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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1233 playlist up with 52387 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-01-04Children of BodomSilent Night, Bodom NightHatebreeder
2. 2020-10-19Children Of BodomMass Hypnosis (Sepultura)Bodom Covers
3. 2018-03-19Children Of BodomBed Of Nails (Alice Cooper)Bodom Covers
4. 2014-10-20Children of BodomHell If For ChildrenSkeletons In The Closet
5. 2013-11-25Children of BodomSilent Scream (Slayer)Bodom Covers
6. 2013-06-03Children of BodomSomebod Put Something In My DrinkBodom Covers
7. 2013-02-25Children of BodomMass Hypnosis (Sepultura)Bodom Coversspinefarm
8. 2012-10-08Children of BodomSomebod Put Something In My DrinkBodom Covers
9. 2008-04-21Children of BodomSmile Pretty for the DevilBlooddrunkspinefarm
10. 2008-04-14Children of BodomBlooddrunkBlooddrunkspinefarm
11. 2008-04-07Children of BodomBlooddrunkBlooddrunkspinefarm
12. 2007-01-15children of bodomsilent night, bodom night
13. 2006-12-11children of bodomsix pounder
14. 2006-11-27children of bodomsilent night, bodom night
15. 2006-11-20children of bodomangel's don't kill
16. 2006-11-06children of bodomneedle 24/7
17. 2006-10-30children of bodomangels don't kill
18. 2006-10-23children of bodomsilent night bodom night
19. 2006-10-16children of bodomevery time i die
20. 2006-05-01children of bodomhellion
21. 2006-01-16children of bodom#3 from hatebreeder
22. 2006-01-02children of bodomare you dead yet?
23. 2005-12-26children of bodomin your face
24. 2005-12-19children of bodompunch me I bleed
25. 2005-12-12children of bodomsix pounder (live)
26. 2005-11-28children of bodomare you dead yet?
27. 2005-11-21children of bodomnext in line
28. 2005-11-07CHILDREN OF BODOMliving dead beat
29. 2005-10-31CHILDREN OF BODOMnext in line
30. 2005-10-24children of bodompunch me i bleed
31. 2005-10-17children of bodomif you want peace... prepare for war
32. 2005-02-21children of bodomsilent night, bodom night
33. 2005-01-24children of bodomeverytime i die
34. 2004-08-30children of bodomneedled 24/7
35. 2004-08-16children of bodomangels don't kill
36. 2004-05-24children of bodomangels don't kill
37. 2003-12-01children of bodomchokehold (cocked n' loaded)
38. 2003-11-24children of bodomhellion
39. 2003-11-17children of bodomyou're better off dead
40. 2003-11-10children of bodomangels don't kill
41. 2003-10-27children of bodombodom after midnight
42. 2003-10-13children of bodomhellion
43. 2003-10-05children of bodomneedled 24/7
44. 2003-09-22children of bodomtriple corpse hammerblow
45. 2003-09-15children of bodomangels don't kill
46. 2003-09-09children of bodomsix pounder
47. 2003-03-04Children of BodomHate crew Death Troll
48. 2003-02-25Children of BodomSixpounder
49. 2003-02-18Children of BodomAngels Don't Kill
50. 2003-02-04Children of BodomSix Pounder
51. 2003-01-28Children of Bodomtriple cross hammerblow
52. 2003-01-21Children of BodomBodom terror Attack
53. 2003-01-14Children of BodomNeedled
54. 2003-01-07Children of BodomAngel don't kill
55. 2001-08-28Children of BodomBodom After Midnight
56. 2001-08-28Children of BodomBodom After Midnight
57. 2001-06-19Children of BodomMask of Sanifly
58. 2001-05-08Children of BodomEverytime I die
59. 2001-04-17Children of Bodomtrack
60. 2001-04-10Children of BodomNorthen Comfort
61. 2001-04-03Children of BodomMask of Sanity
62. 2001-03-27Children of BodomChildren of Decadence
63. 2001-03-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
64. 2001-03-13Children of BodomChildren of Decadence
65. 2001-03-06Children of BodomHate Me!
66. 2001-02-27Children of BodomTaste of My Scythe
67. 2001-02-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
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