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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-06Nuclear DeathCorpse Of AllegianceBride Of InsectWild Rags Records
2. 2020-06-29Deathnoisefrequency2. Chapter IIII Horrid ChoirsHorrid Dirge - Out July 17thSelf-Released
3. 2020-06-29Dark Morbid DeathSpawn of the WormsSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
4. 2020-06-15DeathOveractive ImaginationIndividual Thought Patterns
5. 2020-06-15Death EaterBeyond BeliefThe Game of Life / The Gift Of Death
6. 2020-06-15Nuclear DeathPlace Of SkullsBride Of InsectWild Rags Records
7. 2020-06-01Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the ParkEnigma Records
8. 2020-05-25Deathspell OmegaHave You Beheld The Fevers?Paracletus
9. 2020-05-18Merciless DeathDeath WarriorsRealm of TerrorHeavy Artillery
10. 2020-03-02DEATHVacant PlanetsHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
11. 2020-01-27DeathTogether as OneHumanCombat Records
12. 2020-01-27HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH04 SuicideHeaven Bled (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
13. 2020-01-06UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
14. 2019-12-23Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal ChristmasMetal Blade
15. 2019-12-16DEATH WOLF (swe)06_Death Wolf - The Executioners SongIVBlooddawn Productions
16. 2019-12-16DeathOpen Casket (live)Spiritual Healing (Reissue)Relapse Records
17. 2019-12-02Death WorshipSlaughtersiegeEnd Times 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
18. 2019-11-11HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATHSatans CrusadeHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
19. 2019-11-11Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
20. 2019-11-11DeathrowRaging steelRaging Steelnoise
21. 2019-10-28UNDEATH05 - Archfiend Coercion MethodsDemo '19Caligari Records
22. 2019-10-28HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH08 Son Of GodHeaven Bled (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
23. 2019-10-21HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH05 Drawn & QuarteredHeaven Bled (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
24. 2019-10-21Acid DeathThe Unfair FightHall Of Mirrors
25. 2019-10-21DeathLeprosyLeprosy
26. 2019-09-23UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
27. 2019-09-23Hummingbird Of DeathHallelujah, It's Raining DeathSplit With Hummingbird Of Death/Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera
28. 2019-09-16Blessed DeathCurse Of WeaponsDestined For Extinction
29. 2019-09-16DeathnapSleep ParalysisDeathnap/Patent
30. 2019-09-02Recipients of DeathRaping DeathRecipients of Death + Final Flight
31. 2019-08-26DEATHSuicide MachineHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
32. 2019-08-12Deathcult (Switzerland)07 The Sick WithinBeasts of FaithInvictus Productions
33. 2019-08-05Nuclear DeathThe Color Of BloodBride Of InsectWild Rags Records
34. 2019-07-22DEATHHAMMER05 Sinner's PossessionEvil Power (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
35. 2019-07-15Deathspell OmegaDearthParacletus
36. 2019-07-08Death Before DishonorTrue DefeatUnfinished BusinessBridge Nine Records
37. 2019-07-08DeathfallBreak the MachineRebornBurning Star Music
38. 2019-06-17DeathwitchDiabolical TormentorDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
39. 2019-06-03UNDEATH01 - Unadorned CoffinDemo '19Caligari Records
40. 2019-05-27Future DeathSpeedweedSpecial VictimBloodmoss Records
42. 2019-05-20Hummingbird of DeathThe Dark Ages Are OverratedDemo '05
43. 2019-05-20Acid DeathTowards HateEidolon
44. 2019-05-20DeathInfernal DeathScream Bloody Gore
45. 2019-05-13NECKBEARD DEATHCAMPOPERATION NEETSo Much For The Tolerant LeftProsthetic Records
46. 2019-05-13Death AngelAggressorHumanicideNuclear Blast Records
47. 2019-05-13The Monolith DeathcultDer HexenhammerBloodcults
48. 2019-05-13Deathspell OmegaScorpions & DroughtDroughtNorma Evangelium Diaboli
49. 2019-05-13DeathForgotten PastLeprosy
50. 2019-05-06Death StrikeRemorseless PoisonFuckin' Death
51. 2019-04-29Pestilent Death02 Torturous IncantationsChapters of Depravity CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
52. 2019-04-15Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
53. 2019-04-08Red Death, TheTwilight of the IdolsExternal Frames of ReferenceMetal Blade
54. 2019-03-04DeathDenial Of LifeScream Bloody Gore
55. 2019-03-04UNDEATH03 - Perverted Self ReflectionsDemo '19Caligari Records
56. 2019-02-25DEATHTogether as OneHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
57. 2019-02-04DeathRegurgitated GutsScream Bloody Gore
58. 2019-02-04BLACK DEATH05 Scream of the Iron MessiahBlack Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
59. 2019-01-28Death Worship02 The Poisoned ChaliceEnd Times 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
60. 2019-01-14nuclear death2 Cremationwelcome to the minds of the morbidzips
61. 2019-01-07Ravenous DeathEvil Dementia (The Voices of the Nobodies)Chapters of an Evil TransitionMemento Mori
62. 2018-12-03DeathPrimitive WaysLeprosy
63. 2018-11-26Napalm DeathBlunt Against the Cutting EdgeEnemy of the Music BusinessSpitfire Records
64. 2018-10-22Deathspell OmegaWings Of PredationParacletusNorma Evangelium Diaboli
65. 2018-10-15Napalm DeathCD1 3. It Failed To ExplodeCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
66. 2018-10-15Acid DeathWhile The End Is ComingPieces Of Mankind
67. 2018-10-01DeathLeft To DieLeprosyrelativity
68. 2018-09-24DEATHHAMMERBlack Speed InfernoChained to HellHells Headbangers Records
69. 2018-09-10Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
70. 2018-08-27DeathLeft To DieFate
71. 2018-08-06DEATH YELL07 THY WILL BE DONEDescent Into Hell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
72. 2018-08-06White DeathBorn From the Unholy FireWhite DeathWerewolf Records
73. 2018-07-30DeathTrapped In A CornerIndividual Thought Patterns
74. 2018-07-23Napalm DeathRipe For The BreakingDiatribes
75. 2018-07-02Dark Morbid DeathLamentation and WeepingSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
76. 2018-06-25Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
77. 2018-06-18Napalm DeathSuffer The ChildrenSuffer The Children
78. 2018-06-18Headhunter Death CultPrepare To Die
79. 2018-06-11Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A NationNo Sleep Records
80. 2018-06-04Deathspell OmegaEpiklesis IIParacletus
81. 2018-05-14Napalm DeathJudicial SlimeUtopia Banishedearache
82. 2018-05-14DeathwardsEpitaph from the UnderworldTowards DeathInvictus Productions
83. 2018-05-07DeathwitchNocturnal SacrificeDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
84. 2018-04-16Candy Striper Death OrgyWorld War IIINitronmethane
85. 2018-03-19Napalm DeathCD1 11. Aim Without An AimCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
87. 2018-03-12Napalm DeathCD1 7. We Hunt In PacksCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
88. 2018-01-29Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined For Extinction
89. 2018-01-15Headhunter Death CultThe GloryAnd The Sky Turns Blackworld_war_iii
90. 2018-01-08DEATH KEEPERS03 Death KeepersRock This WorldFighter Records
91. 2018-01-01In DeathKing of the DeadpoolThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
92. 2017-12-25DeathLeprosyLeprosyRelapse Records
93. 2017-12-18Twitch of the Death NerveThe Pitezel Family HolidayA New Code of MoralityComatose Music
94. 2017-12-18Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal ChristmasMetal Blade
95. 2017-12-11Deathspell OmegaDevouring FamineParacletus
96. 2017-12-11DEATHSuicide MachineHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
97. 2017-11-06DeathLiving MonstrositySpiritual HealingCombat Records
98. 2017-10-02DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody GoreMetal Blade
99. 2017-08-28Dark Morbid DeathDaemons of the Fourth AngleSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
100. 2017-08-28Blessed DeathPray For DeathDestined For Extinctionroadracer
101. 2017-08-14Napalm DeathNazi Punks Fuck OffPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
102. 2017-08-14In DeathKing of the DeadpoolThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
103. 2017-07-31DeathZero ToleranceSymbolicRoadrunner Records
104. 2017-07-24DEATH YELL05 BETRAYED CHASTITYDescent Into Hell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
105. 2017-07-17DeathInfernal DeathScream Bloody Gore
106. 2017-07-10DeathfallBreak the MachineRebornBurning Star Music
107. 2017-07-03Deathcult (Switzerland)04 Death in JulyBeasts of FaithInvictus Productions
108. 2017-07-03Napalm DeathConstitutional HellEnemy of the Music BusinessSpitfire Records
109. 2017-06-19DeathOpen CasketLeprosyCombat Records
110. 2017-06-19Infernal Death(The) Immortal RaceDemo #1
111. 2017-05-29DeathchainOur Lady Under The EarthRitual Death Metal
112. 2017-04-24Hummingbird Of DeathYou're In My Universe NowSplit - Hummingbird Of Death-Titarumgive_praise
113. 2017-04-17DEATHTOLLliving a liesplit w/blown to bits
114. 2017-04-03DeathBaptized In BloodScream Bloody Gore
115. 2017-03-27DeathwitchExecutioner 1999Monumental MutilationsNecropolis Records
116. 2017-03-20DeathCrystal MountainSymbolicRoadrunner Records
117. 2017-02-27Napalm DeathRepression Out of UniformWords from the Exit WoundEarache
118. 2017-02-27DeathwitchDesecration of the White ChristDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
119. 2017-02-20Stormtroopers of DeathSpeak English or Die!Live at BudokanSPV
120. 2017-02-13Twitch of the Death NerveMade Loose, the Bonds of PietyA New Code of MoralityComatose Music
121. 2017-02-06Creation Of DeathQuartering AlivePurify Your Soul
122. 2017-01-30Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined For Extinction
123. 2017-01-30Terminal DeathCelestial Execution ['85 Demo]Terminal DeathShadow Kingdom Records
124. 2017-01-30WHITE DEATH05 WarpathWhite Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
125. 2017-01-30DeathPull The PlugLeprosy
126. 2017-01-30Hummingbird Of DeathGreat Annoyance And DispleasureHummingbird of Death and Chainsaw To The Face split - LP
127. 2017-01-30Napalm DeathDeceiver/Social SterilityComplete Radio One Sessions (BBC)Fuel 2000
128. 2017-01-09Death Worship02 Evocation ChamberExtermination Mass MLP/MCDNuclear War Now! Productions
129. 2017-01-02DeathSpirit CrusherThe Sound of PerseveranceNuclear Blast Records
130. 2017-01-02DEATHTOLLprophecy of deathsplit w/blown to bits
131. 2017-01-02Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
132. 2016-12-26DEATHTogether As OneSpiritual Healing (Reissue)Relapse Records
133. 2016-11-21Napalm DeathSocial SterilityFrom Enslavement To ObliterationEarache
134. 2016-11-14Evil Madness/Infant Death03 Convulsive Realitysplit LPDoomentia Records
135. 2016-11-14DeathwitchWrath of SathanasDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
136. 2016-11-14Twitch of the Death NerveOf Rutting Beasts and Drifting HerdsA New Code of MoralityComatose Music
137. 2016-11-07Death AngelKill As Onethe Ultra-Violenceenigma
138. 2016-11-07Hobbs' Angel Of DeathCrucifixionHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
139. 2016-10-24In DeathEvery BurialThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
140. 2016-10-24DeathLack of ComprehensionHumanCombat Records
141. 2016-10-17Mr DEATHCome WinterDescending Through AshesAgonia Records
142. 2016-10-10NecrodeathExtreme Emotional ShockPhylogenesisScarlet Records
143. 2016-10-03Deathcult (Switzerland)Beasts of FaithBeasts of FaithInvictus Productions
144. 2016-09-26Blessed DeathOmen Of FateKill Or Be Killedmegaforce
145. 2016-09-19Death AngelDeath Of The MeekRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
146. 2016-08-22Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateDeath by Manipulation
147. 2016-08-22Dark Morbid DeathThe Horns of DeathSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
148. 2016-08-22Dark Morbid DeathThe Horns of DeathSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
149. 2016-08-22Acid DeathOur ShadowsPieces Of Mankind
150. 2016-08-15HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH03 Final FeastHeaven Bled (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
151. 2016-08-01Headhunter Death CultMorbid Visions*(BONUS TRACKS)And The Sky Turns Blackworld_war_iii
152. 2016-08-01DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gore
153. 2016-07-25DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
154. 2016-07-25DEATHTOLLbastard policesplit w/blown to bits
155. 2016-07-18Napalm DeathSuffer the ChildrenPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
156. 2016-07-18Death Courier04 Mass ImpalementEP and Demo LPNuclear War Now! Productions
157. 2016-07-04Death AngelClaws In So DeepRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
158. 2016-06-27Death AngelFather of LiesThe Evil DivideNuclear Blast Records
159. 2016-06-27Death CourierSwamplifeDemiseNuclear War Now! Productions
160. 2016-05-23Napalm DeathDeceiver + Lucid Fairytale + in ExtremisThe Peel Sessions
161. 2016-05-23Acid DeathGhostshipHall Of Mirrors
162. 2016-05-02DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gorerelativity
163. 2016-04-25DeathwitchExecutioner 1999Monumental MutilationsNecropolis Records
164. 2016-04-18Living DeathHorrible InfanticideProtected From Realityrestless
165. 2016-04-18DeathDefensive PersonalitiesSpiritual Healingcombat
166. 2016-04-18Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
167. 2016-04-11Acid DeathMental SlimeHall Of Mirrors
168. 2016-04-11DeathPull The PlugLeprosyrelativity
169. 2016-04-04DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gore
170. 2016-03-21Living DeathLabyrinthVengance Of Hell
171. 2016-03-14DeathPull The PlugLeprosy
172. 2016-02-22DeathrowRaging steelRaging Steelnoise
173. 2016-02-08DEATHSee Through DreamsHuman (Reissue)Relapse Records
174. 2016-02-08DeathhammerDeathrashing sacrificeOnward to the PitsHells Headbangers Records
175. 2016-01-25Napalm DeathMoral CrusadeGrind Madness At The BBCEarache
176. 2016-01-18Death SSZombie...In Death of Steve Sylvester
177. 2015-12-27Hummingbird Of DeathFuck ChristmasDiagnosis
178. 2015-12-21Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal ChristmasMetal Blade
179. 2015-12-14DeathChoke On ItLeprosyrelativity
180. 2015-12-14Napalm DeathSocial SterilityDeath by Manipulationearache
181. 2015-12-07DeathfistHell is HereToo Hot to BurnPure Steel Records
182. 2015-11-02DeathWithin the MindSpiritual Healingcombat
183. 2015-10-19DeathPull the PlugLeprosy
184. 2015-09-28Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
185. 2015-09-21DeathSpiritual HealingFate
186. 2015-08-17Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
187. 2015-08-17DeathriteMayhem RemainsRevelation Of Chaosprosthetic
188. 2015-08-03Embrionic DeathHemorrhaging HorrorRegurgitated Stream Of Rotpathos
189. 2015-07-27DeathwhiteSuffer AbandonmentSolitary MartyrSelf-Released
190. 2015-07-20Napalm DeathDope FiendLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
191. 2015-07-20DeathriteDeterminate To RotRevelation Of Chaosprosthetic
192. 2015-07-13Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
193. 2015-07-06Sudden DeathMonolith Of SorrowMonolith Of SorrowKillerpool
194. 2015-07-06Napalm DeathCircle Of HypocrisyHarmony Corruption
195. 2015-06-29DeathZombie RitualScream Bloody Gore
196. 2015-06-15DeathBorn DeadLeprosy (Re-issue)relapse
197. 2015-05-25Napalm DeathBreed To Breathe (Live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
198. 2015-05-18DeathA Moment Of Claritythe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
199. 2015-05-18Blessed DeathPray for DeathDestined for Extinctionroadracer
200. 2015-05-04DeathhammerPowertriEvil Powerhells_headbangers
201. 2015-04-27Living DeathManilla TerrorProtected From Realityrestless
202. 2015-04-06DeathSpirit Crusherthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
203. 2015-04-06Creation of DeathPslam 69Purify Your Soul
204. 2015-03-23Living DeathNatures DeathProtected From Realityrestless
205. 2015-03-16HeavydeathEat The SunEternal Sleepwalkersvart
206. 2015-03-02Krhoma DeathEvil GhostGrating Into Corpse
207. 2015-02-16Creation of DeathNameless ForeverPurify Your Soul
208. 2015-02-16Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
209. 2015-02-09DeathwitchJehova shall bleedMonumetal Mutilationsnecropolis
210. 2015-02-02Living DeathVengenceProtected From Realityrestless
211. 2015-01-26Death EngineCureMudthroatruiner
212. 2015-01-26Napalm DeathObstinate DirectionFom Enslavement To Obliterationcenturymedia
213. 2015-01-26DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
214. 2015-01-26Living DeathManilla TerrorProtected From Realityrestless
215. 2014-12-22Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
216. 2014-12-22Death AngelWhy You Do This?Frolic Through the Parkenigma
217. 2014-12-22Hobbs' Angel Of DeathLucifer's DomainHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
218. 2014-12-22Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
219. 2014-12-22Death In JuneLepard FlowersOccidental Martyr
220. 2014-12-15DeathEmpty WordsSymbolicroadrunner
221. 2014-12-08DeathAltering the FutureFate
222. 2014-11-24DeathNothing Is EverythingIndividual Thought Patternsroadrunner
223. 2014-11-24Deathspell OmegaMalconfortParacletus
224. 2014-11-17Hobbs' Angel Of DeathLucifer's DomainHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
225. 2014-11-10DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
226. 2014-11-10Hummingbird Of DeathYou're In My Universe NowSplit - Hummingbird Of Death-Titarumgive_praise
227. 2014-10-20Napalm DeathPractice What You PreachFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
228. 2014-10-06DeathPrimitive Ways (Live At Backstreets)Leprosy (Re-issue)relapse
229. 2014-09-15Napalm DeathMorbid DeceiverFrom Enslavement To Obliteration
230. 2014-09-15The DeathtripDynamic UnderworldDeep Drone Mastersvart
231. 2014-09-01DeathScream Bloody GoreScream Bloody Gorecombat
232. 2014-08-11DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
233. 2014-08-04DeathwitchBlack FeastMonumetal Mutilationsnecropolis
234. 2014-07-28Napalm DeathThe Wolf I FeedUtilitariancenturymedia
235. 2014-07-21Death VomitDeeds Of PestilenceGutted By Horrorsxtreem
236. 2014-07-14DeathLeft To Die (Live At Backstreets)Leprosy (Re-issue)relepse
237. 2014-06-23DeathOpen CasketLeprosy (Re-issue)relapse
238. 2014-06-02Twitch Of The Death NerveThe Repercussions Of Fetus ConsumptionA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
239. 2014-05-19Deathspell OmegaAbrasive Swirling MurkDroughtNorma Evangelium Diaboli
240. 2014-05-19Teminal DeathDay After The End ['85 Demo]Teminal DeathShadow Kingdom
241. 2014-05-05DeathOpen CasketLeprosycombat
242. 2014-04-28Napalm Deaththe World Keeps TurningUtopia Banishedearache
243. 2014-04-21Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
244. 2014-04-21DeathSpiritual HealingSpiritual Healingcombat
245. 2014-04-07DeathrowIl Vento Del NordDismal Empyrean Solitude
246. 2014-04-07DeathPull the PlugLeprosycombat
247. 2014-04-07Lightning Swords Of DeathPsychic WatersBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
248. 2014-04-07Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
249. 2014-03-24Twitch Of The Death NerveThe Locard PrincipleA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
250. 2014-03-10Twitch Of The Death NerveA Hundred And Twenty Days In SodomA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
251. 2014-03-03The Monolith DeathcultMaster Of The Branysk ForestTrivmviratetwilight_vertrieb
252. 2014-02-24Napalm DeathCause and EffectMentally Murdered
253. 2014-02-03Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
254. 2014-01-27Napalm DeathWhen All Is Said And DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
255. 2014-01-13DeathJealousyIndividual Thought Patternsroadrunner
256. 2014-01-06DeathscytheThe Hitory Of My SuicideIn All Of UsNoiseheadrecords
257. 2013-12-30Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
258. 2013-12-23DeathCosmic SeaHuman (Reissue)relapse
259. 2013-12-23Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
260. 2013-12-23Hummingbird Of DeathCowardI Accuse Split 12"
261. 2013-12-16Napalm DeathRaging HellBroadcast 1988-04-20
262. 2013-12-02Merciless DeathRitual Of The Black Host 2Sick Sanctitieshigh_roller
263. 2013-12-02Napalm DeathBedtime StoryLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
264. 2013-11-18Blessed DeathAlien ImpregnationDestined for Extinctionroadracer
265. 2013-11-18Death AngelSon Of The MorningThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
266. 2013-11-11DeathLeft to DieLeprosycombat
267. 2013-11-04Death AngelDetonateThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
268. 2013-10-28Deathspell OmegaPhospheneParacletus
269. 2013-10-21Death AngelSuccubusThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
270. 2013-10-14Death AngelLeft For DeadThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
271. 2013-10-14DeathIndividual Thought PatternsIndividual Thought Patterns
272. 2013-10-07Death AngelThe Dreams Calls For BloodThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
273. 2013-09-30Acid DeathInside My WallsEidolonNoiseheadrecords
274. 2013-09-30Napalm DeathThrown Down A RopeWords From The Exit Woundearache
275. 2013-09-16Napalm DeathI AbstainUtopia Banishedearache
276. 2013-09-09Death AngelDeath Is Certain (Life Is Not)Darkness Descends
277. 2013-09-09Fate Worse Than DeathSkin Deep LifeThe Worst Things In Life Come Free To Us
278. 2013-09-02Napalm DeathHungPunishment in Capitalsarmoury
279. 2013-09-02DeathLeprosyLeprosyrestless
280. 2013-08-19Headhunter Death CultEternal Hatred...And The Sky Turns To Black... (the dark age has come)world_war_iii
281. 2013-07-29DeathLeprosyLeprosyrestless
282. 2013-07-29Living DeathThe GalleryProtected From Realityrestless
283. 2013-07-15Austrian Death MachineGet To The ChoppaA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
284. 2013-07-08Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
285. 2013-07-08Napalm DeathWorlds ApartFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
286. 2013-07-08NecrodeathPropitiation Of The GodsPhylogenesisscarlet
287. 2013-06-24Merciless DeathExumerThrashing Like a Maniac - Various Artistearache
288. 2013-06-17DeathRegurgitated GutsScream Bloody Gorecombat
289. 2013-06-17Dream DeathMethod Of MadnessVarious Artists - Speed Metalnew_renaissance
290. 2013-06-17The Pete Flesh DeathtripBleedMortui Vivos Docentpulverised
291. 2013-06-10DeathBaptized in BloodScream Bloody Gorecombat
292. 2013-06-10Deathspell OmegaAbscissionParacletusNorma Evangelium Diaboli
293. 2013-06-10The Monolith DeathcultI Spew Thee Out Of My MouthTrivmviratetwilight_vertrieb
294. 2013-06-10The Pete Flesh DeathtripGod OF The Crawling WhoresMortui Vivos Docentpulverised
295. 2013-05-13DeathLeprosyLeprosyrestless
296. 2013-05-13Acid DeathNo Sky SoresEidolonNoiseheadrecords
297. 2013-05-13Napalm DeathScumPunishment in Capitals:armoury
298. 2013-05-06DeathMutilationScream Bloody Gorecombat
299. 2013-05-06Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
300. 2013-04-22Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
301. 2013-04-22DeathEvil DeadScream Bloody Gorecombat
302. 2013-04-22DeathrowBreak OutVarious Artist - Doomsday News 2noise
303. 2013-04-15Napalm DeathCock-Rock AlienationFrom Enslavement To Obliterationearache
304. 2013-04-15Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
305. 2013-04-08Deathspell OmegaFiery SerpentsDroughtNorma Evangelium Diaboli
306. 2013-03-18Death WolfNight StalkerDeath Wolfregain
307. 2013-03-11Acid DeathTowards HateEidolonNoiseheadrecords
308. 2013-03-11DeathOpen CasketVarious Artists: At Death's Doorroadrunner
309. 2013-02-25Death WolfRothenburgII: Black Armoured Deathcenturymedia
310. 2013-02-25Acid DeathInside My WallsEidolonNoiseheadrecords
311. 2013-02-18Blessed DeathPray for DeathDestined for Extinctionroadracer
312. 2013-02-18DeathCosmic SeaHumanrelativity
313. 2013-02-18DeathchainSeven Asakku ShadowsRitual Death Metalsvart
314. 2013-02-18Merciless DeathPower Of DestinySick Sanctitieshigh_roller
315. 2013-02-11Acid DeathInside My WallsEidolonNoiseheadrecords
316. 2013-02-11Death WolfLord Of PutrefactionII: Black Armoured Deathcenturymedia
317. 2013-02-11Lightning Swords Of DeathChained To DecayBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
318. 2013-02-04DeathSymbolicSymbolicroadrunner
319. 2013-01-28Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
320. 2013-01-28Death AngelThicker Than BloodThe Art Of Killingnuclearblast
321. 2013-01-28Lightning Swords Of DeathPsychic WatersBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
322. 2013-01-14DeathSee Through DreamsHumanrelativity
323. 2013-01-07Napalm Deathwhen all is said and doneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
324. 2013-01-07Deathspell OmegaFiery SerpentsDroughtNorma Evangelium Diaboli
325. 2013-01-07Headhunter Death Cultfalling in perdition...And The Sky Turns To Black... (the dark age has come)world_war_iii
326. 2012-12-31Death Before DishonorFuck This WorldBetter Ways to Diebridge9
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657. 2008-01-07Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
658. 2007-12-31Death Before Dishonorby my sideFriends Family Foreverbridge9
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677. 2007-06-25blessed deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
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685. 2007-04-02deathfallkings of pain
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692. 2007-01-08Death Sickripping you to shreds
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694. 2006-12-25napalm deathchristening of the blind
695. 2006-12-25Death Sickdeath sick
696. 2006-12-18DeathPull the PlugLeprosyrelativity
697. 2006-12-18Death Sickkill the ones
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704. 2006-10-23blessed deathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
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708. 2006-10-02napalm deathfreedom is the wage of sin
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710. 2006-09-18napalm deathidentity crisis
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719. 2006-08-14Deathamphetamineacquitions
720. 2006-08-07Deathamphetaminethe last battlefield
721. 2006-07-31Deathamphetaminedawn of no release
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733. 2006-05-22napalm deaththe great and the good
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735. 2006-05-08napalm deaththe code is red... lond live the code
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738. 2006-04-03DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
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741. 2006-02-27the Red Deaththe final sphere
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747. 2005-11-21napalm deathsuffer the chldren (live)
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751. 2005-10-31napalm deathnazi punks fuck off
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799. 2004-12-13death without weepingshe broke my heart so I broke her jaw
800. 2004-12-13Deathamphetaminepolitics of horror
801. 2004-12-06Deathamphetaminedual
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803. 2004-11-29even death may dielive in the studio
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806. 2004-11-15deathkilling spree
807. 2004-11-08death without weepingshe broke my heart so I broke her jaw
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817. 2004-09-27deathstardeven
818. 2004-09-27napalm deathBreed To Breathe
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822. 2004-08-30xdeathstarxsuffocate faster
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828. 2004-04-26septic deathtrack
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833. 2004-01-05deathMisanthrope
834. 2004-01-05Headhunter Death Cult...and the sky turns to black...
835. 2003-12-29deathlive #3
836. 2003-12-15deathspirit crusher
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844. 2003-08-12Headhunter Death Cultfrom dream to nightmare
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846. 2003-07-15Headhunter Death Cultthe Glory
847. 2003-05-27DeathExchange
848. 2003-05-13DeathwishCarion
849. 2003-05-13DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
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864. 2002-11-19Septic DEathHardware
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867. 2002-10-29Napalm DeathOut of sight out of mind
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873. 2002-06-02Deathline Int'lWe Believe
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876. 2002-05-14Headhunter Death Cult...and the sky turns to black...
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880. 2002-02-11DeathSuicide Machine
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887. 2002-01-08Napalm DeathScum
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890. 2001-12-18DeathSpirit Crusher
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894. 2001-11-27Headhunter Death CultEternal Hatred
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897. 2001-10-30Headhunter Death CultMorbid Visions
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902. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
903. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
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912. 2001-04-10DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
913. 2001-02-06Napalm DeathBreed to Breathe
914. 2001-01-23DeathHe Who Sleeps
915. 2001-01-16DeathKilling Spree
916. 2000-12-25DeathPainkiller
917. 2000-11-31Napalm Death
918. 2000-10-31Coalesce/Naplam DeathHarvest of Maturity
919. 2000-10-31Coalesce/Naplam DeathHarvest of Maturity
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921. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
922. 2000-10-17DeathChoke on it
923. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
924. 2000-08-14Napalm DeathUn challenged Hate
925. 2000-07-31Napalm DeathPlague Rages
926. 2000-06-26Napalm DeathPlague Rages
927. 2000-06-26DeathSecret Face
928. 2000-04-24DeathSpirit Crusher
929. 2000-04-10Septic DeathAvantage
930. 2000-04-10DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
931. 2000-02-07DeathLeprosyLeprosyrelativity
932. 2000-01-24Napalm DeathPseudo Youth
933. 2000-01-10DeathZombie Ritual
934. 2000-01-03DeathwitchDesecration of the White Christ
935. 1999-12-06Deathline InternationalHoelen Paradise
936. 1999-12-06DeathPainkiller
937. 1999-11-30Deathline InternationalOpen your Eyes
938. 1999-11-22Napalm DeathNext of Kin to Chaos
939. 1999-11-15DeathSpirit Crusher
940. 1999-11-01DeathPainkiller
941. 1999-10-04Death Angelthe Organization
942. 1999-10-04DeathPull the PlugLeprosyrelativity
943. 1999-10-04DeathwishPrey to the Lords
944. 1999-09-20Napalm DeathThe Missing Link
945. 1999-09-06Napalm Deaththe Kill/scum
946. 1999-08-23Napalm DeathReflect on Conflict
947. 1999-08-21DeathVoice of the Soul
948. 1999-08-21Deathwitch#6
949. 1999-08-21DeathVoice of the Soul
950. 1999-08-21Deathwitch#6
951. 1999-08-09DeathFlesh and the Power it holds
952. 1999-07-26Septic DeathDisinfect
953. 1999-07-26DeathZero Tolerance
954. 1999-07-05Napalm DEathClutching At Barbs
955. 1999-07-05Deathwitch#12
956. 1999-06-28Deathwitch#3
957. 1999-06-14Deathwitch#7
958. 1999-05-17DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
959. 1999-05-17Napalm Deathtrack
960. 1999-05-10Napalm DEathnext of Kin to chaos
961. 1999-05-04Septic DeathChild
962. 1999-05-04Blessed DeathOver the FAteDestined for Extinctionroadracer
963. 1999-04-27Napalm DeathCleanse Impure
964. 1999-04-20Napalm DeathClense Improve
965. 1999-04-20DeathFlesh and the Power it holds
966. 1999-04-13Napalm Deathtrio-Degradable/Affixed by Disconcern
967. 1999-04-06Napalm DeathRepression out of uniform
968. 1999-03-29Napalm DEathDevouring Depraved
969. 1999-03-22Napalm DeathNone the Wiser?
970. 1999-03-15DeathwishDeath Processions
971. 1997-10-27DeathWithin the Mind
972. 1997-10-20DeathwitchJehova shall bleed
973. 1997-10-13DeathwishWeath of Sathons
974. 1997-09-01DeathwitchAngel Execution
975. 1997-09-01Napalm DeathArmagedon X7
976. 1997-08-25DeathwatchAngel Execution
977. 1997-07-21Napalm DeathPurist Realist
978. 1997-07-14Napalm DEathBirth in Regress
979. 1997-07-07Napalm DeathReflect on Confilct
980. 1997-06-30Napalm DEathDown in the Zero
981. 1997-06-30Kevorkian Death CycleVeal
982. 1997-06-23Napalm DeathPrelude
983. 1997-06-23Death1000 Eyes
984. 1997-06-16Death Line InternationalHoellen Paradies
985. 1997-06-16Napalm DeathIf Symptons Persist
986. 1997-06-09Napalm DeathDown in the Zero
987. 1997-06-09Death Line InternationalMy Friend is Dead
988. 1997-04-28Napalm DeathHung
989. 1997-03-31Deathline InternationalVenus Mind Trap
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991. 1997-03-10Napalm DeathUpward and Uninterected
992. 1997-03-03Napalm DEathSuffer the Children
993. 1997-02-24Napalm DeathFood chains
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995. 1997-02-17Napalm DEathUpwards and Uninterested (Demo Version)
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997. 1997-01-27Napalm DeathFood Chains
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999. 1997-01-13Deathline InternationalVenus Mind trap
1000. 1997-01-06Deathline InternationalWelcome (to the Freeworld)
1001. 1997-01-06Kevorkian Death CycleDscipline
1002. 1996-12-30Kevorkian Death CycleBiosphere
1003. 1996-12-23Napalm DEathDistorting the Medium
1004. 1996-12-16Napalm DeathCause and Effect
1005. 1996-12-02Napalm Deaththe World
1006. 1996-11-25Napalm DeathAwake (to a like of Misery)
1007. 1996-11-18Napalm DeathChristening of the Blind
1008. 1996-11-11Napalm Deaththe Missing Link
1009. 1996-11-04Napalm DeathPride Assassin
1010. 1996-10-28Napalm DeathPlague rages
1011. 1996-09-30Kevorkian Death CycleBiosphere
1012. 1996-09-23Napalm DeathGreed Killing
1013. 1996-09-09Napalm DeathGreed killing
1014. 1996-09-02Napalm DeathHung
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