObscuraMoribund Records
148. 2016-02-01Vision of DisorderElectric SkyRazed To The GroundCandlelight Recordings
149. 2016-01-25SviergLight Obscured by Earth's DebrisMMIXmetalhit_dot_com
151. 2016-01-25EvildeadGlobal Warming (live)From The Depths Of The Underworld
152. 2016-01-18EvictionDrunken StateThe World Is Hours AwayCaroline
153. 2015-12-27Triumvir FoulBanished to Silence and SlaveryTriumvir Foul LPBlood Harvest Records
154. 2015-12-21Vio-LenceOfficer NiceOppressing the Massesmegaforce
155. 2015-12-14Devil You KnowBreak The TiesThey Bleed RedNuclear Blast Records
156. 2015-11-16Triumvir FoulPathways To DecayTriumvir FoulBlood Harvest
157. 2015-11-02Vinnie VincentLet Freedom RockInvasionchrystalis
158. 2015-10-19CavityInside My SpineSupercollider
159. 2015-09-28Only Living WitnessNinevehProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
160. 2015-08-31Grim VisionWar MachineWar Agonybastardized
161. 2015-08-31Visceral ThroneThe True SinThose Who Have Fallen From The Grace Of Godcomatose
162. 2015-08-17VILa Terre Ne Cessera De Se ComsumerDe Praestigiis Angelorumagonia
163. 2015-08-10Visceral DamageCadaver, The AmphytrionIcons Of Massive Murdermetal_age
164. 2015-07-27Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanCandice And Martha and the After School Special About Estacy (Teenage Suicide Don't Do it)There Are No Breakdowns in Black Metal
165. 2015-07-13CavityPulling up the StakesOn The Lamhydrahead
166. 2015-06-29Vattnet ViskarColonySettlercenturymedia
167. 2015-06-29Civil WarBay Of PigsGods And Generalsnapalm
168. 2015-06-15Vattnet ViskarHeirsSettlercenturymedia
169. 2015-06-01OblivionAloneMMXself-released
170. 2015-06-01Ingurgitating OblivionSpiralling Out Of The WorldVoyage Towards Abhorrenceunmatched_brutality
171. 2015-05-11Vital RemainsSanctity in Blasphemous RuinDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
172. 2015-05-04Vattnet ViskarFog Of ApathySky Swollowercenturymedia
173. 2015-05-04LeviathanSanctuaryDeepest Secrets Beneathrock_the_nation
174. 2015-04-27Evil DeadRise AboveRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
175. 2015-04-27Living DeathManilla TerrorProtected From Realityrestless
176. 2015-04-27Vicious RumorsTowns On FireDigital Dictatorshrapnel
177. 2015-04-27Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
178. 2015-03-23Living DeathNatures DeathProtected From Realityrestless
179. 2015-03-23HacavitzDeadreamDarkness Beyonddark_descent
180. 2015-03-23Invincible ForceOnwards To WarSatan Rebellion Metaldark_descent
181. 2015-03-16Evil InvadersVenomPulses Of Pleasurenapalm
182. 2015-03-09Vital RemainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
183. 2015-02-16Where Evil FollowsLifting The VeilPortable Darknessmoribund
184. 2015-02-09VisigothBlood SacrificeThe Revenant Kingmetalblade
185. 2015-02-02Living DeathVengenceProtected From Realityrestless
186. 2015-02-02Heaving EarthDoomed Before InceptionDenouncing The Holy Thronelavadome_productions
187. 2015-02-02Ne ObliviscarisPainters Of The Tempest (Part I): WyrmholesCitadelseason_of_mist
188. 2015-01-26Morbid EvilsIn Hate With The Burning WorldIn Hate With The Burning Worldsvart
189. 2015-01-26Living DeathManilla TerrorProtected From Realityrestless
190. 2015-01-19VisigothDungeon MasterThe Revenant Kingmetalblade
191. 2015-01-19Morbid EvilsCrippledIn Hate With The Burning Worldsvart
192. 2015-01-05EvildeadFuture ShockAnnihilation of Civilizationspv
193. 2015-01-05Only Living WitnessTwitching TonguesProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
194. 2015-01-05Nodes of Ranvierthe Dawning AgeThe Years To Comefacedown
195. 2014-12-22Destroying DivinityScent Of DeathHollow DominionLavadome Productions
196. 2014-12-22Evil SpiritLet The Dragon Be My GuideCauldron Messiahhorror
197. 2014-12-15Ne ObliviscarisPyrrhicCitadelseason_of_mist
198. 2014-12-08Violent HammerArmy Of The DamnedMore Victims: Demo 2014Shadow Kingdom
199. 2014-12-08Violent HeadacheTontoskinsReality Shows vol 2
200. 2014-11-24DepravityPhantasmagoriaSilence of the Centuries
201. 2014-11-17DepravitySleepy OceanSilence of the Centuries
202. 2014-11-10The VictisPurgatorySplit - Ahriman/The Victis702
203. 2014-10-13Virgin SteeleI Am Coming For You
204. 2014-09-22OblivionizedLower YourThe Is S.O.A.N. Livewitch_hunter
205. 2014-09-08Black VirginHeavy Metal MadMost Likely To Exceed
206. 2014-08-04VintersorgRymdens Brinnande OarNaturbalnapalm
207. 2014-08-04Black AnvilRedemption Through BloodHail Deathrelapse
208. 2014-07-28Vattnet ViskarApexSky Swollowercenturymedia
209. 2014-07-14VintersorgUrdarmaneNaturbalnapalm
210. 2014-07-14StryvigorWings Of SorrowForgotten By Agessvarga music
211. 2014-07-07VikingThey Raped The LandMan Of Strawmetalblade
212. 2014-07-07EvilnightLord Of DarkstarStormhymns Of Filthhells_headbangers
213. 2014-06-23Black AnvilMy Hate Is PureHail Deathrelapse
214. 2014-06-23VintersorgLagornas RovNaturbalnapalm
215. 2014-06-16Black AnvilRedemption Through BloodHail Deathrelapse
216. 2014-06-02Virgin SteeleThe Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii)Age Of Consent
217. 2014-06-02Virgin SnatchBred To KillIn The Name Of Blood
218. 2014-05-19Evil DeadSloe DeathRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
219. 2014-05-05Vio-lenceCalling In The CoronerEternal Nightmaremca
220. 2014-05-05CravingSons Of The RebellionAt Dawnapostasy
221. 2014-04-28CravingGarden Of BonesAt Dawnapostasy
222. 2014-04-28Devil You KnowSeven Years AloneThe Beauty Of Destructionnuclearblast
223. 2014-04-28School Of ViolenceLab RatsWe The People
224. 2014-04-14Vattnet ViskarBreath Of The AlmightySky Swollowercenturymedia
225. 2014-03-24VilePersecutionStench Of The Deceased
226. 2014-03-17CravingSons Of The RebellionAt Dawnapostasy
227. 2014-03-10Saint VitusFearC.O.D.
228. 2014-02-24Severed SaviorDeadspeakServile Insurrectionwillowtip
229. 2014-02-24The Vintage CaravanLet Me BeVoyagenuclearblast
230. 2014-02-17CravingHellraiserAt Dawnapostasy
231. 2014-02-17Saint VitusJust Friends (Empty Love)Hallow's Victim
232. 2014-02-10CravingIn Die Nacht HineinAt Dawnapostasy
233. 2014-02-10VileEat the RudeDepolulated
234. 2014-02-10Virgin SnatchState Of FearIn The Name Of Blood
235. 2014-02-03Vital RemainsDevoured ElysiumDechristianizecenturymedia
236. 2014-02-03VileSuicide WarfareThe New Age Of Chaos
237. 2014-01-27Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyesself-titledroadrunner
238. 2014-01-20VirulenceTexture ShockA Conflict Scenariomorbid
239. 2014-01-06VikingoreForgotten By The GodsWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
240. 2013-12-23Only Living WitnessDecemberProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
241. 2013-12-09Dr Living Dead!Gremlins NightDr Living Dead!high_roller
242. 2013-12-09OblivionShow MeMMXXself-released
243. 2013-12-09Severed SaviorFecalphiliacServile Insurrection
244. 2013-12-09OblivionizedCycles Of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
245. 2013-11-25VirulenceTexture ShockA Conflict Scenariomorbid
246. 2013-11-18ExiviousDeeply WovenLiminalseason_of_mist
247. 2013-11-04VildhjartaTracesMasstadencenturymedia
248. 2013-11-04Kill DivisionSadistic OppressorDestructive Forcemetalblade
249. 2013-10-28SvipdagrInfighting, Evocation To Black Metal IIBlack Versesxtreem
250. 2013-10-21EvictionLiving In Emptinessthe World is Hours Awaydeath
251. 2013-10-21The MelvinsCrayfish26 Songs
252. 2013-10-14Kill DivisionMade Of LiesDestructive Forcemetalblade
253. 2013-10-07Kill DivisionFear Of LifeDestructive Forcemetalblade
254. 2013-09-30Vicious RumorsRaise Your HandsWelcome To The Ballatlantic
255. 2013-09-23Vital RemainsEastern JourneyForever Undergroundosmose
256. 2013-09-02Only Living WitnessProne Mortal FormProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
257. 2013-08-19Vital RemainsEastern JourneyForever Undergroundosmose
258. 2013-08-12The MelvinsGraveyard (Butthole Surfers)
259. 2013-07-29HacavitzMost UncleanMetzli Obscuramoribund
260. 2013-07-29Living DeathThe GalleryProtected From Realityrestless
261. 2013-07-22The MelvinsCrayfish26 Songs
262. 2013-07-15The MelvinsNumber 2 Pencil26 Songs
263. 2013-06-17VikingoreJustice's FallWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
264. 2013-06-10The Devil's Blood...If Not A Vessel?III: Tabila Rasa OR Death And The Seven Pillarsmetalblade
265. 2013-06-10Pile Of Magot Infested ViscerWith Entrails Hsnging From His MouthSplit Wtih Hummind Bird Of Death
266. 2013-06-10Visceral DisgorgeBall Gagged And GuttedIngesting Putridityamputated_vein
267. 2013-05-27VintersorgRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep)Cosmic Genesisnapalm
268. 2013-05-27MidvinterMoonboundAt the Sight of the Apocalypse Dragondeath
269. 2013-05-13Visceral BleedingFed To The DogsTranscend Into Ferocity
270. 2013-05-06VikingoreJustice's FallWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
271. 2013-04-29Vital RemainsHammer Down the NailsIcons of Evilcenturymedia
272. 2013-04-22Evil DeadSloe DeathRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
273. 2013-04-15Birth Of DepravityMisconceived SuperiorityThe Coming Of The Ineffable
274. 2013-04-15Civil DisobedienceThe Unavoidable ProcessIn A Few Hours Of Madness
275. 2013-04-08Violent EveMind DetonationExileNoiseheadrecords
276. 2013-04-01Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
277. 2013-03-25Birth Of DepravityIngrained AbnormalityThe Coming Of The Ineffable
278. 2013-03-25VikingoreFeasting Upon The ButcheredWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
279. 2013-03-18Inevitable EndEmbracing the OriginThe Severed Inceptionrelapse
280. 2013-03-18Visceral BleedingIndulge In Self-MutilationTranscend Into Ferocity
281. 2013-03-04Vattnet ViskarVattnet Viskardemoself-released
282. 2013-02-18VitA Hymn Of BenedictionThe Dry Seasonhandshake_inc
283. 2013-02-18Victor Griffin's In-GravedLate For An Early GraveVictor Griffin's In-Gravedsvart
284. 2013-02-04Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanThis Is The End Of The HIt ParadeThis Is The End Of The Hit Paradeself-released
285. 2013-02-04Ancient VVisdomFar Beyond Good & EvilDeathlikeprosthetic
286. 2013-02-04Only Living WitnessRootProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
287. 2013-01-14VildhjartaEternal Golden MonkMasstadencenturymedia
288. 2013-01-07VictimsBroken BonesA Dissidenttankcrimes
289. 2012-12-31VildhjartaWhen Noe One Walks With YouMasstadencenturymedia
290. 2012-12-31Evil DeadRise AboveRise Above/S.T. Riffracecar
291. 2012-12-24Living DeathWood Of NecrophaliacProtected From Realityrestless
292. 2012-12-17VildhjartaDeceitMasstadencenturymedia
293. 2012-12-10Vio-lenceKill On CommandEternal Nightmaremca
294. 2012-11-19Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
295. 2012-11-12VictimsWe Are Not The FutureA Dissidenttankcrimes
296. 2012-10-29Privilege Of ApprovalGreen SunSepsis Lichtpestterrasoundrecords
297. 2012-10-15Vivid RemorseSammyThe Seed Of Malaiseself-released
298. 2012-10-15LividityOozing Vaginal DischargeThe Age Of Clitory Decaymetalhit_dot_com
299. 2012-10-08LividityBrains for LubricationFetish For The Sickablated
300. 2012-10-08LeviathanThe Falling SnowDeepest Secrets Beneathrock_the_nation
301. 2012-09-24Embryioric DepravityAcephelous TransmutationMalignant Opus Of Inherited Depravities
302. 2012-09-17Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesMehcanic Demoself-released
303. 2012-09-17Privilege Of ApprovalSelect The AbortedSepsis Lichtpestterrasoundrecords
304. 2012-09-17VikingWhite DeathMan Of Strawmetalblade
305. 2012-09-17Vicious RumorsOut Of The ShadowsDigital Dictatorshrapnel
306. 2012-09-10RevilersAll AgesRevilerspatac
307. 2012-09-03The GraviatorsThe Great DeceptionEvil Deedsnapalm
308. 2012-09-03Assault On The LivingThe Vile Undeaddemoself-released
309. 2012-09-03No Room for the LivingUpon Cannibalistic SmellOnly the Dead with Survivemaine_extreme
310. 2012-08-27VintersorgPolarnattenOrkannapalm
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637. 2007-04-23eat the livingsympathy
638. 2007-04-23random acts of violencetransfiguration
639. 2007-04-23Lividityimmortal impact
640. 2007-04-23Vital RemainsBorn to Rape the WorldIcons of Evilcenturymedia
641. 2007-04-16eat the livingbed bugs
642. 2007-04-16as long as we're all living, we're all dyingburn allston tothe fucking ground
643. 2007-04-16Vital RemainsReborn... the Upheavel of NihilityIcons Of Evilcenturymedia
644. 2007-04-09eat the livingfornever
645. 2007-03-26Vio-lencePhobophobia
646. 2007-03-26saint vitusthe troll
647. 2007-02-26random acts of violencedeath's strides
648. 2007-01-29vital remainslet the killing beginDechristianizecenturymedia
649. 2007-01-08random acts of violencedeath's strides
650. 2007-01-08Vio-lenceSerial Killer
651. 2006-12-25vincebus eruptumwho farted
652. 2006-12-18random acts of violenceloyal betrayed
653. 2006-12-11random acts of violencetransfiguration
654. 2006-12-04random acts of violencedeath's strides
655. 2006-11-27Vio-lencekill on command
656. 2006-11-20devil's championapathy for the condemned messiah
657. 2006-11-13anvilblood on the ice
658. 2006-11-13Vio-lencePhobophobia
659. 2006-10-23random acts of violencevengeance is mine
660. 2006-10-23triviumand sadness will sear
661. 2006-10-16triviumanthem (we are the fire)
662. 2006-10-16vital remainsforever undergroundForever Undergroundosmose
663. 2006-10-09random acts of violenceunleashing
664. 2006-10-02Savioursrise to pyramis formCrucifirelevel_plane
665. 2006-09-25vital remainsEastern JourneyForever Undergroundosmose
666. 2006-09-25Vio-lencePhobophobia
667. 2006-09-18lividitybound in skin
668. 2006-09-11anvilfuel for the fire
669. 2006-09-11lividityrandomly raped rectum
670. 2006-09-11SaviourscrucifireCrucifirelevel_plane
671. 2006-09-04failsafe device#2 live
672. 2006-08-07lividityhero of dementia
673. 2006-08-07vital remainsforever undergroundForever Undergroundosmose
674. 2006-08-07saint vitusbitter truth
675. 2006-07-17lividitydeviant pleasures
676. 2006-07-10lividityused, abused, and left for dead
677. 2006-07-03Reviletake my life
678. 2006-07-03lividityseven19
679. 2006-07-03vinculum terminatiithe sun, unrisen
680. 2006-07-03Saviourschrist huntCrucifirelevel_plane
681. 2006-06-26vinculum terminatiifalling victim toyourself
682. 2006-05-08HacavitzOld Rancor
683. 2006-05-01failsafe device#4
684. 2006-04-17lividitychamber of bone
685. 2006-04-03Visual Pollutionend of the line
686. 2006-03-13The Devin Townsend Bandlet it roll
687. 2006-03-06Visual Pollutionproblems
688. 2006-02-27The Devin Townsend Bandhidden track
689. 2006-02-27Visual Pollutionworn thin
690. 2006-02-20Hacavitztsita ndate
691. 2006-02-20The Devin Townsend Bandbabysong
692. 2006-02-13The Devin Townsend Bandhypergeek
693. 2006-02-13Hacavitzlusting the dead ov nite
694. 2006-02-06Hacavitzlusting the dead ov nile
695. 2006-01-30The Devin Townsend Bandvampira
696. 2006-01-23lividityfeasting on mankind
697. 2006-01-16as long as we're all living we're all dyingproclamation
698. 2005-12-19vital remainsforever undergroundForever Undergroundosmose
699. 2005-12-12virulencereptilian triangle
700. 2005-11-28the failsafe devicediagram 2.0
701. 2005-11-21Divinity Destroyeddisciple
702. 2005-11-07Divinity Destroyedborealis
703. 2005-10-31jello biafro w/ the melvinsvoted off the island
704. 2005-10-17nodes of ranvierdolores
705. 2005-10-17violent marvstaring into the gaping maw of uncertainty
706. 2005-10-10violent marvsee spot die
707. 2005-10-03Severed Saviorforced to bleed
708. 2005-09-26devine empiremurder suicide
709. 2005-09-26nodes of ranvierthe years to come
710. 2005-09-26violent marvsee spot die
711. 2005-09-19violent marvslave to the grnd
712. 2005-09-19nodes of ranvierthe dawning age
713. 2005-09-12violent marvslave to the grnd
714. 2005-09-12nodes of ranvierrelentless
715. 2005-08-08devil driverdriving down the darkness
716. 2005-07-04random acts of violencetransfiguration
717. 2005-06-27vital remainsforever undergroundForever Undergroundosmose
718. 2005-05-30vileretaliation
719. 2005-05-30random acts of violencetransfiguration
720. 2005-05-09vital remainsunleash hellDechristianizecenturymedia
721. 2005-04-18as long as we're all living, we're all dyingproclomation
722. 2005-03-28virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
723. 2005-03-21virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
724. 2005-03-21as long as we're all living, we're all dyingburn allston
725. 2005-03-07virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
726. 2005-03-07virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
727. 2005-02-21triviumascendancy
728. 2005-02-21as long as we're all living, we're all dyingslit your wrists on the company copy machine
729. 2005-02-21vital remainslet the killing begin-dechristianizeDechristianizecenturymedia
730. 2005-02-07as long as we're all living, we're all dyingproclamation
731. 2005-02-07devil insidebane of existence
732. 2005-01-24as long as we're all living, we're all dyingproclamation
733. 2005-01-24random acts of violencevengeance is mine
734. 2005-01-17as long as we're all living, we're all dyingburn allston tothe fucking ground
735. 2005-01-10as long as we're all living, we're all dyingpremonitions
736. 2005-01-01virulency#5
737. 2004-12-27virulency#3
738. 2004-12-06devil insidelast dying wish
739. 2004-11-22failsafe device#5
740. 2004-11-22devil insidecalifornia burning
741. 2004-11-15Vio-lencePhobophobia
742. 2004-11-08devil insidebreathing fear
743. 2004-10-25devil insidehangnail
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745. 2004-10-18devil insidecalifornia burning
746. 2004-10-11as long as we're all living we're all dying#1
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751. 2004-09-20devil insideconfessoin
752. 2004-09-13devilinsidedead wrong
753. 2004-08-23vileretalliation
754. 2004-08-09vital remainsi am godForever Undergroundosmose
755. 2004-07-26as long as we're all living, we're all dyingpermissions
756. 2004-07-19lividitychamber of bone
757. 2004-07-19virulenceevolutionary Masquerade
758. 2004-06-28as long as we're all living, we're all dyingburn allston
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760. 2004-05-31vileeat the rude
761. 2004-05-17vision of disorderWays to Destory One's Ambition
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764. 2004-05-03vital remainsdechristianizeDechristianizecenturymedia
765. 2004-04-26Vio-lenceeternal nightmare
766. 2004-03-29random acts of violencelive in the studios
767. 2004-01-19lividitychamber of bone
768. 2004-01-19divine empirehidden hatred
769. 2004-01-05vileeat the rude
770. 2003-12-29the failsafe devicediagram 4.0
771. 2003-12-22vital remainssavior for none... failure for allDechristianizecenturymedia
772. 2003-12-08virgin steelewe rule the night
773. 2003-12-08Vio-lencebodies on bodies
774. 2003-12-01failsafe device#3 (live)
775. 2003-12-01vital remainssavios to none.... failure for allDechristianizecenturymedia
776. 2003-11-10vital remainssavior to noise... failure to allDechristianizecenturymedia
777. 2003-11-10vision of disorderwatering disease
778. 2003-10-20the failsafe devicediagram 3.0
779. 2003-10-20vileEngulfing Horde
780. 2003-09-29triviumpillars of serpents
781. 2003-09-22lividitydismembering her lifeless corpse
782. 2003-09-09lividitychamber of bone
783. 2003-09-02Random Acts of ViolenceUnleashing
784. 2003-08-26Random Acts of Violencemourn the loss
785. 2003-08-26Nodes of Ranviernew york city, 1963
786. 2003-08-26Vio-lenceEnternal Nightmare
787. 2003-08-19Random Acts of ViolenceEnemy Grounds
788. 2003-08-19LividityFeasting on Mankind
789. 2003-08-12Random Acts of Violencelive
790. 2003-08-12Vital RemainsForever undergroundForever Undergroundosmose
791. 2003-08-12LeviathanSubmersed
792. 2003-08-12nodes of ranvier#4
793. 2003-08-05Random Acts of ViolenceVengeance is Mine
794. 2003-07-29random acts of violencepoint of failure
795. 2003-07-29failsafe devicediagram 2.0
796. 2003-07-22Random Acts of ViolenceDescent
797. 2003-07-22LeviathanScenic Solitude and Leprocy
798. 2003-07-22Nodes of Ranviernumber four
799. 2003-07-15Random Acts of ViolencePoitn of Failure
800. 2003-07-15LeviathanSubmersed
801. 2003-07-08Random Acts of ViolenceHate Psalm
802. 2003-07-08Nodes of RanvierNew York City 1963
803. 2003-07-08LeviathanFucking your ghost in chains of ice
804. 2003-06-03Vital RemainsSavior to none... Falure from allDechristianizecenturymedia
805. 2003-05-27Vital RemainsGods of my World
806. 2003-05-20Vital RemainsDechristianizeDechristianizecenturymedia
807. 2003-05-06vital remainsinfidelDechristianizecenturymedia
808. 2003-04-29Vital REmainsUnleash HellDechristianizecenturymedia
809. 2003-04-22Vital RemainsDevoured ElysionDechristianizecenturymedia
810. 2003-04-15Vital REmainsRush of DeliveranceDechristianizecenturymedia
811. 2003-02-25VileEat the Rude
812. 2003-02-18Living SacrificeSymbiotic
813. 2003-02-11VileInterrogation Rites
814. 2003-02-04VileUnit-731
815. 2003-02-04the Failsafe DeviceDiagram 1.0
816. 2003-01-28VileEngulfing Horde
817. 2003-01-21Failsafe Device#4 live
818. 2003-01-21VileEat the Rude
819. 2003-01-14the Failsafe DeviceDiagram 9.0
820. 2003-01-14VilePath to Incineration
821. 2003-01-07VileDepopulate
822. 2003-01-07Failsafe DeviceDiagram 2.0
823. 2002-12-31the Failsafe Devicediagram 8.0
824. 2002-12-24the Failsafe Devicediagran 4.0 (live)
825. 2002-12-17the Failsafe DeviceDiagram 2.0
826. 2002-12-10the Failsafe DeviceDiagram 5.0
827. 2002-12-10The Blood DivineRevolt
828. 2002-12-01The Failsafe devicediagram: 8.0
829. 2002-11-26the Failsafe Devicediagram 3.0
830. 2002-11-19The Failsafe DeviceLive in the studios
831. 2002-11-05devine raptureAffliction
832. 2002-10-29Devine RaptureFuneral Mist
833. 2002-10-08Fantomas-melvinsShe's a puker
834. 2002-10-08Living SacrificeThe Martyr
835. 2002-10-01King's EvilPrey for Nothing
836. 2002-10-01Living SacrificeBlack Seeds
837. 2002-09-24Living Sacrifice3x3 we carries your body
838. 2002-09-24King's EvilScream
839. 2002-09-17King's Evilfalse pride
840. 2002-09-10King's of EvilFalse Pride
841. 2002-09-03King's of EvilWeb of Lies
842. 2002-08-27King's of Evilvictim of hate
843. 2002-05-26Vison of disorderThrough eyes
844. 2002-05-07LivityRansodomly Raped Rectum
845. 2002-02-26Virgin BlackI Sleep wotj tje Emperor
846. 2002-02-19VirulencePainting
847. 2002-01-29Vision of DisorderDivide
848. 2002-01-22VirulenceBranne Cvirene: Defensive Drilling
849. 2002-01-15Virulence GrindCementing with Introspection
850. 2002-01-04Vital REmainsdevine in Fire
851. 2002-01-04Plateau of InvincibilityDead of Night
852. 2001-11-20VirulenceEvolutionary Mascarade
853. 2001-11-06Cavity#2
854. 2001-10-09Devine EmpireWar Torn
855. 2001-10-09Vital RemainsSanctity in Blasphemous RuinDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
856. 2001-08-28Vison of DisorderViola
857. 2001-08-28LividityTesting Mankind
858. 2001-08-28Vison of DisorderViola
859. 2001-08-28LividityTesting Mankind
860. 2001-06-19Vision of DisorderDivide
861. 2001-06-05Vision of DisorderLiving to Die
862. 2001-05-29MidvinterDreamslave
863. 2001-05-22VilePath to Incineration (demo)
864. 2001-04-24Vio-lenceBodies on Bodies
865. 2001-04-17Vital REmainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
866. 2001-04-10LividityMy Cock it Bleeds
867. 2001-04-03vilePath to Incineration (demo)
868. 2001-03-27VilePath to Inceration (demo)
869. 2001-03-13VilePath incineration
870. 2001-02-27VintersorgA Dialogue with the Stars
871. 2001-02-20VintersorgArs Memoriativa
872. 2001-02-13VintersorgAstral and Arcane
873. 2001-01-23Lividityimmortal impact
874. 2001-01-09DevineBirth of Ledgends
875. 2000-12-25Devine Empiretruth be denied
876. 2000-12-25Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyes
877. 2000-12-19Vital RemainsI am GodForever Undergroundosmose
878. 2000-12-19Vital RemainsI am GodForever Undergroundosmose
879. 2000-12-12Devine EmpireBrith of Ledgends
880. 2000-12-12Devine EmpireBrith of Ledgends
881. 2000-11-28Divine Empiredead and Martyred
882. 2000-11-21Devine EmpireRepulsive
883. 2000-11-14Divine EmpireDead and Martyred
884. 2000-11-14Divine EmpireDead and Martyred
885. 2000-11-07Devine EmpireBirth of Ledgends
886. 2000-11-07Devine EmpireBirth of Ledgends
887. 2000-10-31Devine EmpireMurder Suicide
888. 2000-10-31Devine EmpireMurder Suicide
889. 2000-09-25Vision of DisorderSuffer
890. 2000-09-18Eighteen VisionsWine em die em 69em
891. 2000-09-12Eighteen VisiosChampagne and Sleeping Pills
892. 2000-09-12Vital RemainsDehold the Throne of ChaosDawn Of The Apocalypsecenturymedia
893. 2000-09-04Eighteen VisionsWho the Fuck Killed John Lenon?
894. 2000-09-04LividityBrains for Lubrication
895. 2000-09-04Vital RemainsSanctity in Blasphemous RuinDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
896. 2000-08-28Eighteen VisionsShe Looks good in Velvet
897. 2000-08-28LividityLaceration for an unclean twat
898. 2000-08-28Vision of DisorderWays to Destory One;s Ambition
899. 2000-08-14Vital RemainsBehold the Throne of ChaosDawn Of The Apocalypsecenturymedia
900. 2000-08-07Vital RemainsFlag of VicotryDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
901. 2000-07-31Vision of DisorderViola
902. 2000-07-31Vital RemainsSociete Des LuciferiaosDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
903. 2000-07-17LividityFeastin on Mankind
904. 2000-07-17LividityFeastin on Mankind
905. 2000-07-10Vital RemainsFlag of VictoryDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
906. 2000-07-03Vital RemainsSociete des LuciferiensDawn Of The Apocalypsecenturymedia
907. 2000-06-26Vision of DisorderSuffer
908. 2000-06-26Vital RemainsBehold the Throne of ChaosDawn Of The Apocalypsecenturymedia
909. 2000-06-19Vision of DisorderLocust of the Dead Earth
910. 2000-06-19LividityBrains for Lubrication
911. 2000-06-19Vital Remainsthe Night has a thousand EyesDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
912. 2000-06-12Vital RemainsSanctity in Blasphemous RuinDawn Of The Apocalypseosmose
913. 2000-06-12LividityRandomly Raped Rectum
914. 2000-06-05LividityRandomyly Raped Recctum
915. 2000-05-29LividityImmortal Impact
916. 2000-05-01Vision of DisorderWays to destoy one's Ambition
917. 2000-04-24Tapping the VienButterfly
918. 2000-04-17MidvinterEtt Ein Fornekat
919. 2000-04-17Devine Empireout for Blod
920. 2000-04-10Vio-lencePhobophobia
921. 2000-04-03Vital RemainsI am GodForever Undergroundosmose
922. 2000-03-20Vio-lenceliquid Courage
923. 2000-03-13Vision of DisorderSuffer
924. 2000-03-06Vision of DisorderThrough My Eyes
925. 1999-12-20Vio-lenceI Profit
926. 1999-12-20Vital RemainsI am GodForever Undergroundosmose
927. 1999-12-13Living Sacrificetruth Solution
928. 1999-10-25Divine EmpireRedemptaion
929. 1999-10-18Vision of DisorderViola
930. 1999-10-04Evil mothersTeen Strap Party
931. 1999-09-27Vision of DisorderFormula for Failure
932. 1999-09-20Vision of Disorderin the Room
933. 1999-09-13Vision of DisorderBeneath the Green
934. 1999-09-13Vital RemainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
935. 1999-08-30Vision of DisorderBeneath the Green
936. 1999-08-23Vision of disorderWatch out
937. 1999-08-16Vision of DisorderSouldscaft
938. 1999-08-09Vision of DisorderWays to Destory one's Ambition
939. 1999-08-02Vio-lenceWorld in a world
940. 1999-08-02Vision of DisorderDTO
941. 1999-07-19Divine EmpireRedemption
942. 1999-07-19Tapping the VienButterfly
943. 1999-07-05Devine EmpireOut for Blood
944. 1999-03-15DeviateSickness
945. 1997-09-01Living SacrificeTruth Solution
946. 1997-08-25Living SacrificeAwakening
947. 1997-08-18Living SacrificeTruuth Solution
948. 1997-08-04Evil MothersKing Ruckus
949. 1997-07-21Evil MothersYou had Enough
950. 1997-07-21Spider VirusZero the Zero
951. 1997-07-07Evils ToyDear God
952. 1997-06-30Aghast ViewTorrent Haze
953. 1997-06-23Vision of DisorderDevide
954. 1997-06-16Vision of DisorderViola
955. 1997-06-09Vision of DisorderWatering Disease
956. 1997-06-09Aghast ViewTorrent Haze (rapid Torture remix)
957. 1997-05-19Vio-lenceOppressing the Masses
958. 1997-05-19Vision of DisorderViola
959. 1997-03-31Vision of Disorderviola
960. 1997-03-31Evil Toys#3
961. 1997-03-31Evil MothersSomehting wicked this way please
962. 1997-03-17Vision of DisorderWatering Disease
963. 1997-02-24Vision of DisorderWatering Disease
964. 1997-02-17Vision of DisorderWatering Disease
965. 1997-02-17Virus 23Crucified
966. 1997-01-20Vision of DisorderDio
967. 1996-12-30Vision of disorderViola
968. 1996-12-23Vison of DisorderViola
969. 1996-12-16Vision of DisorderWiola
970. 1996-12-10Vision of DisorderWays to Destory One's Ambition
971. 1996-12-02Vison of DisorderWatering Disease
972. 1996-11-25Vision of DisorderWater Dissease
973. 1996-11-18Vision of DisorderElement
974. 1996-11-11vision of DisorderElement
975. 1996-09-09Theory of NegativityBlue face
976. 1996-09-02Theory of NegativityBlueface
977. 1996-09-02Only Living WitnessProne Mortal Erm
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